[My brother WILSON aka SON  is celebrating his 61st birthday today, October 18. Son has reaped a lot of professional achievements in his 61 years of life on earth. Son has been the Managing Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Tanduay Holdings Inc., since May 5, 2010 until his retirement in 2015. In a concurrent capacity then, SON also served as Chief Operating Officer at Tanduay Distillers Inc., Asian Alcohol Corporation, Total Bulk Corporation, Absolut Chemicals Inc.,  and Flor de Cana Shipping Inc. until his aforesaid retirement in 2015. Presently, SON is the Chairman of Victorias Milling Corporation and continues to hold on to his post as Vice-Chairman and Trustee of the U E Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc. Son is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of the East located along C.M. Recto, Manila.]


As a LIBRAN1 born on October 18, NINETEEN FIFTY-SIX…

He’s so ORGANIZED  — a trait that would avoid him getting in a FIX2!


Those personality DESCRIPTORS are truly HIGH-RATED!



Having been named after US President Woodrow Wilson3,

They indeed shared some parallels that’s worth to MENTION…

The US President was a GOLFER too,

As Princeton University4 prexy, he raised its standards… so TRUE!



Back to Wilson’s horoscope as a LIBRAN,

He’s DEVOTED and PASSIONATE, that’s in the matter of ROMANCE…

He’s SOCIABLE too and is focused on RESULT…

He’s so truly CONFIDENT sans any FAULT!




Does not beat around the BUSH…he truly is STOUT5

Some would even say that he’s AGGRESSIVE as well;

That has made him UNIQUE, that’s truly so SWELL6!



‘Tis said that he takes the driver’s seat with AUTHORITY…

He knows too that his LIFE & that of his KIN is his own RESPONSIBILITY… 

He won’t settle for anything LESS…

An incomparable destination is his aim…as he eyes for the BEST!



He’s well-groomed as he keeps himself FIT,

That could be seen in the gait of his walk that’s quite FANTASTIC…

He truly walks with undeniable steps, which turns many HEADS;

That’s when he does his morning BRISK WALKS near the MEADS7!



Please don’t think that this BLOG is an EXAGGERATION…

It truly is just nice to have these things to MENTION;

And as a Chinese Zodiac Health advisory to SON…

He should try to avoid worry for just no REASON8!



Primarily… and as I am neither a HOROSCOPIST nor a SKYGAZER9


He has reached achievements that are so COMMENDABLE…

He has received awards that are truly so LAUDABLE!





[Legend: 1 – Wilson is a LIBRAN having been born on October 18, 1956 and by encoding his birth date in a PC, you could read through and peruse via INTERNET his horoscope on both the conventional zodiac sign as well as the Chinese zodiac sign. Wilson’s Chinese zodiac sign is the MONKEY zodiac animal. Further, with regard to Wilson’s horoscope, I relied on these websites for details on his horoscope, personality and traits as well as advice on health: and

2 – FIX is used in this BLOG to mean a DIFFICULT or AWKWARD position; indeed, a difficult or awkward situation from which it is hard to extricate oneself.

3 – Wilson was named after U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States of America who served from March 4, 1913 up to March 4, 1921.

4 – As President of PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Woodrow Wilson enhanced the quality of its faculty and raised the admission standards of the school focused on a serious study program. Indeed, Woodrow Wilson aspired, as he told the Princeton University alumni: “to transform thoughtless boys performing tasks into thinking men”. On the other hand, my brother WILSON is a GOLFER too. WILSON is also Vice-Chairman of an educational institution, a medical school — the UERMMMCI (i.e. University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc.) located in Santa Mesa, Quezon City. Finally, WILSON is also member of the Board of Trustees of a university, the University of the East which is located along C. M. Recto Avenue in the City of Manila.

5 – STOUT is used in this BLOG to mean DETERMINED, VIGOROUS and HIGH-SPIRITED.

6 – SWELL is used in this BLOG to mean EXCELLENT.

7 – Wilson, and his wife Len, do morning BRISK WALKS around the White Plains community which actually adjoins the Green Meadows Subdivision. Thus, MEADS is used in this BLOG to refer to the GREEN MEADOWS Subdivision. Actually, MEADS is another term for MEADOWS.

8 – Under the CHINESE ZODIAC HEALTH heading at, it is written thereat that those born on October 18, 1956: “should try avoiding worrying for no reason”.

9 – SKYGAZER is used here to mean an ASTROLOGER or HOROSCOPIST or SOOTHSAYER.]


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