[The birthday celebrant on September 24 and defender of her masteral thesis on September 15, 2017, my lovely wife, CRISELDA EVANGELISTA-YOUNG aka DANG, as we walked the aisle preceding our eldest daughter WINSHAYNA aka SHAYNA. This photo was taken during SHAYNA’s wedding at the ANGELFIELDS NATURE SANCTUARY in Silang, Cavite on May 6, 2017. I have opted to post this early to evoke prayers and wishes for DANG’s successful defense of her MASTERAL thesis. ] *Thanks for the prayers as Dang successfully aced  the defense of her masteral thesis*

Your HOROSCOPE1 describes you as assertive in COMMUNICATION;

… Guess that will make your day in the defense of your written LOCUTION2

Your thesis in your MASTERAL3 is a near MAGNUM OPUS,

For many nights indeed, you accorded it with prime FOCUS4.



Be rest assured that you have our full SUPPORT,

Eventually, with your MASTERAL, you’d  teach with much RAPPORT5—   Instead of teaching CULINARY in SCHOOLS so FAR-AWAY6,

We’ll expect your tuition within  the DILIMAN’s RAY7!



Your thesis which dwells on PINOY STREET FOOD8,

Has uncovered what has been draped on it like a HOOD9;

With your thesis therefore TOURISM could well have a BOOM,

The allure of PINOY STREET FOOD could be enhanced as in a VROOM10!



You are described too as TRULY CONVINCING,

An asset that you’d have as an apt HELPING;   

We’ll pray that you’d achieve much SUCCESS,

Hope you’ll graduate with honors thru sheer PROWESS!



Your CHINESE ZODIAC sign is that of a RABBIT11,

‘Tis a bonus too as you’re described as DIPLOMATIC;

Your acknowledged too as truly very EXPRESSIVE,

Another plus for your thesis-defense — that’s most IMPRESSIVE!



And as the best prop on that date of your DEFENSE,

Remember all our LOVE to induce EFFLORESCENCE12;

The LOVE for you of SHANE, TON, CHE, & ALEE…

With the garnish of unending love from me…yours TRULY!



Thus on September 1513, that’s your DEFENSE DATE…

Consider it as happy 2414 which is your BIRTH DATE…

Be propped with the feeling that we’re CHEERING for you…

You’ll graduate with flying colors and you’ll be teaching ANEW15!


[The birthday celebrant with me and SHAYNA, also taken during SHAYNA’s wedding on May 6, 2017.] 





[Legend: 1 – HOROSCOPE – the positive traits of those born on September 24, 1963 can be accessed by encoding at GOOGLE the birth date. Those positive traits could be accessed particularly at via the weblink or URL at

2 – LOCUTION means a SPEECH; but is used in this BLOG to mean a written material, actually a THESIS, just as to achieve a RHYME.

3 – MASTERAL refers to the Master’s education leading to a degree in Master in Food Service Administration within the Department of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management of the UP’s College of Home Economics (“UP-CHE”).

4 – Since the time when her thesis-writing started; Dang has religiously allotted almost all of his waking hours up to 12 midnight sometimes extending even beyond, to crafting, drafting, revising/redrafting, finalizing and eventual polishing of her thesis entitled: PINOY STREET FOOD IN FOOD TOURISM: A MICROCULTURAL PERSPECTIVE.

5 – Having gone through a series of education in culinary arts after procuring a bachelor’s degree in Tourism at the UP; Dang opted to teach culinary arts at DE LA SALLE. However, as the main hub of culinary studies at DE LA SALLE is principally based in LA SALLE-LIPA, Dang had to content herself teaching at Lipa more often. After inquiring at UP-CHE, following the germ of an idea of teaching in UP (which is just a couple of kilometers away from our home) instead, Dang  embarked on a path towards procuring a Masteral degree which is a requirement to allow her to teach in UP Diliman. Thus, RAPPORT could perhaps ensue with her teaching at UP as Dang graduated from UP too.

6 – That allusion to a FAR-AWAY teaching destination refers to Dang’s previous teaching stint at DE LA SALLE which brought her more often at LA SALLE’s Lipa, Batangas campus.

7 – RAY would ambivalently refer to an ambit, or scope or sign; for which reason, DILIMAN’s RAY is a reference to the UP community which is within the UP-Diliman campus.


9 –  HOOD denotes a cover which in the context used in the BLOG means some kind of a stunting effect that has sort of prevented PINOY STREET FOOD to bloom into fruition as a point of interests in the area of FOOD TOURISM in the country, and the very wider field of TOURISM, in general. Dang’s thesis could very well chart out a path to make the aforesaid fruition to turn into a reality.

10 – VROOM denotes an acceleration of speed into its full level. Thus, it connotes some kind of an abundant and/or favorable progress.

11 – RABBIT is the Chinese zodiac animal sign of those born on September 24, 1963.

12 – EFFLORESCENCE is a period in time when one is thinking and perceiving at his/her  best towards creating a good work, in this case, a GOOD DEFENSE for Dang’s thesis.

13 –  SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 is the appointed date of the defense of Dang’s thesis.

14 – 24 refers to September 24 which is Dang’s birth date.

15 – It is hoped that with Dang’s successful obtainment of a Masteral degree; she will eventually be allowed to teach in UP-Diliman particularly at the UP-CHE.]


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