[Here are the individual photos of my good neighbors at K-VILLE….It was a power interruption that brought a BROWN-OUT in my home ONLY. Upon an initial assessment, the intervention of MERALCO is very much essential as the defect descried was at the CONDUIT METAL BOX where the electric meters are installed. Following a call made with MERALCO, the off-the-cuff commitment made was for the arrival of MERALCO emergency service team (due to the high number of customers needing emergency assistance) at a low of 3 to a high of 6 hours. However, the hospitable and benevolent sway of my next-door neighbors, gave me the realization that they are friends INDEED and neighbors THOROUGHLY IMBEDDED! From (L-R): Dennis Ballo, Doy Ubaldo and Mark Zambrano]


As has been usual in our electric CONNECTION,

There will be episodes of POWER INTERRUPTION…

But what happened this afternoon at 5, is a seeming DISCONNECTION;

The line-wire to our home got cut in a BUSTED POWER MENSURATION!




As I was a little bit UNDER THE WEATHER,

Unable to tinker on matters pertaining to POWER;

My good neighbors came to my RESCUE…

As though they were mandated to HELP ME IN A QUEUE!




Thanks to my jolly neighbors DENNIS BALLO & DOY UBALDO,

Thanks too, to the suave MARK ZAMBRANO;

As I was sort of trying to heal an AILMENT…

They did for me what to me was supposed to be INCUMBENT!




As the circuit breaker was behind the APARADOR,

And its weight was so heavy just like the hammer of THOR…

I was awed as they emptied and moved IT;

As though we’re TRULY a family that is CLOSE-KNIT!




In our pleasant community at K-VILLE,

Helping one another has become a natural SKILL;

It indeed must be PROPAGATED and EMULATED,

For in such show of goodness, those acts must truly be FELICITATED!




Thanks again to you DENNIS BALLO,

Your skill in matters of ELECTRICITY was not just SWALLOW;

Upon seeing the CONDUIT BOX with a BLACK SMUDGE…

DENNIS knew presto that the rectification would need a huge NUDGE!  



Thanks too to DOY UBALDO,

The best GOLFER with much BRAVADO;

He is not attuned with the practice of SANDBAGGING…

For his integrity and humility are there for his KEEPING!




And for MARK ZAMBRANO, who’s son of JIM and BENG…

The parents ought to be proud of an EPIC NEWS CORRESPONDENT;

For MARK is not only GREAT, but GRAND—

That’s the gauge of those whose eyes are glued in front of a TV STAND!




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