FUN RHYME No. 342:  Birthday Greetings unto my sister WILMA YOUNG- REYES


[My sister WILMA is pictured in this photo as though with a CAPE, ready and willing to fly like SUPERGIRL or CATWOMAN. But she instead opted to mimic YOON SE RI’s CRASHLANDING ON YOU, but made a better CRASHLANDING many years ago, than that of HYUN BIN’s movie BEAU.]

Happy birthday greetings to my elder sister WILMA…

She is our elder sister, thus, she’s sort of an inheritor-MAMA;

For our Mom NORMA, has already joined our CREATOR- –

Making thereby WILMA, among others, as Mom NORMA’s cooking-recipe SUCCESSOR!



Indeed, ‘tis only WILMA, who has gotten Mom NORMA’s cooking FORMULA…


But our brother WILLIAM ( a VIN DIESEL look-alike)  may have gotten the formulaic-recipe for SINUKMANI- –

While the knack and gusto of eating, got inherited by my other siblings and myself, oh GEE!

FIFTY FOUR (54) years ago, a wondrous miracle did HAPPEN…

My sister WILMA dreamt of flying as flight attendant perhaps, from Manila up to COPENHAGEN;

And so she went on practising, with the help of WINSTON as her virtual pilot and CAPTAIN- –

And she flung into the air, from our living room, which served as though the plane’s CABIN!


Instead of a plane ✈️ that  usually would crash, WILMA instead went to do her own CRASH-LANDING…

It was not like the Korean blockbuster, CRASH-LANDING ON YOU which stars YOON SE- RI and HYUN BIN;

It was more of a CRASH-LANDING on a FEW – –

As there were few stones to where WILMA DROPPED, as though in a sort of a rehearsed CUE!

But there was an abundance of mud, to where she landed, and all of us got SHOCKED…

And all of us, thus descended, as fast as the second-hand of the CLOCK;

And WILMA miraculously stood up, sans any 🪂 chute, and WINSTON hailed her for a landing that did not cause a CHOCK-A-BLOCK – –

Indeed, that CRASH-LANDING, was the very first on record, and it wasn’t just a MOCK!


On this your natal day, it’s really best to remember and REMINISCE…

That miracle featuring you WILMA, as durable, strong, even sturdy with much elegance and FINESSE;

For if there would be a contest as who the best CRASH- LANDER in the world IS – –

I’ll avidly nominate our sister, not YOON SE-RI, as WILMA is truly the BEST in the EAST!

Joke, joke, joke!!!!

Maligayang Kaarawan WILMA, the CRASH-LANDER who’s BEST… And better indeed than YOON SE-RI’s version which was a bit SUPPRESSED!


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