[Our birthday celebrant, Veronica Santiago-Resurreccion aka VERO, is shown in this photograph as though enticing her hubby again, Johnjohn, complete with her cherry-red lips, an alluring smile and a display of her cleavage, plus an inviting superficial squint of her eyes. Happy birthday VERO!] 


Bilang syang patnubay mo ay VIRGO1,

Yan ang ZODIAC na senyal sa dulo ng AGOSTO2;

Ikaw ay maingat at mapagmasid sayong KAMALIAN,

Okey yan bilang prinsipal na giya sa iyong  KABUHAYAN!



Ang sabi pa sa HOROSCOPE3, ika’y ROMANTIKO,

Kaya pala ang panganganak mo’y naging TODO-TODO3;

Dapat na rin marahil ang yong pagkakababae’y IKANDADO4

Para maging kawangki ka na rin ng SEKRETARYA5 ko!



Subalit ang HOROSCOPE5a maraming entradang POSITIBO,

LOGICAL ka daw at PRECISE sa kilos MO;

APPRECIATIVE pa rin ang ‘sang tanging TRATO mo,

Kaya tuloy ika’y VERY SOCIABLE kuno!



Magaling ka daw dumiskarte sa mahihirap na SITWASYON,

Kaya pala sa RUBY6; kahit mahirap ang uri ng LIQUIDATION…

Parang mina-mane’7 mo lang sa yong mga AKSYON,

Tuloy nakuha din ang angkop na SOLUSYON!



Ngayong malapit na ang RUBY sa TERMINASYON8,

May bahagi kang malaking nagawa’t


Marahil may MEDALYANG  dapat sayo’y IGAWAD…

Pagagawa tayo sa RECTO9, pero hindi ito HUWAD!



Ang CHINESE ZODIAC sign mo pala’y KUNEHO10,

Kaya pala sa pagkilos, singbilis mo parang TUMATAKBO…

Very FLEXIBLE ka rin daw sa yong mga KILOS,

You never give up until the JOB is TAPOS!



Sa kaarawan mong ito Ms. VERONICA,

Habang ang MEDALYA ay pagtatalunan PA;

Bibigyan ka namin muna ng isang payak na PARANGAL…

Pwede na siguro ang TANSAN11 at ‘sang supot na PAN DE SAL12!



[VERO takes a SELFIE of herself with her lovable THREE (3) kids still warming it up in bed, in one weekend morning.]




[Legend: 1 – Ms. VERONICA SANTIAGO-RESURRECCION aka VERO is the Administrative Assistant to the court-appointed Liquidator in the liquidation proceedings of RUBY INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION (“RUBY”) and that her ZODIAC sign which governs her is VIRGO being born on August 31, 1975.

2 – AGOSTO is the Tagalog term for the month of August and that Vero’s birthday is the 31st of August; the end of August. “DULO” is Tagalog term for END.

3 – Vero has given birth to a succession  of THREE (3) children after her marriage to her long-time suitor and present husband, Johnjohn Resurreccion.TODO-TODO is Tagalog slang for “maximum” or “almost the maximum” in the case of Vero.

4 – KANDADO is a jocular reference to TUBAL LIGATION as a way of espousing a pitch for FAMILY PLANNING.

5 – SEKRETARYA refers to our Secretary at the Law Office, Ms. Romelyn “Ella” Hadap, who has undergone TUBAL LIGATION herself, as like Vero, Ella seems to be ROMANTIC too.

5a – HOROSCOPE – the positive traits of those born on August 31, 1975 can be accessed by encoding at GOOGLE the birthdate. Those positive traits could be accessed at at

6 –  RUBY is the RUBY INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is a corporate entity which has been declared by the Supreme Court for LIQUIDATION proceedings in 2012. Vero has been involved with RUBY since 1998 when she was employed as Administrative Assistant by the Management Committee of RUBY while it was still under a state of suspension of payments. Thereafter, Vero was employed in 2013 as Administrative Assistant by the court-appointed Liquidator of RUBY.

7 – MINA-MANE is a Tagalog slang which means doing a job or a task or a chore in a so seemingly easy manner.

8 – TERMINASYON – The RUBY case is nearing its FINAL TERMINATION as it started as a petition for suspension of payments since December 1983 and that a searing adversarial atmosphere emerged after the two (2) groups of stockholders both with Chinese ancestry got embroiled in an intractable and unwieldy conflict with the likes of Washington Sycip serving as mediator to no avail. Eventually, after over 30 years of a hotly-contested litigation, the principal parties finally saw that the best solution would be to very the hatchet and put an end to this decades-old conflict. A memo of agreement which contained the terms of a compromise was signed by the principal parties on August 15, 2017.

9 – RECTO is a reference to a place in Manila where diplomas, certificates, and other valuable government issuances could be “FAKED” or IMITATED for a FEE. At certain times, the ‘imitation” would even look more ORIGINAL than the actual ORIGINAL…he,he,he…

10 – KUNEHO is Tagalog term for RABBIT, the Chinese zodiac sign for those born on August 31, 1975.

11 – TANSAN refers playfully to SOFTDRINKS as softdrinks would usually and as has been customarily known before, as sporting a crown-corked cap, which in the vernacular is known as TANSAN.

12 – PAN DE SAL is the usual BREAD, the customary food as the Filipino’s daily table fare at breakfast or snacks.]





















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