[I have been promoting badminton to friends and kin alike as I really feel that as was published in the INTERNET, badminton really extends one’s life expectancy. It is an exercise, a kind of sports which involves cardio-vascular strengthening as well as eye and limbs’ reflexes. My latest recruit is my UP Law batchmate, Atty. VIC CRUZ, who is 70 years young. VIC is at extreme left, at rear second row.]



I am so happy as I was able to SWAY…

And still I am continuing my PRAY;

To persuade all my UP Law evening batch mates,

To be with us during our badminton playing dates!



Indeed, VIC CRUZ at 70 years old, has said YES…

You’d be surprised to hear  that VIC now plays with ZEST;

And he has started playing COCK and BATTLEDORE;

That’s the name of BADMINTON of some ancient YORE!



And CEL GELLADA has been convinced TOO…

He said he’d even bring her wife, they’ll play in DUO;

As CEL wants to get rid of the DIABETES STRAIN,

That has gradually seeped into his arteries and VEIN!




In my LAW OFFICE, there was not one who was EAGER,

Despite all the persuasion I did, extolling my FATHER…

As my FATHER was a badminton player and BUFF,

I would always hear declination and refusal from my STAFF!



But now they, my lawyers and staff, have become ADDICTED…

To the badminton game as though, they’ve been AFFLICTED;

With the badminton craze and strain that makes  them  LAUGH,

With their own mistakes, as though quaffing coffee from a CARAFE!



And Attorney JOVY now is all so GRATEFUL…

For his blood pressure has dwindled…before ‘twas AWFUL;

And his blood sugar has ebbed to the level of ADOLESCENCE,

He said he’s now a disciple of what is simply COMMON SENSE!



According to his doctor, BLOOD SUGAR, can really be TAMED…

With physical activity, exercise and with that BADMINTON GAME;

His GOUT and ATHRITIS have flown like a fast SPARROW,

He’d at times play and play, as if there’s no TOMORROW!



Don’t be misled to the view that it’s an unsafe GAME…

If you get injured, no one but you who’d get the BLAME;

The basic rule and precept is to set you own PACE,

You won’t even  have to smash and jump and even do a RACE!

You can start by hitting the SHUTTLECOCK RIGHT…

Toss it to one who is your level and MIGHT;

Never ever play with a truly expert and skilled PLAYER,

For your safety and enjoyment; play with someone who’s no BETTER!



But then, you’ll ascend to the level of one who’s SKILLED…

Still, you must not be one who’d  be with PRIDE so FILLED;

Stand on guard and brief your doubles’ OPPONENTS,

They must not try to give a hard shot that could break your MOMENTS!



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