[Birthday celebrant MERCY is shown here with Daddy MAX both of them in cowboy attire during the 95th birthday celebration of Daddy MAX’s WILD WEST HOEDOWN held in the evening of July 29, 2017 (a Saturday) at the Officers’ Club in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, Metro-Manila. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERZ!!!!]

Per your HOROSCOPE sign1 you’re a LEO person,

You’re deemed HECTIC and people-oriented like a PARSON2;

That’s why perhaps you’ve been engrossed in affairs of the CHURCH3,

You exude much ENERGY as though a SOLDIER in a MARCH4!

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You’re also deemed as counting on your inner STRENGHT,

Your inner GUIDANCE it seems is yours too, at LENGTH;

You’re destined to earnestly look for your MISSION,

That’s perhaps your long-time aim and INNER VISION!

Leo Woman: Personality Traits, Career, Love, Relationships & More


You are described as truly METHODICAL,

You’re also WORDY that’s what makes it SENSICAL…

You’re also pictured as a bit TACTFUL,

And you’re described as COOPERATIVE by  lots of PEOPLE!


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Your CHINESE ZODIAC sign is that of a RABBIT5,

And as an ELEGANT person, it seems to be your HABIT…

You’re considered too as genuinely FRIENDLY,

That’s a general trait of a RABBIT, so very APTLY!


♌ Leo Traits, Personality And Characteristics  

You’re possessed too with ANALYTICAL SKILLS,

That’s on THE HOROSCOPE. CO6 too; with NO FRILLS7

You could often play the role of a PEACEMAKER, with FLOURISH…

Perhaps, you could serve as



Chinese Zodiac Rabbit | Year of the Rabbit | Chinese Zodiac Signs Meanings 

Famous persons who were born in the RABBIT YEAR,

FRANK SINATRA10 and WHITNEY HOUSTON11; they’re both so DEAR!

Your voice perhaps could really be IMPROVED…

We’ll get DONDI ONG’s12 service, that’s much BEHOOVED13!

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit | Year of the Rabbit | Funny Horoscopes & Funny  Zodiac Signs 


On your natal day, which is a HOLIDAY…

We ought to supplicate to GOD and PRAY;

To give you long life and good health…

For you’ve been deemed as Daddy Max’s precious WEALTH14!



[Mercy is shown here with her WONDERFUL  and so CONTAGIOUS smile.] 




[Legend:1–This site, offers a lot of descriptive traits of a person born on August 19, 1951 particularly one’s horoscope. It also provides the corresponding ZODIAC sign as well as the CHINESE ZODIAC Animal sign.
2 – PARSON means a priest or a preacher or a cleric.
3 – CHURCH means the Roman Catholic Church as Mercy is a weekly presence at the masses (serving as commentator) being held at the SM Megamall and also at the EDSA Shrine Church.
4 – The sight of SOLDIERS marching is a sight of a FULLY ENERGETIC, ALERT and VIGOROUS aggrupation of uniformed able-bodied men standing straight with a very snappy gait.
5 – Those personalities born on August 18, 1951 are guided/governed by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of the RABBIT.
6 – The HOROSCOPE.CO is that website where upon encoding one’s birth date you get easy access to the horoscope as well as the customary traits of the personality whose birth date is encoded into it.
7 – “NO FRILLS” mean no exaggeration.
8 – ANDY jocularly refers to COMELEC Chair Andy Bautista who is presently embroiled in a domestic spat with his wife, and which spat has however grown into immense proportion involving POLITICS, BILLIONS of pesos, hints of SADO-MASOCHISTIC sex-tendencies (i.e. with the whiplash and handcuffs found inside Chair Andy’s vault)   and supposed UNFAITHFULNESS.
9 – On the other hand, TRISH refers to COMELEC Chair Andy Bautista’s wife, PATRICIA CRUZ BAUTISTA aka TRISH.
10 – FRANK SINATRA was born on December 12, 1915; a RABBIT year.
11 – WHITNEY HOUSTON was born on August 9, 1963; similarly a RABBIT year.
12 – DONDI ONG is a Filipino tenor who graduated from the University of the Philippines-College of Music and who  shared his excitement among Filipino music lovers as the only Filipino in the cast of the hit musical “Phantom Of The Opera”. Dondi is a usual guest at Daddy Max’s yearly birthday celebrations starting when Dondi trained Daddy Max to belt out songs during Daddy Max’s 2015 birthday celebration at age 93.
13 – “That’s much BEHOOVED” would mean that such plan for Mercy to take voice lessons under Dondi Ong’s tutelage, would be most WELCOME and so very SUITABLE.
14 – WEALTH is a treasure and Mercy is considered as Daddy Max’s precious treasure.]

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