[Our sister MAE is shown in this photograph in a fascinating pose, ebullient and oozing with self-confidence. Like me, MAE graduated from the University of the Philippines. She is turning fortyish but her looks and physiognomy evoke a teenish and youthful aura which appears au naturel for our clan —  as our surname is YOUNG.]


Happy birthday to you our SWEET AND DAINTY SISTER,

Hope you’ll grow YOUNG just like our BELOVED FATHER;

Age is INDEED actually just a NUMBER…

We’ll grow and mature forever and EVER!


Age is Just a Number - How to Age Without Growing Old | PassagesBooks

As a GEMINI, you thrive when surrounded by PEOPLE…

You’re willing to share your feelings, AND that’s DELIGHTFUL;

You deal with unknown situations SO very WELL,

You’re so flexible and that’s so REALLY SO SWELL!




You are methodical and a bit CONSERVATIVE,

As a GEMINEAN, you are deemed as self-EXPRESSIVE;

GEMINEANS have golden tongues, they TRULY SAY—

That’s perhaps you are proficient when you PARLEY!




GEMINEANS are possessed too with quicksilver MINDS,

That means you are  WITTY; that’s one of your SPARKLING SIGNS;

You can literally charm those PRETTY  birds off the TREES…

And can fascinate anyone, as easy as a COOL BREEZE!



With your zodiac sign too, you’re deemed as FLEXIBLE;

You like almost every change, as you’re ABLE—

Indeed, GEMINEANS are noted for intellectual QUALITIES…

I’d  affirm and shout that out with FLYING-KISSES!




On this your NATAL DAY, I wish you LONG LIFE and MORE SUCCESS;

Am sure you’ll attain it as you’re full of PROWESS—

For indeed, any DREAM that’s DREAMT to be ACHIEVED…

With HARD WORK as  ingredient,  TRIUMPH will  surely be FULFILLED!





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