[This ODE which contains the summarized version of Daddy Max’s biographical book entitled FOREVER YOUNG: A Walk through the Life of Maximo Purisima Young; was written in celebration and thanksgiving for his recent election on January 23, 2019 as President of the PHILIPPINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE TO KOREA (PEFTOK) Veterans’ Association Inc., a post which has been traditionally reserved to Philippine Military Academy graduates. Photo above shows Daddy Max speaking in one of the PEFTOK’s various event at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.] 



The life story of my Daddy Max is truly UNIQUE,

I hope as I narrate it, no one will get PIQUED;

Daddy Max is a son of a US serviceman,

Who by fate impregnated a 16 year old woman.





He was given up for an informal ADOPTION,

As our grandma feared she could not pay for Dad’s TUITION;

Dad Max was then raised by a mid-class family,

He never ever saw our grandma EMILY!



But as rumors persisted that he was a bastard,

He thought all the while that it was just a canard;

But when he asked Lola Genia why he is fair-colored,

He got castigated as our Lola belabored!



But as the rumors did not die,

Dad Max located & met his Papa thru a seeming spy;

Dad Max got sort of a virtual rebuff,

His Papa said, “my wife will get angry” with a very harsh gruff!



And so Dad Max ran away from his foster parent…

And lived for a while in some ramshackle tent;

He thereafter got employed as a clerk aboard a ship,

He did a lot of sails, it was for him a joyful trip!




And so Dad Max got employed with MV Legaspi,

As a shipping clerk, he was contented with his fee;

So, he never thought anymore of his schooling,

As a 2nd year high stude, he felt his wage was enough for living!






And the SECOND WORLD WAR  broke OUT,

The ship  was commandeered by the US, as it had the CLOUT;

Dad Max was conscripted with the USAFFE…

He became a soldier fighting for FREEDOM and LIBERTY!




And the mission which was announced unto them,

Which was principally aimed at avoiding much MAYHEM;

Was to supply and transport reinforcements and food,

From Visayas to Luzon, sailing to and fro aboard a vessel that’s crude!




And the Japs one day espied and bombarded their vessel,

Their ship got hit and it capsized near a tunnel;

Outgunned and outnumbered, they frantically scampered…

With the thought of fighting another day, they willingly surrendered!



And they all eventually became PRISONERS OF WAR,

Forced to do menial jobs even painting the Japs’ camp’s fence with TAR;

Even cleaning the latrine and bathing the Japs clean…

But they successfully escaped after crafting a good scheme!





And the SILVER STAR medal was awarded unto our Dad,

Disregarding dangers through the supply route they TROD;

The citation which accompanied the award of the medal,

Is written in the bio book as though inscribed on a petal!






The biographical book which I wrote for my Dad,

In fact was not planned,  started scribbling on a mere pad;

My niece who’s name is Gabby, sent a request to Daddy,

She has a school project, and she does not want to be tardy!





A bunch of questions in a seeming questionnaire,

Was sent by my niece to Dad Max, thru email;

I was then tasked by Dad Max to answer & reply,

It was a work assignment that I must comply!





It was a project at Gabby’s school in Singapore,

 As her Mom is an expat who truly earns more;

At that international school, a story about Dad…

Must be submitted, as all of them was tasked to write a story of their own granddad!





 It was a gift which we gave Dad Max,

On his 90th natal day, gee…the book cover was shiny as wax;

Since I accumulated a lot of materials as I did interviews with Daddy,

Writing a bio book came as an idea which was so nice and dandy!




 Sorry for this brief & unwanted diversion…

I need to tell this as you might be swayed to ask a question,

Why was the book written so late indeed?

If I only knew earlier Dad’s feats, the bio book would have been surely earlier printed!



We will now go back to Dad’s war exploits,

As I do not want your mind to wander as well as your thoughts…

Let’s get back to Dad Max’s colorful life story,

Read it all by heart, but please don’t be in a hurry!




Following the surrender of the Japanese Army,

Peace then reigned as Dad Max reunited with his foster family;

And Dad Max topped a scholarship examination,

At Fort Knox Armored Force School for further military education!



But the other examinees who tried and failed,

Wrote a petition as though they have been jailed;

They questioned the decision of sending Dad Max to Ft. Knox school…

Even pictured Dad Max as some nincompoop and fool!



They wrote and pleaded that Dad Max was unqualified,

Even deprecated his schooling, and they’re not satisfied…

They supplicated that a high school grad must be the one SENT,

They even said a college grad is better as choice for it has the supposed TALENT.



Fort Knox


But the Filipino Colonel who was then IN CHARGE,

Summoned the petitioners and assigned a loyal SARGE;

To tell these examinees that the decision won’t be changed,

But the examinees got unruly and some even went DERANGED!


And so the Colonel named Marcos Soliman was compelled to SPEAK,

And his speech was quite brief and even mischievously  UNIQUE…

He told the bunch of unruly examinees massed in a large room…

“Can’t understand why you college and high grads act like MORON!”



And so Dad Max flew  to the United States,

He got further education, sort of raising his stakes;

It was at the Armored Force School in Louisville, Kentucky;

Mastered an armored tank’s  operation and got a glimpse of the GOLD DEPOSITORY!



During the War, Dad Max was adored by a pretty dame;

And lots of  dames would beautify themselves to snatch him from that friend,

 As Dad Max was generous and  accommodating…

Obliged himself to do quick trysting, in some kind of fling!


 The pretty dame swayed Dad Max to elope,

A crude military wedding was held in the hills…

The feasting was done with fruits such as a cantaloupe…

It was attended by bosses from the former Fort Mills!


As the whole of the Visayas was under Jap rule…

Dad Max turned guerrilla as though riding a mule;

And an abusive Filipino guerrilla who had turned rapist and  boorish mauler,

Became Dad Max’s villain and he brought that thug  6 feet down under!


Dad Max’s popularity zoomed to its summit,

More women got captivated as they’d sort of solicit;

For Dad Max became sort of a town hero…

The rapist was gone, got killed by a bolo!


Lines and queues would come to Dad Max’s doors,

They’re all happy and joyfully jumping on their floors…

Bringing gifts to Dad Max , even goats & hens;

As though they were giving Dad Max their respective stipends!



For the villain has already passed away…

It was a top American officer who told Dad Max to locate the prey;

And on the jungle fastness with Dad Max’s troops…

A fight to the end with the villain’s gang was witnessed by young bamboo shoots!



The name of the pretty dame is Daisy Thomas…

She’s not my Mom as their union came to pass,

As there was a divorce law then in our country,

Dad Max was able to win back his marital liberty!



Daisy was a daughter of a quaint Filipina,

And her Dad is American from South Carolina;

Her Dad was incarcerated by the Japanese,

Eventually got sick, and soon Daisy’s dad perished!



Going back to Dad Max’s schooling at Fort Knox,

It was then dubbed truly as the school of hard knocks;

Upon his arrival from the U.S.A.,

The Korean War erupted, it was a sad day!



 At Fort Knox Dad Max made lots of friends,

Even confided about his schooling absence…

As he only reached high school TWO,

He dreamt of a college diploma too!



And at Ft. Knox he fortunately learned,

About a test from which he could obtain…

A license to go on college schooling,

It was for him so very titillating!



And he successfully passed the test,

Worked out papers as it’s the requisite…

He could continue w/ his truncated education,

It’s indeed a plus for his future promotion!



But the Director of Public Schools then,

Opined that the U. S. test was so foreign;

It can’t indeed make Dad Max’s portent…

The U.S. test, said the Director, was sort of deficient!



The Director of Schools finally decided,

And Dad Max got so truly exasperated…

The test did not include Philippine history,

The Director of Schools said he was so sorry!


With the Korean War outbreak, President Quirino announced to the world,

RP will send troops to resolve the discord;

As Dad Max gained expertise in tank operation at Knox,

The PEFTOK was sent as though opening a box!



And a Pandora’s box was indeed opened,

There were lots of discord, carnage and mayhem…

The Korean War totally razed SOKOR to the ground,

The communists won’t stop till SOKOR is down!



At the Battle of Miudong, Dad Max made a feat;

It was truly a brave act, in fact so heroic;

Their troops got ambushed in the foothills at Syngue…

They were immobilized, it was horrifying, oh gee!



The fusillade of bullets rained like hell,

The communist troops were shouting in a resounding yell;

No one from Dad’s ranks was moving as it was a surprise….

They have to think quick and must do a reprise!


From his periscope view inside the tank,

Dad Max espied the communists entrenched in a bunk;

Quickly, he emerged out of the interior of the armor….

Stood at the turret and whisked out his stupor!



He then took hold of the machine gun,

Sprayed out bullets from its automatic span…

He could feel the zing and wing of bullets grazing…

Thank God, Dad Max did not suffer any wounding!



He did not stop spewing out a bunch of bullet,

That was from the machine gun atop the tank’s turret;

After the dust died down and settled…

42 communists got killed and many more were wounded!


In the fiercest Battle of Yuldong,

Our soldiers got praised like in a song;

Gen. Douglas MacArthur was compelled to proudly utter,

Filipino soldiers are best as they truly shine with luster!



Dad Max was there at the war’s forefront,

Part of the PEFTOK and they bore the main brunt;

They were actually only 1,000 in number…

40,000 fighters put them sadly asunder!



To their right was part of the Turkish regiment,

And to their left was part of the Puerto Rican contingent…

And when the Chinese militia emerged in the horizon,

Our Filipino soldiers got so truly marooned!




The Turkish and the Puerto Rican soldiers scampered…

They really felt that their lives will beso  endangered,

But our Filipino soldiers stood their ground;

They were eager to fight the Chinese pound for pound!



The Chinese militia indeed entered the war,

Like a proxy war, the U.S. image they’d like to mar;

It thus became a monumental battle,

Democracy was virtually put in a crucible, a mettle!



As the Battle  of Yuldong turned into a face-to-face FIGHT…

Daggers & bayonets became the source of the fright;

One could be sordidly decimated and decapitated,

The PEFTOK soldiers indeed fought like dead!



Seemed to have resigned to face death with ease…

Perhaps this thought erased all tinge of cowardice;

They fought as though they were angels,

Angels of death with divine sabers!



God indeed was within their ranks,

Just like in Miudong; when God blessed their tanks…

40,000 soldiers from the Chinese militia,

Got truly ensnared by the Filipino aura!



It was an epic battle that history must tell…

Or else, it would be buried & damned in hell;

Filipino kids must be informed of this heroic battle…

In all forms of media or via some kind of tittle-tattle!


During the Korean War,I was then a year old,

Sired by Dad Max with a dame who’s extraordinarily bold;

Stories were told how my late Mom Norma would befriend  those Japs,

Even stole food from their camps to feed her ailing Mama, her kin & their chaps! 




Prior to meeting our Mommy Norma,

Dad Max’s battalion got bivouacked near a farm in a forested area;

The vast farm was owned by a rich & influential politico,

It was teeming with livestock, fruits as well as the refreshing coco!



Indeed, free range cattle was abundant in great number;

The politico feasted the troops one time with a roasted supper,

It was some kind of PR as the farm got more secured;

Cattle-rustling was then notorious and has always been featured.



Huks who roamed the hills in Laguna,

Have regularly targeted those horned fauna;

And through the politico’s sway & influence…

Security via those troops have been enhanced along the farm’s fence.


But some naughty army men within the vicinity,

Have relished the delicious taste of roasted calf with glee…

One time, for fun, they did say; they slaughtered a calf so secretly…

But that incident reached the ears of the politico’s family!



And a congressional investigation was called,

About this incident which resulted in those troops to have a scold…

And they were relocated thereafter,

To the town of Santa Cruz, the place of my mater!


During Dad Max’s younger years, he was surnamed Mariñas;

Acknowledging the informal adoption when he was yet an infant,

He was fond of singing love songs, as well as  rhythmic jazz;

Even won an award as a singing contestant!



Adults then would organize boxing matches…

Yet they instilled safety, making sure the kids won’t go home with crutches,

And Dad Max became a skilled and worthy pugilist;

Lola Genia was furiously mad, full avoidance she’d insist!


But Lolo Julio was truly fond of boxing,

And would be joyful to see Dad Max inside the makeshift ring;

But when Dad Max became the town’s boxing champ,

Lola Genia became Dad Max’s swooning fan, a seeming sycophant!


And in most of the town’s joyous ball,

Dad Max would do his singing rendition…

He even got invited at the municipal hall,

‘Twas for some crooning & not for an election!



As Dad Max lived there in Opon, Cebu;

Which is now the city of Lapu-Lapu…

He was swayed to go to Cebu City…

Where he joined a singing contest for some diversity!



It was the PURICO amateur singing contest,

And it was then popular and was even best…

Contestants would eagerly vie to bring home the bacon,

Dad Max ended as the radio program’s singing sensation !




‘Twas the winning at the PURICO singing w/c brought him to his Papa;

As someone told him  about his real dad, but he kept this from Lola…

One day, he scouted for that house in Cebu City,

Dad Max knocked on the door with much trepidity!


And it was a young lady who latched off the door,

‘Twas Dad Max’s half-sister who was a bit dour;

But when she noticed the resemblance of Dad Max with her Papa,

Her face glistened bright and she invited her for suppa!



But when the meeting between Dad & and Papa came;

Dad Max was teary-eyed but he didn’t put any blame,

Dad Max was insistent to be part of their home,

But his Papa disagreed as his wife will arrive home soon!



Thereafter Dad Max became a valiant vagabond,

Was bitter for the deception that Lola Genia wove like in a loom…

Dad Max was doubly sour for what Lola Genia professed,

Her conception, Lola said, was somewhat blest!



Lola Genia retorted when Dad Max asked why…

Why he was fair-skinned while his siblings were like dark rye;

She was fond of the coco milk, Lola proudly replied…

And Dad’s fair skin  was due to coco milk, Lola said with a chide!




But the bitterness with Lola Genia eventually diminished,

About the love & caring of Lola, w/c Dad Max remembered & perceived;

And soon Dad Max reunited with his foster parents…

We regularly received from Lola, fruits and food even hogs, thru domestic shipments!


I vividly remember one shipment of a live hog;

And I was tasked to clear and check it with the shipping log;

I, with our houseboy arrived early at the pier;

The houseboy slipped on the gangplank, and

the ship side got filled with cheer and jeer!



‘Twas good that our house boy and the pig could swim,

Or else, I’ll be subjected to my Mom Norma’s scolding; so grim….

As the pig was to be roasted for a feasting moment,

Either I or our houseboy could be made as the pig’s replacement!



When Dad Max was assigned in Vietnam during the conflict,

It was through a CIA conduit that was so very strict;

Military retirees in our country were then in demand,

To fill up military advisory posts in South Vietnam!



Dad Max was subjected to a lot of testing,

His memory and name recall got focused in his training;

Two (2) CIA operatives administered the tests…

Dad Max passed it, as he was sort of blest!



Dad Max was placed to render advice to 2 provinces,

And Dad relied much upon his Vietnamese amaneunsis.,.

Thus, in a South Vietnam army camp,

Dad Max proposed improvements and a much needed revamp!


One time when Dad Max did a patrol with his staff,

Checking the security measures around the camp in a seeming huff;

A boat filled with Vietcongs was descried and seen,

His staff implemented a very quick and clever scheme..



His staff required him to hide under the murky water,

The water from the river which half-filled their boat;

And as their boat was nearing a seeming concrete moat,

The Vietcongs halted them very soon thereafter!



Dad’s staff feigned as though they were fishermen,

Felt that the sighting was  virtually a  bad omen;

They were fearful that Dad Max would then be caught,

But Dad Max was submerged with a reed on his snout!



For so many minutes , they did some chatting;

Dad Max with the reed continued to do his timed breathing;

With some leaves & other foliage, Dad Max can’t be seen…

The many green leaves atop the murky water covered Dad’s fair skin!


It was indeed a blessing as the Vietcongs hurriedly left,

The pretension of Dad Max’s staff was not unearthed;

A radio call from somewhere was the cause of their leaving,

The Vietcongs had to answer they must continue searching!


Dad Max almost drowned himself,

As he cannot control his breath;

Indeed he has drunk some of the murky water,

His stomach grumbled to the tune of pitter-patter!


Daddy Max eventually got sick with cholera,

And he was hospitalized and a notice was sent to our Mama…

He was airlifted thereafter to Clark Air Base,

And brought to Saint Luke’s in a seeming haste!


Dad Max got so verily emasculated,

He lost lots of pounds as though he went on a diet;

But the strict and caring service of her Doctora….

Returned him back to his previous healthy persona!



When Dad Max first met the Thomases, 

As they were left by their Papa whom the Japs seized;

They felt secured to be seen with a town hero,

As earlier said, Dad Max slew the rapist-villain with a bolo!   



But it was Carrie, the youngest whom Dad Max truly loved,

But the Thomases’ Mom was sort of thinking like kebab;

She wanted to reserve the most tender meat for last,

And so the eldest Daisy was made as Dad Max’s match!  


Dad Max said Daisy was somewhat a coquette, 

Daisy was much in love with Dad who had an exciting vignette…

‘Twas even Daisy who proposed the elopement,

But indeed it was not a very good development!  


After they got married in martial style, 

They stayed for a while in the hills, so far, more than a mile…

And Daisy’s mom ordered Daisy to be back in their arms,

Did not want Daisy to bear any firearms!  



And when the Japs were ultimately defeated,

US servicemen abundantly & copiously celebrated;

Drinking bars became the trend in Negros province,

The Thomas family thought of earning much more cents!   



And the Thomases put up a bar of their own;

Lots of GI Joes started coming in like a battalion…

The daughters including Daisy were made to become hostesses,

That’s the edict of their Mama, to jack up customers to its mostest!  



And those GI Joes came drinking, cavorting & courting…

 Daisy was not spared as that style was then trending;

Daddy Max was still doing intelligence operation,

Far away from the bar, as it was a superior’s commission!  



 Word of this trending-courting reached Dad Max’s ears,

And Dad Max did send a bunch of his peers;

At the bar they espied those jolly GI Joes,

Indeed the Thomases’ sisters have become those GI Joes’ jos!



One morning at the dreary town plaza,

Two US servicemen laid dead like pizza;

Flat still on the ground with blood oozing,

A lot of rumors went then a-buzzing!



One of the dead US servicemen was Daisy’s lover,

And the suspicion rose up as high as a tower;

But Dad Max was not in that very place,

Col. Ernesto Mata, Dad’s chief, vouched for his far-off assignment as he ordered: “ Stop the chase”!


On hindsight Dad Max pointed out to me,

Why the US lost in the Vietnam War to Ho Chi Minh’s army;

It was the corruption which was flagrant even during the War,

The hedonistic way which turned every camp like week-end  red-light district girlie bar!



Dad Max earned only his much-deserved promotion,

Back in the 60s in fact after an election…

My late Mom’s cousin who became governor,

TioFelicing San Luis became Dad Max’s endorser!



Dad Max reached only the rank of Major,

Had some stints of  working in the private sector…

Even had the chance to work with Ka Doroy Valencia,

Worked with fund-raising projects espoused by Madame Imelda!




But in his twilight years, Dad Max indeed chose;

To work for the veterans who are needy, some of whom have turned recluse…

As Prexy now of the KOREAN VETS’ group,

Dad Max has listed projects that would be wider in scope!



On July 27, 2016 Dad Max was invited to Seoul,

It was not actually indicated as to why he was invited…

Was it official or some kind of leisure?

Going there to Seoul unto me was delegated!



As Dad Max was down and sick with flu,

I was tasked to represent him with my crew:

But upon reaching  the hotel on the eve…

I was told the news which I, at first couldn’t yet believe!




Daddy Max was to be awarded a medal,

As though he’ll be placed in a seeming pedestal;

From the whole of Asia, he was the only one picked…

One from America, another from Europe and the last one from Africa…’twas fantastic!



And the commodious Olympic auditorium in Seoul,

Was filled to the rafters by SOKOR army men & all;

Foreign dignitaries were also there present…

My family and my staff were there at the medal  presentment!



Well, we were all there at Korean expense,

We did in fact not spend any peso and cents;

We were even regaled by a lot of singing…

But the best part of all is the truly fine dining!



It was the SOKOR Prexy  who sent the invitation,

While the SOKOR PM made the medal presentation;

It was a belated recognition of Dad Max’s feat,

But it was to Dad Max’s ears so indeed very sweet!



The union between Dad Max and our late Momma,

Brought out eights (8) kids plus another sistah…

I am actually the eldest in the brood,

With first names starting with “W”, as though engraved in wood!



When Dad Max was asked why he was fond of that letter,

He said it was an inversion of “M” that’s his first name’s character;

Indeed his first name is MAXIMO,

The letter “M” indeed smacks of some kind of machismo!



I, having been named as WALTER…

Means actually per GOOGLE, as the army’s leader;

My Dad wanted me to be an ENGINEER,

But fate led me to become a LAWYER!



WILLIAM is the 2nd, who became chief engineer/mate…

Indeed, he was a seaman, and is our Lolo’s namesake;

He is now serving as Warehouse Manager,

In a company named in honor of our heroic father!



WINSTON WINIFREDO is the 3rd  sibling,

And his birth indeed is worthy of truthful telling…

He’s Vice-President at UNILAB-UNAHCO,

Has earned a lot of commendations from his hardworking & solicitous CEO!



WILSON is the FOURTH child in a row,

He has an only son whose name is WOODROW;

He’s Vice-Chair at UERM and Chairman of Victorias Milling,

He’s a fitness buff who’s fond of GOLF and even JOGGING!



WILSON was once President too of TANDUAY,

An avid GOLFER whose skin has turned LIGHT RYE;


So very fond of his youngest APO, who’s still an INFANT!



WILBERT is the FIFTH child and he is mild,

As he is good-natured, sympathetic and never ever wild;

He’s the General Manager of DIMAX Enterprises,

Who’s also a GOLFER who has won lots of PRIZES!



WILMA is the eldest daughter in the progeny,

Who cooks KARE-KARE best like our late Mommy;

She was a nurse who worked for some time in Saudi Arabia…

But now she’s fond of ballroom dancing, and she truly likes CHA-CHA!



WANDRA is our other pretty sister,

She’s married to a Scottish who’s a stockbroker…

She’s a Paulinian but is now a doting housewife…

She’s good in interior décor as though it’s her life!



WARREN being the youngest is the family’s factotum,

A business graduate in a school within QC’s centrum;

He is now the KEY ACCOUNTS Manager,

Of DIMAX, and in the field of marketing he’s so very EAGER!



Another sister whom we have embraced,

Is MAE who is younger than me and all the rest…

She is a graduate too of the University of the Philippines,

She has landed in a lucrative job, and is now possessed with decent means!




The reason why I have made out this ODE,

Is because of a wondrous development, but ‘tis not ODD;

My Dad has been elected finally as PREXY of the Korean War Vets’ association,

Such was when he entered the group, his most solemn aspiration!



It can now be retold what in fact    did they unfold,

It was some kind of a masterful stroke, a coup; 

When Dad Max was elected by a dozen plus two,

A new set of officers they did soon behold!



On the eve of the election one Wednesday ago on even,

Dad Max and the PVAO head met with the SOKOR envoy at seven;

They rode in a seeming convoy,

All protocol they did forego with so much coy!



It was only the past Prexy and his forgetful Veep….

Who did not know what’s in store to keep;

 The motion to declare all seats vacant…

Will then be raised and will thus become extant,




But the designated mover who will raise the motion,

Got sick on Election Day, he’s out of locomotion;

But a son of a PMAYEER raised the issue and point…

And the plan rolled on forward as though he’s the anoint!




And the past Veep insisted that their term is 2 years…

That’s what he learned, he said, from his peers;

But as he was challenged as to where he got the rule,

He turned incomprehensible, although he kept his cool!




There were 14 members present then  of the board,

Dad Max was sure there will be no discord;

As he was then quickly nominated for Prexy,

The nomination was closed by 2 proxies one of whom was sexy!



Indeed the membership of the board of PVAI,

Now includes sons and daughters who have offered no alibi…

Some are hesitant to join the oldies,

 But others want to be those old vets’ buddies!



When the argumentation came to an end,

The forgetful Veep was asked to explain…

He reported that he learned of the 2 year rule from an old Prexy…

Though he knows the bylaws speak of just a year only!




Thus the Secretary made an explanation…

That the 2 year provision was just a proposition;

It was never however approved,even tinged as though with “steroid”…

Indeed, the bylaws still contain that old period!




But at this morning’s oath taking,

A resignation as board member by the past Prexy was seen…

The reason cited was sort of medical,

But still the past Veep was there though acting comical!



In his speech after the oath was implemented;

USEC Carolina spoke of love of country as though he’s a preacher, so anointed…

Before the board of directors of the PEFTOK association;

Eleven of whom are affiliated with PMA,  the others sans that affiliation!



And for a jolly ending of this ode,

I wish to share something that’s a bit odd…

But it surely would titillate everyone truly,

It would even make one smile with glee!



I was a bit hesitant to put this in the ode,

As it could pique my Dad as he’s now very old;

But my classmate Gabby V. had a very good laugh,

I might be the one who will thus be rebuffed!



My sis called me (days after Dad’s election) around 10 minutes past seven;

‘Tis about Dad Max who seemed so stressed & so tense…

Castigating and scolding the maid;

Even berating always, his driver who is staid!




Wilma, my sis, opined that perhaps the reason indeed…

Is because Daddy Max is so pressured like a racing steed;

Planning & prepping to prove that he’s a worthy Prexy,

Of the association of vets most of whom are old & woozy!



A day before, he went to a breakfast meeting…

At lunch, he was busy conferencing;

When evening came, he had to meet the SOKOR consul for an urgent thing…

And even Wilma was chided for her cooking!



My sis Wilma indeed cooks Kare-kare best—-

And Kare-kare is one dish which Daddy relishes with zest;

But the oxtail got delivered at 11 AM,

At 12 noon , Daddy Max was no longer tame!



And so I called up by phone Daddy Max,

Told him to take it slow and be easy like wax;

Dad Max said that he has lots of plans…

For those senior and needy and ailing veterans!




I told Daddy Max to use part of my law office…

As there is still room in my office’s edifice;

The PEFTOK office is there at far off BGC,

With the traffic, he’ll get bored and even dizzy!



At my office, which is just a block away from his place;

He could use the facilities without much stress,

My secretaries could take his long dictation;

He can seek help from my lawyers for some legal opinion!



But the chiding could then be focused,

In my own direction; gee,that’s serious…

I’ll be soon castigated and even chastised,

But our deep love for Dad Max will never ever subside!



Finally, I just want to share learnings from my Dad,

I’m pretty sure that you’ll all be a bit glad;

It is about his way of life…

That may have been lengthened, though it’s already ripe!



First, about his sleeping habit…

You’ll surely be swayed, & you may like it,

He retires to bed at seven thirty…

Would be awake when the cocks start crowing at three!



Indeed, during my toddler years and yonder…

Dad Max would already be sleeping at 8 pm on his trundle,

He wakes up so very early too…

Would even just walk unto his office in Camp Aguinaldo!



Water therapy was another learning,

Every day, he’ll gulp down water, as though so much craving…

Several glasses of them indeed…

It’s good for organs’ cleansing, be always hydrated!



And a must in the dining table everyday,

Is the yellow banana just after the pray;

He’ll castigate the maid surely…

If no banana is stored in the pantry!



During his early life truly,

He’ll down just one beer before eating the dish that’s mealy…

And would drink a warm glass of milk…

That’s to make his sleep truly smooth as silk!



And he has not stopped playing  shuttlecock,

Although his smashes are not hard as  rock;

He’ll win and reap points via a drop shot…

If you’re not alert, you’ll be put on the spot!



Dad’s advice which he usually utters,

Is to stay active all life, there’ll be no other druthers;

For those who would want to retire early…

Think twice, for some day you’ll feel so very dreary!




When you retire from work, you lose the compulsion;

To wake early up and slumber early soon, in daily succession——

For oversleep is bad; and undersleep is badder!

You really need to bathe with soap and lather.



If you have already retired from an early work post,

Strive to focus on a new job, for all is not lost;

As lawyers, all of us may at times feel dry, nay, even dried…

But good lawyers indeed must not retire, as they’re constantly rehired!




But what has indeed made Dad Max truly live LONGER,

And which has made his heart beat so much PITTER-PATTER;

Is our step-mom and younger friend named MERCY,

She has indeed brought Dad Max constant joy and much ENERGY!




And to GOD we are thankful for  Dad Max’s long life, as to GOD’s will, we will fully ABIDE!

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