[We have religiously observed social distancing in our diminished badminton plays (from the usual 3 times a week,to just a mere Sunday play). Just as has been advised by medical experts, we have to do exercise to keep us all fit and covid-free.]


BATTLEDORE was the original name of this cock and racquet GAME…

And as we’re now all involved in a war, it’s just almost the SAME;

In badminton we’re focused on hitting a thing that’s FLYING- –

Now, scientists are immersed at “hitting” a cure on a virus that’s RAMPAGING!

In our quorum of four, and who all know how to SCORE…

We’ve someone from the health sector, police sector and much MORE- –

The health rep though not on infectious DISEASE-

Gives out however sort of medical bulletins that surely would not CEASE!

And just seeing the police officer in our QUORUM…

Will quickly remind us, though we’re in a playing FORUM;

That we still have to observe all those quarantine  PROTOCOL- –

Or else, we might get it with a “YANTOK” that will bring us much “BUKOL”!

BADMINTON is the second most played sports in the WORLD…

It’s being played by 220 million aficionados regularly, since it was UNFURLED;

It was invented in India, 2000 years AGO- –

Modern badminton burst out in UK plugged by the Duke of Beaufort who has an intriguing MOTTO!

And the Duke’s motto is: “Mutare vel timere SPERNO”…

Which appears timely in our present covid “INFERNO”;

It means among others ,NOT TO FEAR- –

Indeed, this bitchy virus must be hit and roasted on a SPEAR!

The covid scourge is not only UNPRECEDENTED…

It’s unforeseen, unimaginable and has rattled every nation’s PRESIDENT;

But as in badminton and in tennis, when the score is NAUGHT- –

It marks the period of fun and of LOVE, as it would bring about the news that the virus has been CAUGHT…

For with ZERO (aka LOVE ) infections therefore, it would mean that our prayers have all been answered by Our LORD up ABOVE and we’ll all be protected from this scourge FOREVER and EVER MORE!!!!

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