The name RAMON is Spanish cognate of RAYMOND…

Derived too from the old Norman French, RAIMUND…

The name denotes of being a WISE PROTECTOR,

Precise trait of MON, for he is a topnotch COUNSELOR!



He is PISCEAN being FEBRUARY born,

A great LISTENER, and is never ever MISINFORMED;

He deals with unknown situations very WELL…

Cause he’s MEDITATIVE and that’s so very SWELL!



He is clever and even WITTY,

Admired by belles, and at times NAUGHTY…

He is an extremely ENERGETIC person,

His daily homilies at VIBER, could make him a saintly PARSON!



He is Managing Partner of a LAW FIRM,

Which he founded with a classmate and FRIEND…

The LAW FIRM just reaped LAUDS and  LAUREL,

After victoriously freeing an alleged SCOUNDREL!



But the client is neither in fact DISHONEST or ROUGE,

As the client’s popularity is still very HUGE;

The coming election will make the FINAL VERDICT…

I too believe that the client is sans any GUILT!



My classmate MON is from Kawit, CAVITE;


A historical site where our flag was first  UNFURLED…

Derived from the word HOOK, as though something got CURLED!



My dear  friend MON graduated number FIVE,

That’s at the UP Law, even then he has really ARRIVED;

In a field of eighty-four candidates for GRADUATION…

He’s actually best in those daily CLASS RECITATION!



He is a strong but flexible person,

Always seeking new opportunities for a REASON…

He dislikes limitations but is so FUN-LOVING;

He loved so his parents with so GENTEEL CARING!



He truly appreciates HONESTY as he’s HIGH-PRINCIPLED.

Has LEADERSHIP skills and in team-work, he’s SCHOOLED;

He is indeed a good team COORDINATOR…

Hardworking truly, that is his best FACTOR!



He is a PROFESSORIAL LECTURER in Criminal Law,

That’s at the U.P., College of Law…

Lecturing too in THREE (3) other universities…

So diligent in work as he indeed loves OPPORTUNITIES!



Was USEC too in the Justice Department,

Even acted as Chairman in the Human Rights Group of a past president;

Got named too as representative in the Amnesty Commission…

He truly  is a man with a noble MISSION!



On this your NATAL DAY, I wish you LONG LIFE and MORE SUCCESS;

Am sure you’ll attain it as you’re full of PROWESS—

For indeed, any DREAM that’s DREAMT to be ACHIEVED…

With HARD WORK as the ingredient,  TRIUMPH will  surely be FULFILLED!






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