[Birthday girl GINA CALLEJA-WARSHAW is shown at right wearing that charming and coquettish smile. At center is our debonaire batchmate ROMY LEGASPI with the bodacious BABES NAVARRO to ROMY’s RIGHT.]

Happiest birthday to our batch-mate GINA CALLEJA…

Though she’s refined, stylish and modish- she never did act like a PRIMA DONNA;

GINA belongs to and is a proud member of the famous CALLEJA CLAN- –

Of LIBON, ALBAY; a kinship group which is proud of its marvelous and outstanding GANG!

And the CALLEJA line can really boast of a FINE BREED…

The list of her relatives would look like a row of the most precious BEAD;

The late Justice Ramon Calleja Fernandez is ONE- –

And the Miss UNIVERSE  titlist Gloria Diaz, is the clan’s alluring beauty  BECKON!



Being a GEMINI person, you possess tremendous CREATIVITY…

You even have a wondrous and dexterous PERSONALITY;

That’s what your horoscope reading SAYS- –

It only means that you’re skillful and clever in your physical moves especially your SASHAYS!



You are competent and have a serious side to YOU…

And so amiable, who loves debating in defense of your valued VIEW;

Your point of view can be a little TRADITIONAL- –

But more or less, you could also sound a bit so PRACTICAL!

You spend long hours to accomplish the things you NEED…

But please take care of your health, and try not to overextend your DEED;

As you are loyal and supportive too unto your handsome MATE- –

Be sure to plant a kiss on Bruce’s lips upon his arrival at your GATE!



On your natal day my dear GINA…

I hope to see you on next reunion date as a dexterous dancing DIVA;

Will pray that you’d continue to age so GRACEFULLY- –

To make you proud of yourself; the pride of your clan and the whole Calleja FAMILY!


Happy birthday my dear GINA!


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