[During  the  pandemic-induced  lockdown,  though  we  have  religiously  observed social  distancing  and  the  use  of  face  masks,  in  our diminished badminton plays (from  the  usual  3  times  a week, to just a mere Sunday play),  we  were a bit afraid that  we  might  be  apprehended  by  the  police  for  violating  IATF rules. But, with the long,  dull,  tedious  and  boring   lockdown,   we   finally   decided   to   secretly  converge   at   our  badminton  court.  It  was  because,  just  as  has  been advised by medical experts, we have to do exercise to keep us all fit and covid-free. During our regular plays before, we have a bunch of lawyers, police officers, fiscals, judges and doctors even.]


BATTLEDORE was the original name of this cock and racquet GAME…

And as we’re now all involved in a COVID war, it’s just almost the SAME;

In BADMINTON we’re focused on hitting a thing that’s FLYING- –

Now, scientists are immersed at “hitting” a cure on a virus that’s RAMPAGING!


In our quorum of four, and who all know how to SCORE…

We’ve someone from the health sector, police sector and much MORE- –

The health rep though not on infectious DISEASE-

Gives out however sort of medical bulletins that surely would not CEASE!

And just seeing the police officer in our QUORUM…

Will quickly remind us, though we’re in a playing FORUM;

That we still have to observe all those quarantine  PROTOCOL- –

Or else, we might get it with a “YANTOK” that will bring us much “BUKOL”!


BADMINTON is the second most played sports in the WORLD…

It’s being played by 220 million aficionados regularly, since it was UNFURLED;

It was invented in India, 2000 years AGO- –

Modern badminton burst out in UK plugged by the Duke of Beaufort who has an intriguing MOTTO!


And the Duke’s motto is: “Mutare vel timere SPERNO”…

Which appears timely in our present covid “INFERNO”;

It means among others ,NOT TO FEAR- –

Indeed, this bitchy virus must be hit and roasted on a SPEAR!


The COVID scourge is not only UNPRECEDENTED…

It’s unforeseen, unimaginable and has rattled every nation’s PRESIDENT;

But as in badminton and in tennis, when the score is NAUGHT- –

It marks the period of fun and of LOVE, as it would bring about the news that the virus has been CAUGHT…

For with ZERO (aka LOVE ) infections therefore, it would mean that our prayers have all been answered by Our LORD ALMIGHTY GOD up ABOVE and we’ll all be protected from this scourge FOREVER and EVER MORE!

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