[Here’s a collection of photos taken during the SURPRISE DESPEDIDA party for DOC ANDY TAN which was staged as a tribute for DOC ANDY’s passionate, loving and devoted service for ASPAC, its mission and ideals. The surprise party was held at the ATENEO UNIVERSITY DORMITORY on October 21, 2017 after the 11th Board Meeting of the ASPAC which was conducted also at the same venue. MABUHAY KA DOC ANDY TAN!!!!]


Matapos ang halos araw-araw na pag-pa-PRACTICE1,

Ang SURPRISE PARTY2 kay Doc ANDY ay mistulang naging SUCCESS;

“HEAVENLY”3 nga ang syang naging UMPISA,

Kahit na merong naging kaunting ABERYA4!





Syempre di naman nakarating si ANDREA BOCELLI7,

Kumanta ng MALE PART na lang ay si Attorney WALLY8!



Umawit at hinarana si Doc ANDY ng SCHOLARS,

Isa-isa sa kanila’y nagpasalamat, tunay na mga “STARS9”;

Talagang truly CARING daw si Doc ANDY,

Nakikipag-chikahan pa sa kanila … Oh so very DANDY!



Pumasok naman itong mga dancing GHOSTBUSTERS,

Animo’y hinahanting mga ASWANG at OGRES;

Kasi daw si Doc ANDY ay talagang may 3rd EYE…

ELEMENTALS at GHOSTS sa kanya’y nag ha-HI10!



Pagtapos naman nitong number na  pang-HALLOWEEN,

Aba umarangkada naman ang mga DANCING QUEEN…

Sa SALIW ng awit na DAHIL SA IYO…

Nagtiis sa kasasayaw si CINDY11 kahit paa’y may KALYO!



Umariba din si LITO12 kahit sya’y NO-ENSAYO!

Sabi niya’y sa CABARET13,  daw ay lagi syang DUMADAYO…

Kaya ang DANCING daw sa kanya’y just so EASY…

“It makes him so RELAXED and so very BREEZY!”…


Ang FINALE naman na tunay na ala-BROADWAY!

YMCA song ang sa mga DANCERS nag-pa-SWAY;

Meron pang PYRAMID pose ang siyang naging PANG-HULI…

Aba may CONFETTI pang pinasabog si KATTIE14!



Dahil sa mahilig sa LITSON15 si Doc ANDY as GIFT,

Aba’y isang PAMILYA ng INAHIN at mga BIIK16,

Ang dinalang LITSON nitong si Attorney RAUL17

Mula sa inahing BABOY at BIIK, & the TABLE was FULL!



Kumanta din si NAP18 at lahat napaigtad…

Balladeer pala itong esponghadang NAP QUEJADA19;

Kaya sa masamyong himig ng awitin niya,

Lalong naging kaibig-ibig ang atmospera…



Hindi rin nagpatalo si Attorney Marylou20,

Lumuwas pa mula BICOL ang PANYERA kong so COOL;

Umawit ng kalmado at ni walang DASKOL21

Awiting kay tamis na nag-pabilib21a sa




Ang pangunahing yugto sa SORPRESANG kasayahang ito…

Ay nang igawad ni BETH22 ang kanyang REGALO;

She said: “The ASPAC was in shambles before Doc ANDY came…”;

“But like a JIGSAW puzzle it was brought back to FAME!”






[Legend: 1 – With the coordinated orchestration of Kattie Sy and Cynthia Ong; the practice-rehearsal to prepare for SURPRISE DESPEDIDA party started in earnest on October 13, 2017 at the Groove Central Dance Studio located along 13th Avenue in Cubao, Quezon City under the choreographic direction of Mr. Diego Villarosa.

2 – The SURPRISE PARTY was planned to honor Doc ANDY TAN as outgoing ASPAC President, after a trail-blazing 2-year term replete with laudable accomplishments.

3 – When I first suggested the idea to Ms. Kattie Sy, the President-elect of ASPAC;  of opening the program for the DESPEDIDA party for Doc ANDY with a ballet rendition to be performed by my daughter via a dance-interpretation of the song THE PRAYER;  she said that it would be “HEAVENLY”.

4 – Perhaps, as everyone was excited about the PROGRAM, Atty. Raul Panlasiqui, who is ASPAC’s COMELEC Chair, who served as front-act EMCEE forgot to call on the BALLET PERFORMANCE as sort of invocation/opening prayer for the PROGRAM. It was thereafter realized and the OPENING Prayer number was called to do the performance.

5 – As earlier said, the BALLET NUMBER was performed by my daughter, Ma. Winnalee E. Young, a sophomore Loyola Schools student taking up BS Psychology. The ballet rendition was sort of an dance interpretation of the ANDREA BOCELLI-CELINE DIONE song entitled: “THE PRAYER”.

6 – The OPERATIC SINGER referred to is no other than the TENOR Italian singer, ANDREA BOCELLI.

7 – Andrea Bocelli is an Italian classical crossover tenor, recording artist, and singer-songwriter. Born with poor eyesight, Bocelli became completely blind at the age of 12, following a football accident. Bocelli has recorded fifteen solo studio albums, of both pop and classical music, three greatest hits albums, and nine complete operas, selling over 80 million records worldwide. He has had success as a crossover performer bringing classical music to the top of international pop charts.

8 – Attorney WALLY is myself… WALTER T. YOUNG; and the female counterpart in the contrapuntal song-rendition of THE PRAYER was done by my former office colleague, Ms. IRENE HALCON, by mimicking “CELINE DION’s” voice.

9 – “STARS”: Doc ANDY TAN consider the ASPAC scholars as STARS, as notably they have high QPI marks in the pursuit of their respective scholastic endeavors.

10 – It was reported that Doc ANDY TAN possessed the powers to communicate with ELEMENTALS and not merely by just saying: “HI”.

11 –   CINDY is outgoing ASPAC Board member, CYNTHIA  FRANCO.

12 –    LITO is ASPAC Board member JOSELITO B. REYES.

13 –  CABARET is actually a nightclub or restaurant where entertainment is performed. But, in the Philippines, the term acquired a meaning which is a place where you could dance the whole night with a host of many lady-dancers as long as you have the tickets to spare.

14 – KATTIE SY, our new President-elect, virtually served as the ARTISTIC Director for the SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for Doc ANDY and was nobly assisted by Ms. Cynthia Ong (“CYNTHIA”), etcetera. Though it was CYNTHIA who donated the POPPERS from which sparkling confetti got flushed out during the FINALE portion of the YMCA dance performed by the ASPAC parents in attendance, KATTIE’s name was used to achieve a RHYME. Incidentally, the POPPERS were actually churned out by my Law Office staff; namely: my ever dependable Secretary ROMELYN “ELLA” HADAP and one of our Paralegal Assistant at the Law Office, ENREQUE “LITO” LUTUC. Both of them confessed thereafter, that it was so very difficult to churn out the confetti from the POPPERS’canister, as it was so tightly encased.

15 – Doc ANDY TAN has been a generous donor of SABROSO Lechon during his 2-year term as ASPAC Prexy. According to the latest count, Doc ANDY has donated around 50 or more lechon aka litson in affairs and gatherings of ASPAC as well as in ASPAC-related gatherings.

16 – A BIIK is a PIGLET.

17 – Attorney RAUL is RAUL PANLASIQUI, the incumbent ASPAC COMELEC Chair. What Attorney RAUL brought were PIG-shaped and PIGLET-shaped bread with a similarly crispy and golden-colored crust (parang lechon talaga); courtesy of MAN TAO Restaurant.

18 – NAP is Napoleon Quejada, incumbent ASPAC Year-Level Representative.

19 –  NAP QUEJADA is the same Napoleon Quejada, incumbent ASPAC Year-Level Representative, as aforesaid. Esponghada refers to the wavy hirsute head of NAP who rendered his song dedicated to Doc ANDY as though a PRO.

20 – Attorney MARYLOU is Atty. MARYLOU DUKA CASTILLO, incumbent ASPAC Board member.

21 –   DASKOL means SLOPPINESS or FAULT or MISTAKE. The song rendition of my Panyera, Atty. MARYLOU D. CASTILLO was superb as it was sung so flawlessly.

21a – NAG-PABILIB is a Tagalog slang which means “TO IMPRESS” or “TO HAVE BEEN IMPRESSED”.

21b – PIPOL is a corruption of the word PEOPLE; and the same was used to achieve ALLITERATIVE RHYME.

22 – BETH is Ms. ELIZABETH REYES, incumbent member of the ASPAC COMELEC. BETH’s TOKEN GIFT for Doc ANDY TAN which she gave during the SURPRISE PARTY was a large daintily-framed JIGSAW PUZZLE which according to her was put up and meticulously configured by her husband. BETH said that Doc ANDY virtually made out a JIGSAW PUZZLE when he reformed and reorganized ASPAC from sheer shambles before, into what it is now…an effective, well-oiled and well-organized ATENEO Loyola Schools’ parents’ association.]







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