[Whitney Ann who is endearingly called by the members of our clan simply as ANN, celebrated her 25th birthday at noontime today (January 5, 2019) at the La Creperie Restaurant along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City; with her parents, siblings, her aunts and uncles and her cousins. Here is a FUN RHYME BLOwhich I wrote for her based on horoscope accounts about the zodiac sign CAPRICORN (Ann being a Capricornian and Rooster-born based on the Chinese zodiac sign) I gathered from the INTERNET. Shown in this patchwork of photos is ANN at left while at top right is a photo of the trio: From L to R – Pam, Ann’s sister-in-law and gracious wife of Woody, Ann’s older brother; Ann and Ella, who is Ann’s cousin, being the daughter of my sister, Wilma and her hubby, Ronnie, At bottom right photo are the following: From L to R – Ella, Bambi, another cousin, being the daughter of my brother Winston and his wife Rally; and Winnie, another cousin, being the daughter of my brother Wilbert and his wife Amy.] 




You’re so ENERGETIC, HARDWORKING and one who’s so ADORED…

You’re always watchful of those tiny ERRORS,

But you’ve learned a lot from those FAMILY TOURS!




You’re a DETERMINED person who is so HELPFUL…

And your KINDNESS extends even to all kinds of PEOPLE,

And you love those beautiful and elegant THINGS,

But with your KINDNESS, you want to share them with other BEINGS!




As a ROOSTER person, you’re SKILLFUL  and BRIGHT…

You were born with much CONFIDENCE; but OVER-CONFIDENCE is a BLIGHT…

You’re also seen as CONSCIENTIOUS but  IMPATIENT…

‘Tis not good for you, as you could get sick and  turn into a PATIENT!





People with the Chinese zodiac sign of ROOSTER,

Teems with novel ideas that they can list in a ROSTER;

They are so enthusiastic about their every TASK,

They could finish their jobs as quick as a FLASH!




Anent your health, indeed; do take some extra PRECAUTION,

You’re seen as a WORKAHOLIC , who always wants ACTION…

The horoscope says that you could suffer from ARTHRITIS…

And please, your meals…you must never ever MISS!




You ought indeed to be truly PUNCTUAL…

With respect to your meals, your work and sleep, that’s NOCTURNAL…

For you’ll have stable income at an early AGE,

And abundant fortune in your adulthood is somewhat PRESAGED!





Go ahead and do travel AROUND,

Appreciate those beautiful scenery that nature has FOUND;

Avoid however parachuting and bungee JUMPING,

Those are deemed dangerous and not your kind of THING!





On this your natal day my dear ANN…

I wish to greet you with hilarious laughter and much FUN;

You have brought much joy to your vast CLAN;

I’ll pray you’ll receive your abundant fortune on a SILVER PAN!

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