[Doc ANDY TAN is seen here delivering a talk from the rostrum at the LEONG Hall’s mini-auditorium during one of ASPAC’s affairs held last year. Doc ANDY TAN will turn-over his PRESIDENCY of ASPAC to the next PREXY to be elected at today’s ASPAC election. Indeed, SLOWLY but SURELY, Doc ANDY was able under his tutelage and leadership made ASPAC a well-organized and efficient organization that has served as a helpful link to the ATENEO University’s goal of making the Loyola Schools students as “men and women for others.” MABUHAY KA DOC ANDY!]


Ibig pong sabihin ng DESPACITO ay GANITO,

“SLOWLY DOES IT”, yan po ang TOTOO;

Kaya po itong si DOC ANDY TAN —

Animo’y pahinay-hinay, pero BATIKAN1!




Kung saan hinuhugot ang POWERS nyang TANAN;

Inspiradong-inspiradong tumulong sa ATENEO,

Kahit na sya’y TAGA-USTE2 na ang kulay ay YELLOW!



Kaya ngayon siya’y tunay na TRUE-BLUE…

At  ONE BIG FIGHT na nga ang kanyang MOTTO;

Halos araw-araw ay nakatambay sa ASPAC Office…

Para bagang  sya’y nag-aantay ng exciting TSISMIS3!



Sa tulong ng kanyang FRIEND na si “RAVISHING”4 RAUL5,

RAUL PANLASIQUI po ang syang name nya na FULL…

Gradually ay naayos ang mga GUSOT,

Hindi na pwede ngayon ang PALUSOT!



No pwede na ngayon ang FAKE na GUARDIAN,

Talaga po namang sino man ay AALIBADBARAN;

Meron naman palang tunay na  MAGULANG,

Halos pinaghati pa ang kanilang ANGKAN6!



Hindi na rin pwede magloko-loko,

Dahil meron ng DISCIPLINARY PROCESS tayong totoo;

Kailan maikintal ang RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY,

Sa larangang ito, DOC ANDY’y bylaws PINAGBUTI7



Bagamat yayao na syang ating PREXY,

Kasama pa rin naman bilang IPP7a na SEXY8;

Marahil ngayong hindi na sya VERY BUSY…

Magkakaroon na sya ng LOVELIFE na truly OKEY9!




[Legend:  1 – BATIKAN is Tagalog term for an EXPERT. Indeed, Doc ANDY is an expert consensus-builder and so very diplomatic and tactful in his moves and actuations. And these traits perhaps could be the very reason why Doc ANDY was able to heal the past divisiveness in the ASPAC. For which reason, Doc ANDY was able to achieve much laudable accomplishments as ASPAC’s Prexy.

2 – Doc ANDY is a graduate of a degree in MEDICINE at the University of Santo Tomas (“UST”), and UST is referred to among the “millennials” as USTE.

3 – Doc ANDY even has that flair of maintaining some kind of INTELLIGENCE NETWORK from where he would have access to news, info and even rumors from other schools along the Katipunan Row notably MIRIAM as well as from the high school department of the ATENEO. And these info would be most useful in Doc ANDY’s desire to get the brightest parents to eventually move up and emerge as remarkable officers of ASPAC. Indeed, Doc ANDY has truly internalized in his psyche and persona a sense of “paternal caring” and concern for ASPAC and its members as well as of its scholars.

4 – RAVISHING is used in this BLOG to mean “overwhelming with emotion” and/or “enrapturing”. And this ADJECTIVE truly describes Atty. Raul Panlasiqui’s (“Atty. Raul”) comedic antics as when Atty. Raul opens his mouth, all within hearing distance will surely be enraptured with laughs of LOUD GUFFAWS (from the male officers of ASPAC) and giggling which would seem  unending (from the female officers of ASPAC).

5 –  RAUL is Atty. Raul Panlasiqui who is currently the COMELEC Chair of ASPAC and the IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT of ASPAC prior to his designation as ASPAC’s COMELEC Chair.

6 – From what I have gathered — in ASPAC before, there was an officer who represented herself as GUARDIAN of a student in spite of the fact that the student was not in fact parent-less as a parent was representing another child who is sibling (ACTUALLY THE TWIN) to the student being represented by the “fictitious” guardian. And that “guardian”, made this arrangement up, to maintain her as an officer of ASPAC.

7 – Under Doc ANDY’s tutelage and leadership, the ASPAC’s bylaws was successfully amended to include a disciplinary process in its present text.

7a – IPP means IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT. And as IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT, Doc ANDY will serve still as member of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of ASPAC, better known as the EXECOM.

8 – SEXY is used in the BLOG to mean “so very appealing and truly interesting” and “attractive”. Indeed, Doc ANDY is so very attractive with his elongated goatee and that seemingly pony-tail strands of his hirsute crown, dangling at the back of his head.

9 – Doc ANDY is a widower and that everyone in ASPAC is fervently praying that Doc ANDY would find his soul-mate and eventual his love-partner to make Doc ANDY much happier and even much SEXIER!]





















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