[The photos above were taken during our 3-day stay in Michigan particularly at the Newberry Estates Home of my IDOL and FRIEND JOE CAMANO and his gracious wife GLO in Westland; thence at the COUNTRY INN SUITES in Holland, Michigan. Left photo was taken before we left for the DETROIT WAYNE AIRPORT on March 28, 2018 for our  return-flight to Los Angeles. Right-top photo was snapped at the Cafeteria of the Country Inn Suites in Holland, Michigan. Bottom-right photo was snapped at the IKEA as we headed back to Westland from out overnight trip to Holland, Michigan.]



It started out as a mere JOKE,

I literally drew myself into the house of  PADI1 JOE;

I never would have actually ventured to go to DETROIT,

The searing coldness therein is truly MALADROIT!



But it indeed happened a couple of days  AGO,

Even with Daddy Max as part of the COMBO2;

I knew that Daddy Max truly hates the SNOW,

That was why he cut short his trip in OSLO3, years AGO!



My kinship with JOE actually DEEPENED,

When I made him inspiration of a BLOG that got WRITTEN4;

And then our correspondence went even


Through FB and email and my love for  blogs even got HASTENED! 




Our trip to Westland, MICHIGAN5 was a bold VENTURE,

We braved through it despite the cold TEMPERATURE;

ALEXA6 would almost always be CONSULTED…

For in FAHRENHEITS, we always are





Thank you IDOL JOE for your magnanimous HOSPITALITY,


Thank you LOREN8 and IGOR9 for that delectable DINNER,

Thank you KC10 and especially RICKY11 for acting out like a BARTENDER12!




The JET LAG has affected my ability to SLEEP,

Thus, I had to avail of the assist of KNOB CREEK13;

And RICKY gave me sleep with the aid of DANIELS14,

That’s the whisky SINATRA15 loves as he narrates in his SPIELS!




Thank you too JOJO16 for driving us to the AIRPORT,

Though IDOL JOE complained your convoy route was not SHORT17;

I was even tempted to alight from the BENZ18, as I DID…

To insure that we get to the AIRPORT sans any WRONG DEED!




Thank you too MAUI19 and unto you ELI20

You brought us JOY and LAUGHTER even in bed as we LIE…

Those are JOE’s APOS21 and for them JOE has seemingly RETIRED…

Baby-sitting those angels, JOE has never felt TIRED!




Moreover and it truly is so CLEVER,

The way IAN22 does his HIGH-FIVER!

IAN truly jumps to make it HIGH,

I even felt that IAN actually wants to FLY!





But the tuition that I really have to PAY,

Is for the tutorial in CAPOEIRA23 that IGOR did DISPLAY;

Never thought that a handsome and bright UKRAINIAN24,

Would be so focused in JUJITSU25 and the allied arts of JACKIE CHAN26!




Indeed, in the field of MUSIC and  SINGING PROWESS,

RICKY REYES, JOE’s other son-in-law is BEST…

He sings like a virtuoso with a voice as though a YODEL27,

And as he strums the GUITAR, he’d look like a dandy guitarist MODEL!




To the CAMANOs of  MICHIGAN, you’re an EPIC….

You’ve helped a lot of PEOPLE, and that’s TERRIFIC!

In your list of FRIENDS that you have GATHERED…

Feel free to say … we’re the ones who got so SUPERBLY PAMPERED!




[Legend: 1 – PADI is a Bicolano term (as my good friend JOSE “JOE” CAMANO is a native of the Bicol region particularly of Naga City and Sagnay in Camarines Sur) which means “partner” or “compeer”.

2 – COMBO actually is a term which means a “PAIR”. The entourage of guests which the Camano household had from March 25-28, 2018 was a pair of TWO (2) families, namely: my own family which is composed of myself, my wife Dang and my THREE (3) kids: Walter Anthony (“Tonton”), Ma. Wincheska (“Cheska”) and Ma. Winnalee (“Alee”). The other family is that of my dad, Daddy Max with his wife and our stepmother Mercedes (“Mercy”).

3 – OSLO  is a city in Norway and would literally be some kind of a quick reference to Norway. My Daddy Max went on a trip to Norway in May 2010, as my stepmom Mercy has a daughter in Norway who is married to a Norwegian. As Daddy Max felt so uncomfortable during his trip to Norway, at a time when the temperature was so searingly cold; Daddy Max cut short his trip to just a couple of days instead of weeks.

4 – The FUN RHYME BLOG (actually FUN RHYME BLOG No. 3) that got written is entitled OF STAYING YOUNG and OF BEING YOUNG where my friend JOE CAMANO served as my inspiration for writing the said fun rhyme blog.

5 – WESTLAND, MICHIGAN is the location of the mansion of my good friend Jose “Joe” Camano and his wife Gloria “Glo” Camano particularly at the Newberry Estates in Westland.

6 – ALEXA is an IT device (better and popularly known as ALEXA-ECHO)  which serves as some sort of a Secretary and/or researcher in the Camano household. Instead of encoding in a computer a query, one can just direct the query unto the direction of the device and the device or Alexa would competently answer the query via a female voice in a wholesome and grammatically correct English.

7 –  ATE GLO is my friend Joe Camano’s gracious wife, Gloria Camano.

8 – LOREN is Joe Camano’s and Glo Camano’s youngest daughter.

9 – IGOR is LOREN’s husband. IGOR is a physician whose specialization is in the field of INTERNAL MEDICINE.

10 – KC is Kristine’s nickname and KC is Joe Camano’s and Glo Camano’s eldest daughter.

11 – RICKY whose full name is RICKY REYES  is the husband of KC.

12 – BARTENDERRicky seemingly acted out the role as such BARTENDER as when I confided to Ricky about the effect of JET LAG in my sleep; his off-the-cuff recommendation  was liquor. Indeed, after I availed of the sleep-inducing effect of KNOB CREEK, to which I was introduced by the Renaissance Airport Hotel bartender (i.e. Jose) in Los Angeles,  a 100 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; Ricky helped me out too to fight off the JET LAG with a couple of drinks from a  bottle of JACK DANIELS whiskey.

13 – KNOB CREEK is the 100 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey which was introduced to me by Jose, a Mexican bartender who was managing and crafting the drinks and cocktails at the bar in the Renaissance Airport Hotel in Los Angeles,USA. The introduction ensued when I asked Jose for a drink that would surely put me into sound sleep, and Jose gave me a “double” of the bourbon garnished with a SPRAY of 7-Up.

14 – DANIELS is the name of another top of the line whiskey (actually JACK DANIELS) which became popular when singer and classic balladeer Frank Sinatra, boasted as his favorite drink in one of his spiels.

15 – SINATRA was an American singer, actor, and producer who was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide.

16 – JOJO is JOEL GINES who is Ate GLO’s nephew. And JOJO, willingly accommodated the request to bring us to the Detroit Wayne Airport  driving the Toyota-Camry Car of Ate GLO while my friend JOE CAMANO drove his Mercedes Benz SUV, as  our luggage and our sheer number (i.e. 7) would not allow just a single car for the airport-trip.

17 – My friend JOE CAMANO was afraid that JOJO, who might not be so accustomed to driving up to the Detroit Wayne Airport (being a relatively new and recent addition to the Camano clan in Westland), could get lost on the way as he (i.e. Joe Camano) whined that JOJO did not drive as near to us aboard in the MERCEDES BENZ SUV to avoid any other car on the highway to intrude into our convoy route.

18 – BENZ is Joe Camano’s MERCEDES BENZ SUV.

19 – MAUI is one of Joe Camano’s grandkids.MAUI is the daughter of KC and RICKY.

20 –  ELI is the newest addition  to the CAMANO clan; he being the son of relatively-recently married couple, LOREN CAMANO and IGOR  SHKOLNIK,who is an American physician (with specialization on INTERNAL MEDICINE) of Ukrainian descent.

21 – APO is Tagalog term for GRANDCHILD. And the term APOS is the plural for APO which would literally mean GRANDCHILDREN.

22 – IAN is another APO of IDOL Joe Camano and is the son of KC and RICKY, and younger brother to MAUI. IDOL Joe considers IAN as his “mini-me”. Whenever IAN is asked to do a “HIGH-FIVE”, IAN literally JUMPS to make the HIGH-FIVE gesture, truly HIGH.

23 – CAPOEIRA – is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It was developed in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century. It is known for its quick and complex maneuvers, predominantly using power, speed, and leverage across a wide variety of kicks, spins, and other techniques.

24 – UKRAINIAN refers to  IGOR being an American doctor with a UKRAINIAN descent.

25 – JUJITSU is Brazilian Jujitsu. It appeared that IGOR is very much an advocate of Brazilian jujitsu and CAPOEIRA and that as IGOR conveyed to us, he wants his child with LOREN, ELI to be a master of Brazilian jujitsu and CAPOEIRA in the future.

26 – JACKIE CHAN is a Hollywood actor of Chinese descent who is a martial arts practitioner and master particularly of karate. Jackie Chan is actually a Hong Kong martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer. He is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts, which he typically performs himself, in the cinematic world.

27- YODEL – The seeming golden voice of RICKY, Idol JOE’s son-in-law (husband to KC),  actually reverberates as some kind of a YODEL, especially so when RICKY made a rendition of a Tagalog song. But next time, I would want IGOR to sing too!]













































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