[Photo shows an episode in the the conduct of a court proceedings of a criminal case in the sala of JUDGE CATHERINE MANODON at the Regional Trial Court of Quezon City, Metro-Manila particularly at Branch 104 located on the second floor of the Quezon City Hall of Justice.]



A fearless and audacious MAGISTRATE,

Voided a city ordinance favoring those who’re INEBRIATE;

‘Twas a petition against the grand CITY HALL,

As she annulled the ban against drinking in a street STALL!



Her fearlessness has no bounds INDEED,

If within the ambit of the law, she’d concur with the  CREED;

In an injunction case, she did what was RIGHT,

Enforceability of her court’s decree must not go astray and BLIGHT!



Indeed, she made the competent CLARIFICATION —

Her court’s orders do have a strict LIMITATION;

Her court’s judicial region within the METROPOLIS,

Cannot overstep the bounds, as it would be FOOLISH!





She follows her instincts and does not mimic the TREND;

A judge who indeed is a NATURAL COMMUNICATOR…

That, I believe explains her being a good RACONTEUR!




As a GEMINEAN, she’s attractive and FUNNY;

Intelligence is her ace trait, passed on from her DADDY…

She has a clear mind for solving PROBLEMS;

Multitasking is her thing, as her creative skill further BLOSSOMS!




With natural curiosity too as her plain SKILL,

Blended with her leadership traits, that’s quite a MILL…

 She surely would be a topnotch MAGISTRATE,

In JDR, indeed she’d cordially prod litigants to NEGOTIATE!




GEMINIS born on June 14 are witty and SOCIAL,

You could even be top journalist, if you did choose that CALL…

Per those June 14 zodiac analysts, you are a health conscious PERSON,

So take regular work breaks, and that’s for a REASON!




Your being a hardworking JUDGE,

Could bring unto your health some sort of SMUDGE…

Be wary too from getting wearied and FATIGUED,

Look around for leisure, perhaps an entertaining musical GIG!




As a GEMINEAN, you’re fond of watching DOCUMENTARIES,

You too for a time loved keeping those DIARIES…

You’ll have a great part in the future of your PROGENY,

Love, care and nurture; cause it’s your DESTINY!

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