[Photo above shows the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, Brod RENE TARUC, with the love of his life, Brod Rene’s gracious wife TESS PAZ;  while dining at the cafe located at the ground floor of the  BRENTWOOD SUITES in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines. Brod RENE, for and in behalf of the San Sebastian College – PI O Chapter, pitched-in and donated a wholesome amount for the quest of my daughters to BAG the GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST in Phoenix, Arizona on August 7-12, 2017. THANK YOU BROD RENE!]


He was the FOUNDER of the  PI OMICRON Chapter in BASTE, MANILA1

That’s among the illustrious COLLEGES


Though he started COLLEGE in UP Diliman3

It could be that for PI O, BASTE needs a MAN4!



He’s truly JOLLY and a true-blue RACONTEUR5,

He tells funny stories with gestures like an ACTEUR6;

And his way of LAUGHING is amazingly PECULIAR7,

The CONTAGION8 indeed is somewhat SURREAL9!



His leadership QUALITIES is beyond QUESTION,

‘Tis a feather in his cap, the BASTE organization—

It speaks not only of his leadership but his diplomatic SKILLS,

His persuasive talent would outdo all the SHILLS10!



He’s one of the best MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER —

In the whole of the PI O and  even the smallest CHAPTER;

He could surely sell a FRIDGE11 to an ALASKAN11a,

And even sell robes and raiments inside a NUDIST CAMP12!



Though not an ALASKAN, he’s good at ALASKAHAN13,

And don’t get me wrong, he’s not a habitué14 in a BUFF CAMP15;

For he is religiously MORAL and is GOD-FEARING…

Am sure if taken to a BUFF Camp, he’d be CRINGING15a!



Being born under the LEO sign16,

He’s possessed of mysterious charisma; that’s so BENIGN…

And possessed too with GREAT WILLPOWER,

That’s the reason why he COMMANDS respect like a TOWER!



The CHINESE Zodiac sign of HORSE17 is HIS,

That’s why he’s HONEST and  OPEN-MINDED …he TRULY IS;

Brod RENE indeed has carved a NICHE,







[Legend: 1 –  BASTE-MANILA is the San Sebastian College of Manila located along C.M. Recto Avenue.

2 – AZCARRAGA actually known as Paseo de Azcarraga is the former name of C.M. Recto Avenue.

3 – Brod Rene Taruc actually started his collegiate studies in UP – Diliman but eventually graduated in San Sebastian College in 1977.

4 – It could have been a case of serendipity, as during that time when Brod Rene transferred to San Sebastian College, there was no formally extant PI OMICRON Chapter thereat. Earlier however, there were efforts waged to put a PI OMICRON chapter through the orchestration of the late Brod Pete de los Santos and Jessie Loanzon. However, that original group did not survive long enough. Eventually Brod Rene turned out to be the MAN that would excellently organize a self-sustaining PI OMICRON chapter thereat.

5 – RACONTEUR  is a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.

6 – ACTEUR is a French word which means ACTOR.

7 – When you hear Brod Rene Taruc laugh, you will laugh all the louder yourself principally as his manner of laughing is contagious.

8 – CONTAGION is used in the BLOG to mean as a  rapid spread of an influence, practice or actuation.

9 – SURREAL is used in this BLOG to simply mean UNUSUAL and not the customary meaning of BIZARRE.

10 – A SHILL is a swindler who is possessed with extraordinary skills in persuasion and enticement. The reference is here made unto the skill of persuasion ONLY but not with respect to a SHILL’s evil ways.

11 – FRIDGE is used in this BLOG as an abbreviation for a REFRIGERATOR.

11a –  An ALASKAN is an inhabitant of ALASKA. And, a joke has been going around that if one can persuade an Alaskan to buy a refrigerator that person has excellent persuasive skills as a salesman.

12 – The reference to a NUDIST CAMP is just to stress the persuasive skills of Brod Rene; that if doing business in a NUDIST CAMP, he can surely persuade those in the BUFF to but robes and raiments to clothe them.

13 – ALASKAHAN is a Filipino slang which means TAUNTING, or a skein of JOKING and TEASING.

14 – HABITUE means a resident of or frequent visitor to a particular place.

15 – BUFF CAMP is another term for a NUDIST CAMP.

15a – Brod Rene being a religious moralist would perhaps be shocked, awed and could eventually cringe all the more from those nudist advocates even with a guilty-conscience.

16 – Being born on August 5, 1954; Brod Rene is guided by the Leo ZODIAC sign.

17 – Being born on August 5, 1954; Brod Rene is guided by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of the HORSE.

18 – NATCON refers to the planned/scheduled 3rd National Convention of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY which will be held on December 15-17, 2017 in Legaspi City in Albay.

19 – BEWITCHED is used in this BLOG to mean as FASCINATED, as I will fervently and strongly propose unto the Board of the PIOAAII to awards brods like Brod Rene Taruc who has initiated the organization of chapters of the PI OMICRON Fraternity.]




 uplaw-1979-evening (168)

  [Black and white photo taken sometime in late 1978 or early 1979 and featured above, are the core members of the UP LAW EVENING CLASS of 1979. From L-R: myself, Joey Osana, Ding Dar Santos, Tony Abellera, Romy Legaspi, Eric Rodriguez, Babes Navarro, Jim Nagrampa, Bobby Lopez, Vicky Bataclan, Benju dela Paz, Procs Sarmen, Marvz Gonong, Cel Gellada; and Talek Pablo.]





He wanted to remain ANONYMOUS,

But the GRATITUDE in me has to stay FOCUSED…

Will thank those who have PITCHED-IN,

BLOGS are IN, might even include them in my DAILY MATIN!





He TOO like ALPHA said he’s a PRIVATE PERSON,

Doesn’t want to be CYNOSURE either, like a LOVED PARSON;

My deal was that he will remain UNNAMED,

But am sure he has already reached some FAME!




In our UP Law days, he’s deemed as TOP of the CLASS—

That’s the evening section, it ain’t a bunch that’s CRASS;

Though we’re mostly busy WORKING,

At times, in quizzes the evening class becomes KING!





He has indeed grown in RICHES,

He’s even too much elegant in his TASTE;

An genuine and acknowledged collector of ART PIECES,

His school-boy complexioned face hasn’t shown much CREASES!




He was the favorite student of our Prof. RUBEN BALANE,  

For when he recites, words gush out from his mouth APTLY;

And his answers would seem so phrased PRECISELY,

And the issue is grasped so exact, EXQUISITELY!




But as a friendly advice my dear BUDDY,

You have to lose weight…and I think, ABRUPTLY…

For you’d eventually look like the NUTTY PROFESSOR;

‘Tis elegantly HOLLYWOOD, but the aftermath could be DOUR!




I wish  now to thank you for your  DONATION,

As again my daughters are preparing for a COMPETITION;


That would showcase the world’s dancers at their BEST!





With the experience that they have GAINED,

Our Philippine team, the LEGIT STATUS,  I’m sure will pass the LANE;

And the GOLD MEDAL would not be so ELUSIVE,

I’d feel  our Philippine team will become the DEFENDING CHAMPS’ PET PEEVE!


































[The LOVEY-DOVEY twosome of JIMMY and BENG ZAMBRANO in one of their HOLIDAY trips to ENGLAND particularly in LONDON with the famous TOWER BRIDGE as backdrop.]



Magsisimula na ang PAGLALAKBAY1 ng mga mahal ko sa BUHAY,


Syempre kasama din si VIMI5 na ESPOSO6,




Salamat sa DONASYON7 na inyong PINAABOT,

Dagdagan po sana ng PANALANGIN na walang KIBOT;

Ang sabi’y  PANALANGIN mula sa PUSO’y LUBOS,

Yan ay WALANG KIBOT, subalit tunay na PUSPOS!



Bilang syang aming KAPITBAHAY na TAPATAN8,

Halos harapan ang bintana’t PINTUAN;

Magiging malawig at ating sabayang DASALAN,

Malamang makuha din sa SANTONG PASPASAN9!



Santong PASPASAN marahil ang kumpas ng SAYAWAN,

Dahil nga sa HIPHOP, masarap ma-PAWISAN;

Gustong-gusto ni ALEE ang sumayaw,

Malamang makuha ang GINTONG mapusyaw10!



Aba’y nagulat nga ako ng ako’y


Meron palang sobre sakin IIWAN;

DOLYARES pa pala ang syang LAMAN,

Si CHESKA halos nagulumihanan!



Sandigan ng maraming nais MANALANGIN11,

Kaya itong TULONG ni JIMMY’t ni BENG;

Siguradong may kasamang DASAL at DALANGIN,

Na sana’y ma-SWAK ang GINTONG mithiin12!



Thank you sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER13 ni ALEE,

Maraming tulong po ito… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Pagdarasal ng taimtim at tunay na MARUBDOB,

Siguradong makakauwi ng MEDAL na GOLD14!


Salamat JIM at BENG ZAMBRANO!!!!



[Legend: 1 – My daughters Alee, Cheska and Shayna have now started with their trip to the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) in support of their quest to bag the GOLD in either the ADULT, or VARSITY or MEGACREW Division. The 2017 WHHI is to be held at the ARIZONA GRAND RESORT & SPA in Phoenix, Arizona on August 7-12, 2017.

 2 – ALEE is my youngest daughter aka Ma. Winnalee Evangelista Young, who is member of the compete team of the LEGIT STATUS Megacrew Division.

3 – CHESKA is my middle daughter aka Ma. Wincheska  Evangelista Young, who is member of the compete team of the ALLIANCE Megacrew Division, and also the Team Manager thereof.

4 – SHAYNA is my eldest daughter aka Winshayna  Young-Rivera, who is member of the  LEGIT STATUS Team, and also the Team Manager thereof.

5 – VIMI is Vicente Miguel Rivera, who is Shayna’s husband and the HEAD COACH of the LEGIT STATUS Team.

6 –  ESPOSO is the Tagalized Spanish word for SPOUSE which in this BLOG actually means HUSBAND.

7 – DONASYON is the cash donation pitched in into the FUNDRAISER put up by my daughters in support of their respective teams’ quest to bag the GOLD in the 2017 WHHI.

8 – The residential units where we live in relation to that of the ZAMBRANO  household are FRONTING each other as one is just directly across the other unit.

9 – There is a Filipino saying which has been crafted in a very FUNNY manner which speaks of trying to reach a goal through prayer and another route through sheer efforts (i.e. SANTONG DASALAN o SANTONG PASPASAN) which EFFORTS have been dubbed/labeled as PASPASAN, and which literally means to achieve a goal through sheer efforts and trying to be QUICK about it.

10 – Mapusyaw is a Tagalog term which means GLITTERING or GLEAMING.

11 – The ZAMBRANOs actually BENG particularly when she was the President of the K-Ville Townhomes Association was very much engrossed in coming up with community projects and one of which was the PASSION READING during the Lenten Season. This is referred then to as one to where residents of K-Ville have shown oneness under the guidance and auspices of Ms. Beng Zambrano, being an affair akin to a religious activity such as a prayer-gathering.

12 – MITIHIIN is a Tagalog word which means GOAL or AIM or OBJECTIVE.

13  – My daughter ALEE put up a FUNDRAISER in support of the Philippine hiphop teams’ quest to bring home the GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) via the website GENEROSITY.COM.

14 – GOLD is the GOLD MEDAL that goes with the CHAMPION AWARD in the 2017 WHHI.]




















[Finally, Brod JEFFREY FERRER  RA showed his COUNTENANCE and PHYSIOGNOMY. Not bad, my daughter ALEE said. He truly looks as EXECUTIVE as the business magnate RICHARD BRANSON but less of the hirsute and the beard. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROD JEFFREY!!!!]


Itong si Brod JEFFREY mukhang mahilig sa SPY-THRILLER,

Aba eh wala ngang PHOTO sa kanyang FB Filler;

Mukhang gusto nyang tunay na maging MISTERYOSO,

Aba syempre ako’y mistulang naging USYOSERO!


Ang aming naging DEAL ay gawan ko sya ng BLOG,

Pero dapat naman hindi sya PAPALAG;

Na ang dapat na mangyari, mula ngayon KASI,

Dapat magkaroon ng PHOTO, for all the BRODS to SEE!


Brod JEFFREY is a Sales Executive in SINGAPORE1,

Mukhang ASENSO na’t hindi na sya POOR;

Pero namomroblema sya sa KASO2 niya,

And sabi ko just relaxed, yan ay kayang-kaya…3


Siya ay pinanunutbayan ng LEO SIGN4,

Pero pag di sya sumunod meron syang FINE5;

Dahil sa sya ay WELL-DISCIPLINED, okey YAN…

That’s the trait of LEO persons…kahit yan ay SAAN!



And that would mean that he’s HONEST, that’s not FALSE;

Siya ay tunay na isang FRIENDLY PERSON,

Para tuloy syang isang CLERIC o isang RELIGIOUS PARSON!


Naging PI O Brod sya noong 19957 ng Hulyo,

Aba meron palang LCBA Chapter8  tayo;

Graduate siya ng COMPUTER SCIENCE,

Yong daw PROPERTY  nyang nabili ay SAYANGS9



Wika ko nga kay JEFFREY, basta FAMILY ay OKEY…

You don’t have to be TROUBLED and to WORRY;

You have a gracious wife in the person of JACKLYN10,

And THREE (3) vibrant kids11 which I hope is the END!



Thank you sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER12 ng anak kong si ALEE,

Maraming tulong yan Brod… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Sana’y ipagdasal mo din nang  tunay na MARUBDOB,

Upang siguradong maiuwi nila ang MEDAL na GOLD13!






[Brod JEFFREY FERRER RA with FAMILY and with JOLLIBEE mascot as backdrop.]


[Legend: 1 – Brod Jose Jeffrey Ferrer Ra is presently employed as Sales Executive in a TELECOM company in Singapore.

2 – Brod Jeffrey consulted me about the seemingly snail-paced process of a civil complaint which he has filed against a defendant who made a double sale of the property earlier sold to him be a supposed friend. I told Brod Jeffrey that it is the customary pace in all court cases as we have to acknowledge that we still have an imperfect justice system.

3 – As earlier said, I told Brod Jeffrey to stay relaxed and to  just grin and bear the usual delays that he will continuously be confronted with as his case is being litigated in court.

4 – Being born on August 3, 1978; Brod Jeffrey is guided by the LEO ZODIAC sign.

5 – Our deal is that Brod Jeffrey has to post a photo on his PROFILE page in his FB account. If no photo yet, I will sanction him with a FINE which is double the amount of what  he donated to my daughter Alee’s FUNDRAISER.

6 –  Being born on August 3, 1978; Brod Jeffrey is guided by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of the HORSE.

7 – Brod Jeffrey joined the PI OMICRON Fraternity in the Laguna College of Business and Arts Chapter in July 1995.

8 – LCBA Chapter is the Laguna College of Business and Arts Chapter of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.

9 – SAYANG is a Tagalog word which means roughly in ENGLISH as : “WHAT A LOSS.” To come up with some kind of FUN, I made out a plural form of the word SAYANG to SAYANGS, with an S; to make it appear that the potential loss that Brod Jeffrey would suffer is “PLURAL” or roughly “VALUABLE” because of the supposed value of the property.

 10 – Jacklyn is Brod Jeffrey’s gracious wife.

11 – The marital consortium that Brod Jeffrey and Jacklyn have put up, has produced THREE (3) lovely kids; namely: Patrick Zeus, Ishi and Poyie. I hope that with “POYIE”, the youngest; this will be the END of Brod Jeffrey’s population contribution.

10 – My daughter ALEE put up a FUNDRAISER in support of the Philippine hiphop teams’ quest to bring home the GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) via the website GENEROSITY.COM.

11 – GOLD is the GOLD MEDAL that goes with the CHAMPION AWARD in the 2017 WHHI.]


















 [Photos of my Kumpareng BIBS and Kumareng VEE while sojourning in ONTARIO, CANADA. At right photo. Kumareng VEE is seen sitting beside one of their APOs (i.e. GRANDKIDS…HAPPY TRIP AND THANK YOU BIBS AND VEE!]


Salamat sa mag-SING-IROG na ngayo’y NAGLALAKBAY,

Upang makaniig anak na dati nilang KABAHAY;

Mayakap man din ng mahigpit ang mga APONG pogi’t maganda—

Saan pa nga ba? Kundi doon sa ONTARIO CANADA!


Talagang Kumpare at Kumareng tunay,

Kahit na sila’y aligaga sa  kanilang planong mag-LAKBAY…

Hindi pa rin nakaligtaang iwanan ang DONASYON,

Personal pang inihatid yaon nitong si SALVACION1!


Itong aking Kumpareng BIBS, halos kami’y MAGSING-UTOL…

Noong ako’y COLOMBO SCHOLAR2 at sa Singapore’y NAPUKOL3;

Naging FOSTER PARENT ko, mag-asawang Mr. LOW4

Na naging FOSTER PARENT din pala nitong si Bibs na ngayo’y LOLO5!


Kaya noong kami’y magkakilala,

Meron kaming “KOMUN”6 na ISTORYA;

Mga gimik at mga kwento nitong si Mr. LOW,

Animo’y mga kwentong ala Fernando POE!


Si Mr. LOW kasi nama’y PULIS na RETIRADO na,

Aba syempre’y nagpasikat at may kwentong  ala-ala;

Bida syempre at AMAZING ang papel po nyang talaga,

Yao’y hindi naman mukhang naging ‘sang papel na de liha!


Sandigan ng maraming nais pong mag-PAGALING7,

Kaya itong TULONG ni Bibs, HIPHOP Teams nati’y GAGALING8;

Aba naku itong TULONG ay may swerte po pala,

Kaya sana ay masungkit yaong GINTO pong MEDALYA9!


[A group selfie of the whole CARILO caboodle with Pareng BIBS and VEE and their kin aboard of what looks like an open trolley bus or a tram.]

Salamat Pareng BIBS at Mareng VEE!!!!



[Legend: 1 – For lack of a better name to make out a RHYME, I have opted to choose SALVACION as the name of the maid of the Carilo household who personally brought to our residential unit their donation to my daughters’ quest to BAG THE GOLD in this 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”)  to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7 to 12, 2017.

 2 – When I was working as an Estate Management Officer at the National Housing Authority (“NHA”) in the early 1980s, I was sent to Singapore to study Singapore’s AMAZING HOUSING PROGRAM. It was under the COLOMBO PLAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM and I was assigned as foster parents, Mr. & Mrs. Low, who were living in a high-rise condominium housing project known as the OUTRAM Park.

3 – NAPUKOL is Tagalog word for THROWN…Well, it was not actually a THROW… perhaps, the better termis PROPEL. This was so, as after my stint under the COLOMBO PLAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, I was promoted to the rank of a Department Manager.

4 – Mr. LOW was my garrulous foster father while Mrs. LOW was so reserved and reticent.

5 – Pareng Bibs who is now a true-blue LOLO (i.e. GRANDPA) turned out as an earlier foster child and/or ward of the LOW household during a scholarship program which Pareng Bibs undertook also In Singapore in the field of ORTHPEDIC medical science.

6 –  KOMUN is a Tagalized spelling of the English word “COMMON”.

7 – Pareng BIBS is an orthopedic surgeon and that as such doctor of medicine, Pareng BIBS is much more focused on healing and/or curing his patients at the  National Orthopedic Institute.

8 – Pareng BIBs’ luck in his almost 100 per cent surgical performances, is very much entitled to an EXCELLENT rating which could perhaps rub off unto both the LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE Hiphop Teams of my daughters.

9 – This reference to the GOLD MEDAL pertains once more to my daughters’ quest to BAG THE GOLD in this 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from August 7 to 12, 2017. MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG LAHAT!]

























[Photo above shows my IDOL, UP LAW CLASSMATE and FRIEND, DAN ISTURIS AMOSIN, who is now lucratively practicing law in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I would say that the shower of blessings continuously pouring and raining upon IDOL DAN is due principally to his brand of true-blue GENEROSITY. THANK YOU SO MUCH IDOL DAN!]




He is a studious scholar at the UP LAW1,

Would find him all-day poring in the LIBRARY still so BRAW2;

That’s why perhaps he aced the CALIFORNIA BAR3,

With flying colors, he virtually got a STAR4!


california bar 


His HUMILITY is perhaps truly home-grown,

Was a SEMINARIAN when still was fond of ICE CREAM CONE5;

As he matriculated in the UP College of Law,

He showed his HUMILITY for he has neither DELUSION nor trait FLAW!




He’s a respected member of the SIGMA RHO6,

He would be consulted by BRODS, for him to say GO…

For he indeed is so touched with HUMILITY,



Humility wooden sign on a beautiful day 



And an excellent WRITER8 with no PRETENSION;

He calls a SPADE a SPADE…so honestly FRANK…

A true TEETOTALER as I’ve never seen him DRUNK!




Idol DAN’s GENEROSITY is par excellence,

That has been bruited about with PREVALENCE;

He’s always quick in the DRAW w/ RESTO BILLS9,

As though he wants his CASH to go straight into the TILLS10!




As a LIBRA person11, he’s so ENERGETIC and prefers ACTION—

He seems to shun PLANNING for he wants early FRUITION;

And he’s truly DECISIVE as he takes INITIATIVE…

For all of his wholesome traits…I TRULY BELIEVE12!




As a TIGER person,13 he possesses ARTISTIC SKILLS,

That’s why he appears too CHARMING but not of the SHILLS14;

He could sway and persuade  almost all,

For he’s a MOTIVATIONAL talker on CALL15!




Idol DAN is armed with a SENSE of HUMOR too,

He once donned a DON CORLEONE attire as in the LOU16;

That was recounted to me by ARIEL17,

Not the ARIEL in the BIBLE, but this ARIEL is neither EVIL…





[Legend: 1 – UP Law is the University of the Philippines-College of Law located at the Malcolm Hall  in Diliman, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.

2 – BRAW means FINE.

3 – Idol Dan passed the California Bar examination with flying colors and was allowed to practice law in the State of California, USA in June 1995.

4 – Reportedly, Idol Dan’s law practice became so lucrative as he was considered by his clients in the USA as a fantastic, amazing and diligent lawyer, truly a STAR lawyer.

5 – The love or fondness for ICE CREAM CONE would refer to the teen-age years of Idol Dan as here in the Philippines particularly the teens would be so much fond of ice cream which is being peddled in the streets.

6 – Sigma Rho Fraternity  is a College of Law-based fraternity of the University of the Philippines – Diliman and reputed to be the pioneer in law-student fraternities in Asia. It maintains its singular existence with resident and alumni brods. The two letters of the Greek alphabet are its emblems for the stature of the Sigma Rho brods as “Seekers of the Right”.

7 – Idol Dan’s intellectual superiority is acknowledged not only by his Sigma Rho Fraternity brothers but almost all of his contemporaries in the UP College of Law.

8 – Idol Dan was Senior Associate Editor of the Philippine Collegian during our UP Law days.

9 – Reportedly, and as conveyed by his fraternity brods, Idol Dan would almost always solely foot the bill in almost all of the gathering of classmates and fraternity brothers every time such social gathering would have Idol Dan as host and even as a mere guest.

10 – TILLs would refer to the cashiers’ box and/or the cash register.

11 – Being born on October 15, 1950 ; Idol Dan is guided by the zodiac sign of LIBRA.

12 – In the Philippines, the word “BELIEVE” has acquired a peculiar meaning as – SO IMPRESSED; but that the word has been Tagalized and spelled as “BILIB”…as in BILIB AKO SAYO, meaning…I AM MUCH IMPRESSED ABOUT YOU.Thus, the use of the English term BELIEVE, is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG in that sense.

13 – Being born on October 15, 1950 ; Idol Dan is guided by the Chinese zodiac sign of the TIGER.

14 –  A SHILL has a peculiar meaning of some kind of a swindler who could easily entice or lure a person.

15 – Idol Dan’s profession as a LAWYER is depicted herein with poetic license as a profession done on an ON CALL basis. Indeed, a lawyer must be a MOTIVATIONAL TALKER to achieve success in his/her lawyering career.

16 – LOU actually means a short animated film; well, to achieve a rhyme in this FUN RHYME BLOG,  the word “LOU” is used here in this FUN RHYME BLOG, to denote just a FILM and/or MOVIE.

17 – Ariel is our UP Law classmate, ARIEL ABONAL who was CHEVRON’s Chief Legal Counsel in the Philippines. Ariel went on a trip to the U.S.A. and he was, together with two (2) other UP Law classmates, wined and dined by Idol Dan. Ariel was even amazed that after Idol Dan foot the bill, Idol Dan gave Ariel a thick wad of US dollars to buy  “pasalubong” for Ariel’s kith and kin.]




















FUN RHYME SERIES 163 – Speech of Daddy Max aka MAXIMO P. YOUNG during his 95th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION [July 29, 2017-Officers’ Club, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo-Armed Force of the Philippines, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines]



[Left photo shows some of the  descendants of KOREAN WAR veterans who attended Daddy Max’s 95th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION on July 29, 2017 at the Officers’ Club, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines where Daddy Max is sandwiched by those lovely dames at the back row, standing, 4th from RIGHT, with black cowboy hat. Photo at right particularly the top photo shows some of the KOREAN WAR veterans who attended the affair. Bottom right photo shows Daddy Max at center standing with the black cowboy hat. UPAA President Ramon M. Maronilla is shown at the bottom right photo, also sporting a black cowboy hat: 2nd from right.]



Thank you for taking time to be present on this occasion in spite of the hazards in traveling to and from the outskirts of Metro-Manila including the stressful episodes of our country’s famous traffic jams.

My birth date is actually TOMORROW, July 30. In order however to attain greater attendance of guests, as on several years back, it was always celebrated on a week-end, a Saturday, where the chances of meeting everybody and all my family and friends become a precise assurance.

I am now 95 years YOUNG. During all those years, I could say that I suffered pitfalls in my life.

There were FIVE (5) of them. First was when I was a lad of SEVEN (7) years old when I suffered some sort of a kidney problem, for which reason, I was treated and cured by an HERBOLARIO. And I was told that the cause of the kidney problem was some kind of “OSOG”, (literally translated in English as a CURSE or an imprecated hex). Second, was when I was in VIETNAM in 1972 where I suffered excessive diarrhea which eventually was diagnosed as some kind of CHOLERA. I was actually told then that I only had 24 hours to live as there was simply no adequate medical facility to treat me quick in VIETNAM while the war was raging. Luckily, I survived and I was rushed back home to the Philippines as I was speedily evacuated to Clark Air Base

In 2003 too, I was operated on and I had to undergo a quintuple HEART BY-PASS operation. And I was lucky that I survived then at age 81 years YOUNG.

On July 27, 2016, the 63rd anniversary of the KOREAN WAR ARMISTICE, I failed to personally receive SOUTH KOREA’s HIGHEST MILITARY DECORATION, the Taegeuk Order of the Military Merit Medal. I was  hospitalized then because of severe FLU.

Last April of this year, I suffered the most severe of my illnesses as I contracted supposedly the most virulent strain of PNEUMONIA. This was considering that I have received an ANTI-PNEUMONIA vaccine which I learned thereafter that such vaccine can only fight off FOUR (4) of SEVEN (7) pneumonia strains. I was told that it was a rare case of SURVIVAL as according to my doctors, because of my age, the chances of survival in such illness involving a virulent pneumonia strain is so NIL.

The American poet Robert Frost said:



And as for me, I wish to thank the doctors that have treated and medically attended to me during the last THREE (3) of my pitfalls, those last illnesses.

I was able to survive those last episodes of illness as I was under the care of the most skilful and excellent doctors  of the UERMMCI (i.e. UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST-RAMON MAGSAYSAY MEDICAL CENTER INC.) most particularly the medical staff headed by Dr. Romy Divinagracia, Dra. Bingbing Co-Hidalgo, Dr. Stephen Medel, Dr. Isagani Rodriguez and Dra. Beth de los Santos.  

And this virtual euphony of doctors’ advices and prescriptions as well as the synergy of all those doctors and medical staff were made possible by my son WILSON who as Vice-Chairman of the UERMMCI Board   has virtually served as UERMMCI’s de facto Administrator.

If Almighty God would allow me to live longer, I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to continuously assist veterans and all the veterans’ descendants, as my reward to them for having gone though a successful career as soldiers. My daily association with some of them has straightened my life, an added ingredient to complete happiness.

To all the members of my family, I’ll watch all your children to grow OLD.

To all my children and loved ones, I know that you are all helping me to live a comfortable life as your reward to me for being or having been born bright by reason of the genes that you have derived or inherited from me.

As I have earlier told you, today is not my actual birthday – it will still be tomorrow – but today is the celebration.

And what a celebration it was. I am reminded of how Atty. Ramon Maronilla, an avid badminton play mate and the current President of the UP Alumni Association, once quipped; and he said that my birthday celebration would sometimes look like a Broadway presentation.

I am sure you must have been  quite moved by the presence of so many family members and friends – a sign that I am truly  loved by many.

Hopefully, however, we do change. Hopefully, as we grow older, we do mature; we do become wiser; we do become more gentle.

I have EIGHT (8) children, TWENTY-SIX (26) grand children, NINE (9) great grandchildren, almost the size of a barangay.

Tonight, I call upon TWO (2) of my granddaughters to co-lead with me in our prayer of thanks, both of whom are studying to become doctors in the future: Whitney Ann Casquejo Young, the daughter of Lenlen and Wilson (Wilson, being my fourth child); and, Wiena Young Reyes, the daughter of Ronnie and Wilma (Wilma being my 6th child and 1st of my 3 daughters):


“Father God, thank you for all the celebration – thank you for all the food that we have eaten, partaken and enjoyed. And thank you too for all that have been  here to be with us – thank you for your goodness and love , in tough times as well as happy times. Thank you for the opportunity to renew and deepen ties of love. These we ask through your Son, Our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. AMEN!”

After this, I was told that we will still have the BIRTHDAY CAKE

This in turn reminds me of the saying that: birthdays are nature’s way of telling us all, TO EAT MORE CAKE’.

Thank you so much to all of you and GOOD EVENING ONCE AGAIN.