[Among us in our clan, WARREN (at extreme left in the group photo), my youngest brother plays badminton most skillfully as he would take time out even,  tutoring and giving playing tips to both beginners and those who have been addicted to this sort of a royal sport….BADMINTON.]



Let’s make truly regular our Tuesday and Thursday PLAYS…

Atty. Jun and Fiscal Arnold ought to consistently reserved those DAYS;

Cause the games will surely lose its ZING,

If Jun and Arnold would, on court, be MISSING!



And Jarreau Leeboth has now become INTERNATIONAL…

Not much eager anymore to play with locals, wants playing with his foreign PAL;

Perhaps that’s the reason why he acquired that foreign Frenchy TWANG,

Maluoy man mi, aton man ay arang-ARANG”!



But if Atty. Mon is ready to resume play and RUMBLE…

We can mix up the tandems and do a SCRAMBLE;

Atty. Mon can pair well with Jarreau LEEBOTH,

Mon’s Castilian looks will surely make Jarreau HOOKED!



And Warren, as he serves the cock so WELL…

The toss of the cock that Warren takes high with care, so SWELL;

Indeed Warren takes good care of his COCK,

Pampers it well as his cock is sturdy like ROCK!



And when he tosses it to his worthy opponent, Fiscal WALLY…

Fiscal Wally gets mesmerized as it flies like TUTUBI;

And TUTUBI is actually a DRAGONFLY,

Omigosh, Warren’s cock is like a dragon in STYLE!



That’s why Fiscal Wally cannot smash IT…

Warren’s cock sorts of zings like a BULLET;

And as Warren’s every PLAY DAY is almost always HAPPY and GAY,

The cock will swell, jump and most likely even SWAY!

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