[I and my family went on a 5-day holiday to THAILAND and I really was amazed with the new sights and sounds of THAILAND. We were in THAILAND in 2002, but the sensation and amazement that we experienced in our recent trip was much more spectacular and amazing. For which reason, I was swayed to write this FUN RHYME BLOG.]


‘Tis indeed nice to go to THAILAND,

A country which enjoys a rising FUND;

Funds accruing from tourists from all over the GLOBE,

I wish our country will take a cue from the STROBE!





A strobe indeed is a flash of LIGHT,

To guide our leaders unto what’s best and RIGHT;

To preserve our forests and clean up the MESS…

And fill up our nation’s funds’ CHEST!




Peace and quiet must reign INDEED,

In our country where rebels still BLEED…

A failed rebellion Duterte has SAID,

Still however, prospective tourists are AFRAID!




Our past “CLEAN AND GREEN” nation’s MOTTO…

Must be revived and sustained IN TOTO,

Those metro aides before must be RETURNED;

All, for tidiness’ sake must now be CONCERNED!





The pomegranate juice sold in the streets of Bangkok is REFRESHING,

And the coconut ice cream is much more ENERGIZING;

The DURIAN fruit appeared so very INVITING,

And the birds’ nest soup truly TANTALIZING!





Our country’s employees in the travel industry must follow SUIT,

Be like the Thais who are eager in their PURSUIT…

Eager to serve and courteous at its BEST,

Their SAWADEE greeting is always at one’s BEHEST!





The Thais are even more creative and so CUTTING-EDGE,

They’ve turned their boys to girls and no one feels OUTRAGED;

The ladyboys are even prettier and perhaps much SWEETER …

I’ll ask my son Tonton, if this claim is a NO-BRAINER!


Joke only Tonton!!!!

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