[Here’s a photo showing Brod OMY aka ROMEO ROLL MATIAS with his BELOVED WIFE, SALLY. The photo showing the LOVEY-DOVEY couple was snapped perhaps sometime in the 70s. Brod OMY together with his BELOVED SALLY donated a satisfying amount in support of my daughters’ quest to bag the GOLD at the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST in Phoenix, Arizona on August 7-12, 2017.]  





He’s SPRY like SUPERMAN2 who hates to be near  KRYPTON3;

But with BROD OMY who indeed is SPRY and SPRIGHTLY,

He wants to be with his BRODS, so feeling HEAVENLY4





As I was reminded that Brod OMY was neophyte under my TERM5,

Felt elated that he got inspired with my GERM6;

Though were not so very much APLENTY and was then DIMINISHING,

Through some maneuvering I made it appear that the PI O was TEEMING7!





Brod OMY indeed honed up his LEADERSHIP KNACK,

He ascended as G.O. as I thereafter PACKED8;

Was a working student then at UP College of LAW,

And the daily recitations got stuck in my CRAW9!




After graduating from UP-Diliman in  ’74, a year after ’73,


He eventually became one of the YOUNGEST VEEPs11,

In a trek through the ladder11a as though working for KEEPS12!




When Brod OMY became PI O’s National PREXY13,

His HOBART Home became as though a PAD, so COZY14;

Resident brods would come in and GO and BACK —

At times going direct to the FRIDGE15 as though in a “FOOD-ATTACK”16!



As a LIBRA person based on your ZODIAC sign17,

You feel so “charged up” when socializing with your KIND17a;

You’re truly so very ENERGETIC,

You take INITIATIVE  often, that’s FANTASTIC!


libra-man-traits 2 



You’re BRIGHT and HIGH-SPIRITED that’s not FALSO19;

You could check that by GOOGLING your birth DATE;

Thence, you’d realized that I’m not cracking up a JAPE20!





As a DRAGON person, you’re so NOBLE and LOYAL21

You put value in relationship, that’s a tip to your MAHAL22

It’s now a virtual insurance unto SALLY, your gracious WIFE,

You’ll never be PERFIDIOUS until the end of your LIFE!



[Brod OMY aka ROMEO ROLL MATIAS is shown in a reflective mood in this photo, in a similarly  leisure manner of whiling away the time at his HOBART-COMMONWEALTH Home in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.]  







[Legend: 1 –  Brod Omy aka Romeo Roll Matias reigned as PI OMICRON’s National President from 2005 up to 2009, actually 2 and a half terms. And he was the last to serve as National Prexy as the next highest officer to be elected was President of PI OMICRON INTERNATIONAL, in the person  of Brod Dickson Hermoso.

2 – The reference to Brod Omy’s being “SPRY like SUPERMAN” is not with respect to any kind of “super powers” but his being so active and energetic with respect to PI OMICRON FRATERNITY affairs.

3 – KRYPTON refers to the KRYPTONITE rock which in the SUPERMAN comic book series is some kind of bane upon SUPERMAN as it sorts of weakens SUPERMAN when said rock is brought near him. Actually, KRYPTON is supposed to be the planet where KRYPTONITE could be found. Just as to achieve a rhyme, KYPYTON is herein used instead of KRYPTONITE.

4 – On the other hand, while SUPERMAN hates KRYPTON, Brod Omy loves to be with his PI OMICRON FRATERNITY brods and that such closeness and socialization with his brods sort of strengthens and delights him so much.

5 – Brod OMY entered the PI OMICRON Frat during my term in School Year 1971-1972.

6 – GERM is used in this BLOG in the concept of an IDEA or PLAN, such as a GERM of an IDEA. Actually GERM also means the origin of an idea or project.

7 – TEEMING- At that time when I served as Grand Omicron of the UP Pi Omicron Fraternity, the frat did not have so many members. Thus, I went into producing plays for showing at the Nicanor Abelardo Hall thereby making out and projecting an image and/or appearance that the fraternity was then teeming with resident members. It is because in those ventures of play-production, one would really need not just a couple but many aids, helpers and hands.

8 – PACKED – Brod Omy was my Vice Grand Omicron when I served my second term as Grand Omicron anew in 1974-1975, I thereafter realized that as a working student, I cannot efficiently serve as the head of my fraternity. Thus, I literally had to pack up and turn over the rein unto Brod Omy as the new Grand Omicron to serve the remaining year of my term.

9 – CRAW actually is another term for stomach. And that my initial year at the UP Law made me realize that I really have to devote all my waking hours to my law schooling and this thought virtually brought “butterflies into my stomach” as I became so wary and nervous  that a failure in one subject at UP Law, even for once, could put an end into my dream to become a lawyer. For which reason, I abdicated and turned over the leadership to Brod Omy Matias aka Romeo Roll Matias.

10 – An ECLECTIC ENGINEERING DEGREE would mean a comprehensive and extensive course towards a diploma in a degree on Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

11 – At age 29, Brod Omy was designated Vice-President of C. M. Calayan Enterprises a business firm which was engaged in trading and constructing. Eventually, Brod Omy became an executive officer in various business firms such as: FEMSCO, Inc.; INPHIL Marketing; STRATCOM Inc.; and, thereafter at DIVISION 16, which is a subsidiary of a U.S. company known as SQUARE “D” Company which required his crossposting in the U.S.A. Finally, in 1995; Brod Omy was designated as President of NOVEAU DEVELOPMENT CORP. In 1996 Brod Omy enrolled in the masteral program in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in UP. However, as he was crossposted to the U.S.A., his dream of acquiring a masteral degree in the footsteps of his IDOL and our frat brod, topnotch US geologist, GEORGE BACUTA; was thereafter stymied.

12 – Brod Omy was working as though “FOR KEEPS”, meaning giving it all, a sign of his DRAGON nature of being a NOBLE, LOYAL, STRONG and DETERMINED person.

13 – Brod Omy became PI OMICRON’s National Prexy starting in 1995.

14 – It turned out that the fraternity brods especially the resident brods deemed Brod Omy’s Hobart-Commonwealth home as their second home, so cozy, so comfortable and so welcoming.

15 – FRIDGE is colloquial term for REFRIGERATOR.

16 – FOOD ATTACK, as though Brod Omy’s home was their home, Brod Omy’s FRIDGE became the subject of frequent FOOD-ATTACKS.

17 – Being born on October  5, 1952; Brod Omy is guided by the Libra ZODIAC sign.

17a – Brod OMY told me that he always feels so happy, so at ease and so comfortable when he is in the company of his fraternity brods in the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY, true personalities of his KIND. 

18 – The HOROSCOPE.CO is an INTERNET website which gives a run-down of one’s horoscope and personality traits via personality descriptors via encoding one’s birth date in GOOGLE.

19 – FALSO is Spanish term for FALSE.

20 – JAPE means JOKE.

21 – Being born on October 5, 1952; Brod Omy is guided by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of the DRAGON.

22 – MAHAL is Filipino/Tagalog term which means BELOVED or LOVED ONE, of course of Brod Omy… which translates to no other than SALLY, the wife of Brod Omy and his ONE and ONLY BELOVED ]


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