[At the BADMINTON COURT, with some of my lawyers and staff plus the son of our utility woman and cook, LAWRENCE, with his  Mom FE seated to his left.]


I need all of your utmost COOPERATION…

Not just within our walls and in our Law Office OPERATION;

I am now actually bruised and nursing a CONDITION,

Some kind of ache brought by a love-lost EMOTION!



In fact, my Claretian spiritual director lauded ME…

Even congratulated me for being brave to be FREE;

Though the emotions may have deadened my MORAL  SENSES,

Even made me carefree, thinking those joys will be ENDLESS!




Have to make myself to be  busy TRULY…

As those memories that have gone indeed, so LOVELY;

Would always haunt and make me feel SAD,

And badminton would turn sadness into GLAD!




Let’s make our regular plays CONSISTENT…

That’s why I’ll always be very INSISTENT;

For our badminton plays would de-stress ME,

Bring out the toxins and make us HAPPY!

exercise now, 3D rendering, isolated grunge yellow road sign


Let’s bring out all of those ENDORPHINS…

Cause ENDORPHINS relieve stress, those like painful PINS;

And brings an analgesic effect and some kind of HIGH,

Thus, I can bid those heartaches and pains, a quick GOODBYE!



But ROSE’s confession about her love-life made me WORRY…

As it took her to forget after a year, that’s some kind of TARRY;

So if I really have to put up with this ache for an actual  YEAR,

Perhaps through JOVY, who’s HEARTBEAT habitué at QC,  can find me a new DEAR!



But my Law batch mate VIC,  has some better SUGGESTION…

He said it would be better to just  control one’s EMOTION;

So, it’s best according to him to just imprison and constrict one’s POTOTOY,

By using  super-tight shorts in our games, one’s POTOTOY will go ALAHOY!

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