[At left photo is the FRONT ACT of ALLIANCE Dance number in the 2017 WHHI; while at right photo is the LEGIT STATUS-VARSITY Team, also moving up to the FINALS.]

[Above are the signage/logo designs used by both the LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE Fund-Raising Dance Concerts which happened in July 2017 at the HENRY IRWIN Theater at the ATENEO. LET’s PRAY FOR EITHER OR BOTH TEAMS TO BRING HOME THE BACON…whether GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE!!!!]


Ang tanong sa akin ni SONNY1 na WATCHER,

“Sir,kanino kayo MAG-CHE-CHEER?”;

“Pareho kasi Sir na pumasok sa FINAL ROUND…”

“LEGIT STATUS pati na ang ALLIANCE, na naging pang-SECOND2!”



Mukhang may kapilyuhan itong si SONNY,

Asawa ito ng DANCE STUDIO3 clerk na si JERLY3a;

Gusto nya akong pumili sa DALAWA4,

Malapit sa PUSO ko ang bawat ISA!



Ang LEGIT Coach ay aking MANUGANG5,


Asawa si VIMs7 ni Shayna na aking PANGANAY8,

Sa pagpili ako’y tiyak na MANGANGALAY9!




BF ito ng anak kong si CHESKA

na syang PANGATLO11;

Bagamat mas bagong tatag ang ALLIANCE,

Parehong TEAMS tunay na magaling mag-DANCE!



Syempre may mga TRADE SECRETS12 yan SILA,

CHOREO nila dapat ay di MAKIKITA;

Kaya nga ang PRACTICE SESSIONs nila,




Pero ang mas IMPORTANTE sa LAHAT,

At sa paghayag na ito ako’y DI-PAAAWAT;

Ang BANSA natin ang magkakaroon ng PARANGAL14,

JOVY15 at LITO16 huwag na kayong UMANGAL!




[At left photo-Jayjay Gustilo San Juan, ALLIANCE Head Coach is shown waving the Philippine flag in the march of participants in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST. At right photo- the whole CABOODLE of the LEGIT STATUS TEAM posing for a group picture after the FUND-RAISING DANCE CONCERT on July 22, 2017 at the IRWIN THEATER at the ATENEO.] 





[Legend: 1 – SONNY is SONNY ORTILLADA who is the husband of the stay-in clerk at the GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO (“GC”) which my daughters SHAYNA and CHESKA co-manage. SONNY would serve as CAR WATCHER and even as the PARKING ATTENDANT at the parking area of the GC.
2 – In the ranking of the MEGACREW DIVISION teams after the SEMI-FINALS, ALLIANCE placed SECOND with the D’ REPUBLIK and UPEEPZ tied on FIRST PLACE and LEGIT STATUS on THIRD. It turned out that ALLIANCE prepared a SECOND CHOREOGRAPHY for the SEMI-FINALS, for which reason their rank moved up from 6th to 2nd.
3 – DANCE STUDIO refers to the GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO located at No. 104 13th Avenue, Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines; which is being co-managed by my daughters Shayna and Cheska.
4 – JERLY is JERLY ORTILLADA, the stay-in admin clerk at the GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO and the wife of SONNY ORTILLADA.
5 – MANUGANG is Tagalog term for SON-IN-LAW.
6 – VIMI aka VICENTE MIGUEL RIVERA, my son-in-law and husband of Shayna is the FRANCHISE HOLDER of another Olympics-type HIPHOP International Dance Competition [known as the WORLD OF DANCE (“WOD”)]  and the recent 2017 WOD just happened in July 22-27,2017 in Los Angeles, USA.
7 –  VIMs is abbreviation for VIMI.
8 – PANGANAY is Tagalog term for the ELDEST CHILD.
9 – MANGANGALAY is a Filipino term which denotes TIREDNESS to the EXTREME and I would perceive that if I will be literally choosing from any one of the teams (i.e. LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE) my arms would be hanging in the air so tired without definitively deciding on which team to point to or choose. As always, I will certainly CHEER for BOTH the LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE Teams. The term MANGANGALAY was used also to achieve a RHYME with “PANGANAY”.
10 – JAYJAY’s full name is actually JAN JULIENNE GUSTILO SAN JUAN. The middle name GUSTILO was used to achieve a RHYME.
11 – PANGATLO means the THIRD, as CHESKA is our THIRD CHILD in a brood of FOUR (4) CHILDREN.
12 – Actually, the HIPHOP Team’s TRADE SECRET is the very CHOREOGRAPHY of their DANCE NUMBER, and that it is actually unraveled only at CONTEST NIGHT or on the day of the CONTEST. They actually do rehearsals almost in SECRET or in ISOLATION.
13 – The BADMINTON COURT near my office which features a wooden-floored hall consisting of the size of TWO (2) badminton courts serves as the ALTERNATE practice venue for the LEGIT STATUS and ALLIANCE Teams with LEGIT STATUS doing it on a T-TH sked and ALLIANCE on a M-W-F sked. LEGIT STATUS would so their Saturday run at the GC Dance Studio.
14 – PARANGAL is Tagalog term for HONOR.
15 – Jovy is Atty. Jovito Gambol who is my long-time partner in the Law Office, while Lito aka Enreque D. Lutuc is one of our Paralegal Assistants. Jovy and Lito are one in their political beliefs and I, together with another of my lawyer-partner, Jun Revilla; would always be adverse to their (i.e. Jovy and Lito) political beliefs such as for example their (i.e. Jovy and Lito) anti-Duterte sway as against our (i.e. me and Jun) Duterte-leaning postures. Thus, almost always, we will be engaged in some friendly debate where it would seem that we are always in adversarial positions almost everytime particularly about Pres. DUTERTE [and they (Jovy and Lito) would almost always feel that a proud moment for the Philippines under DU30 is a NO-NO..…he,he,he…]






















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