[Photo above shows the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT, Brod RENE TARUC, with the love of his life, Brod Rene’s gracious wife TESS PAZ;  while dining at the cafe located at the ground floor of the  BRENTWOOD SUITES in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines. Brod RENE, for and in behalf of the San Sebastian College – PI O Chapter, pitched-in and donated a wholesome amount for the quest of my daughters to BAG the GOLD in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST in Phoenix, Arizona on August 7-12, 2017. THANK YOU BROD RENE!]


He was the FOUNDER of the  PI OMICRON Chapter in BASTE, MANILA1

That’s among the illustrious COLLEGES


Though he started COLLEGE in UP Diliman3

It could be that for PI O, BASTE needs a MAN4!



He’s truly JOLLY and a true-blue RACONTEUR5,

He tells funny stories with gestures like an ACTEUR6;

And his way of LAUGHING is amazingly PECULIAR7,

The CONTAGION8 indeed is somewhat SURREAL9!



His leadership QUALITIES is beyond QUESTION,

‘Tis a feather in his cap, the BASTE organization—

It speaks not only of his leadership but his diplomatic SKILLS,

His persuasive talent would outdo all the SHILLS10!



He’s one of the best MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER —

In the whole of the PI O and  even the smallest CHAPTER;

He could surely sell a FRIDGE11 to an ALASKAN11a,

And even sell robes and raiments inside a NUDIST CAMP12!



Though not an ALASKAN, he’s good at ALASKAHAN13,

And don’t get me wrong, he’s not a habitué14 in a BUFF CAMP15;

For he is religiously MORAL and is GOD-FEARING…

Am sure if taken to a BUFF Camp, he’d be CRINGING15a!



Being born under the LEO sign16,

He’s possessed of mysterious charisma; that’s so BENIGN…

And possessed too with GREAT WILLPOWER,

That’s the reason why he COMMANDS respect like a TOWER!



The CHINESE Zodiac sign of HORSE17 is HIS,

That’s why he’s HONEST and  OPEN-MINDED …he TRULY IS;

Brod RENE indeed has carved a NICHE,







[Legend: 1 –  BASTE-MANILA is the San Sebastian College of Manila located along C.M. Recto Avenue.

2 – AZCARRAGA actually known as Paseo de Azcarraga is the former name of C.M. Recto Avenue.

3 – Brod Rene Taruc actually started his collegiate studies in UP – Diliman but eventually graduated in San Sebastian College in 1977.

4 – It could have been a case of serendipity, as during that time when Brod Rene transferred to San Sebastian College, there was no formally extant PI OMICRON Chapter thereat. Earlier however, there were efforts waged to put a PI OMICRON chapter through the orchestration of the late Brod Pete de los Santos and Jessie Loanzon. However, that original group did not survive long enough. Eventually Brod Rene turned out to be the MAN that would excellently organize a self-sustaining PI OMICRON chapter thereat.

5 – RACONTEUR  is a person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way.

6 – ACTEUR is a French word which means ACTOR.

7 – When you hear Brod Rene Taruc laugh, you will laugh all the louder yourself principally as his manner of laughing is contagious.

8 – CONTAGION is used in the BLOG to mean as a  rapid spread of an influence, practice or actuation.

9 – SURREAL is used in this BLOG to simply mean UNUSUAL and not the customary meaning of BIZARRE.

10 – A SHILL is a swindler who is possessed with extraordinary skills in persuasion and enticement. The reference is here made unto the skill of persuasion ONLY but not with respect to a SHILL’s evil ways.

11 – FRIDGE is used in this BLOG as an abbreviation for a REFRIGERATOR.

11a –  An ALASKAN is an inhabitant of ALASKA. And, a joke has been going around that if one can persuade an Alaskan to buy a refrigerator that person has excellent persuasive skills as a salesman.

12 – The reference to a NUDIST CAMP is just to stress the persuasive skills of Brod Rene; that if doing business in a NUDIST CAMP, he can surely persuade those in the BUFF to but robes and raiments to clothe them.

13 – ALASKAHAN is a Filipino slang which means TAUNTING, or a skein of JOKING and TEASING.

14 – HABITUE means a resident of or frequent visitor to a particular place.

15 – BUFF CAMP is another term for a NUDIST CAMP.

15a – Brod Rene being a religious moralist would perhaps be shocked, awed and could eventually cringe all the more from those nudist advocates even with a guilty-conscience.

16 – Being born on August 5, 1954; Brod Rene is guided by the Leo ZODIAC sign.

17 – Being born on August 5, 1954; Brod Rene is guided by the CHINESE ZODIAC sign of the HORSE.

18 – NATCON refers to the planned/scheduled 3rd National Convention of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY which will be held on December 15-17, 2017 in Legaspi City in Albay.

19 – BEWITCHED is used in this BLOG to mean as FASCINATED, as I will fervently and strongly propose unto the Board of the PIOAAII to awards brods like Brod Rene Taruc who has initiated the organization of chapters of the PI OMICRON Fraternity.]


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