Fun Rhyme No. 346: Birthday Greetings unto my sis-in-law RALITA “RALLY” BELISARIO-YOUNG




Happy happy birthday to my sis-in-law RALLY…

This birthday greeter is your handsome Kuya WALLY;

You’re among the most uniquely positioned souls in the ZODIAC- –

That’s what the horoscope reading says, as you’ve multifaceted intelligence and that’s quite a KNACK!


You’re horoscope further says that you’ve the mystical star sign of familial energy and EMOTION…

Familial energy actually for the weekly chance to play MAHJONG;

And when you win, you’ll be filled with emotions, mostly HAPPINESS- –

And your familial mahjong co-players will soon become PENNILESS!



I am now endeavoring to learn on-line the game of MAHJONG…

And now I know that among the chief aims is the CHOW, PUNG and KONG;

I will then volunteer to serve as your strategic avant-garde COACH- –

So that you’ll continue to win and flatten each and everyone of your co-player’s POUCH!


And as your lucky color is DEEP BLUE…

You must attire yourself every mahjong session with such a HUE;

Our first strategic move is to resist the urge to separate your TILES- –

And focus your concentration on those available tiles with varied STYLES!


We’ll do some incantation to make your win, a “BUNOT” STYLE…

Your hidden KANG will also multiply, be sure to keep secret the TILE;

You’ll win indeed via ESCALERA- –

And you could surprise them with a win, na “BISAKLAT TALAGA”!



On this your natal day I will pray for your more mahjong WINNINGS…

So that your familial energy will be stronger  in all those mahjong INNINGS;

And if you would eventually achieve a regular  weekly or daily WIN- –

Perhaps, I deserve to ask a bottle of brandy or just a whiskey or even a GIN!


Joke, joke, joke…

Happy birthday once more RAL!



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