The GRAND REUNION is truly the best OPTION…

For all  ALLIEDBANKERS who have attained some sense of FRUITION;

Most of them have gone through an early RESIGNATION,

Majority have RETIRED as they pined for “APOSTOLIC” FUNCTION!




Will once again be committed and could even FLOOD;

The bonding, chatting, recounting, jesting and SOCIALIZING,

This GRAND EVENT will be capped with the REUNION SINGING!




This REUNION could be the FIRST and the LAST…

So, it would seem that attendance appears as MUST;

For those significant personalities of YORE,

Could not attend nocturnal functions ANYMORE!



So let’s try to be present as even those GRAND OLDIES…

Have vowed to attend just to bond with former BUDDIES;

And if you have some issues that brought SPATS or DISCORD,

‘Tis  the right time to make amends, thence bury the SWORD!

It would be a nice time to shake hands and DANCE…

Some could even be swayed to do some “PRANCE”;

Others would perhaps be content to do just OGLING,

Or trip the light fantastic via some “BOOGIE-ING”!


The REUNION song is quite jumpy and UNIQUE…

It would be nice to hear and see dancing by a seeming CLIQUE;

For the singing will have some episodes of DANCING,

Some kind of a dancing craze before, dubbed as the SHING-A-LING!


Those who are known as OENOPHILES or DRINKERS…

Even those who are very strict TEETOTALERS;

Will surely have a niche or a place to enjoy or do some REVERIE,

At our reunion venue which features a large, a commodious LOBBY!


Again, this could be the LAST and FINAL REUNION…

As indeed, ‘tis maybe difficult to repeat this seeming CONCOCTION;

It would bring about a gathering of a HODGEPODGE of PEOPLE,

With diverse interests and leanings, it could bring about a “FREE FOR ALL|”!


It would be a “FREE FOR ALL” as there’s a huge bunch of PRIZES…

Raffle and door and other exciting GIFTS or LARGESSE;

Based on the number of prizes and GUESTS,

ALL will surely bring a FREE gift; ALL will leave with ZEST!


And in this twilight moment of OURS…

We ought to give worth unto the minutes and HOURS;

Time is truly fast and fleeting INDEED,

This REUNION would surely fill each and everyone’s NEED!


‘Twas nice to see most as complying with the DEADLINE…

The DEADLINE  has passed but all is swell and FINE;

A great number has already made the REMITTANCE,

Am sure that those not attending will just be some PITTANCE!


And if ever EL KAPITAN will attend and be PRESENT…

It would be a very truly nice MOMENT;

To doff our hats and caps unto his HONOR,

“HATS OFF”, we’ll ALL shout out with much renewed VIGOR!




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