[Photo shows the PALSY-WALSY (i.e. another term for LOVEY-DOVEY) tandem of husband and wife, MANONG ERNIE and MANANG LOURDES photographed in a very romantic setting near the sea during the CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL in Washinton, DC.]



Salamat po sa tandem na MAG-SING-IBIG,

I’ve done a research and your names are really BIG!

ATIENZA means “child of the intelligent”,

While NAVASCA means, “a mind so RICH and DEEP”!




Kaya marahil ang mga supling ninyo,

Pulos INTELIHENTE at mistulang mga HENYO;

Si ERNIE1 nama’y di-patatalo,

Darating ang araw sasaludo ang  MUNDO1a!




Bagamat si Manang LOURDES2 ang dating ka-BARANGAY3 ko,

Si ERNIE nama’y madaling naging aking karancho3a;

Masayang pagkikita noon sa SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA4,

Tunay na sa IGNYTA5, siya ay LUMINARYA6!




Totoong ako’y nabighani sa aking NARINIG,

Si ERNIE ay kabilang sa mga NAG-RE-RESEARCH7 ng buong TITIG;

Upang ang sakit na CANCER ay tuluyang MAPAWI,

Kapag nagkataon, lahat ng CANCER PATIENTS ay ipapauwi8!



Thank you sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER9 ni ALEE,

Maraming tulong po… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Sana’y ipagdasal din po nang  MARUBDOB,

Upang siguradong maiuwi nila ang GOLD10!


ernie-atienza-family[A family photo of the ATIENZA home in their San Diego, California abode which was snapped/photographed in December 2015 . Seen in this photo are Manong ERNIE and Manang LOURDES with their daughters Laurie Ann and Astrid.] 




[Legend: 1 – ERNIE is Ernesto Atienza, the endearing and jolly husband of Manang LOURDES NAVASCA ATIENZA. Eventually, when ERNIE and his team finally produces a cure for CANCER, the whole world will salute ERNIE, his team members and the company were they are presently working.
2 – Manang LOURDES is LOURDES NAVASCA-ATIENZA who when her family was here in the Philippines is my barangay-mate. Barangay is the smallest political unit in the Philippines, just like districts in a town.
3 – We lived in the same BARANGAY known as BARANGAY SAN ROQUE in Cubao, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines.
3a – KARANCHO is a Filipino slang, which means FRIEND. The term KARANCHO is derived from the English phrase: “OF THE SAME RANCH” or “BELONGING TO THE SAME RANCH”.
4 – We, me and my Daddy Max, went to San Diego, California in August 2015 to ROOT and CHEER for the LEGIT STATUS Team where my three (3) daughters were members of the compete- team.  The venue then of the 2015 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST was at the Harrah’s Resort in San Diego, California.
5 – IGNYTA, INC. is a precision oncology biotechnology company founded in 2011 and based in San Diego, California which is engaged in discovering, in-licensing or acquiring, developing, and commercializing molecularly targeted therapies for eradicating residual diseases. At IGNYTA, Ernie is the Senior Clinical laboratory Scientist. The company’s mission is to fight cancer – a formidable opponent that manifests as thousands of different molecularly defined diseases and takes away millions of lives globally, every year. In this fight, IGNYTA’s vision is not just to shrink tumors but to eradicate residual disease – the source of cancer relapse and recurrence – in precisely defined patient populations by 2030.
6 –  I consider ERNIE as a LUMINARY (LUMINARYA being a rough Tagalog equivalent of the term LUMINARY), being a person  who inspires or influences others, and one especially so prominent in a particular sphere. During my talks with ERNIE, I could feel his firm resolve to finally produce/invent a cure for the scourge that is CANCER. And ERNIE has been contributing much of his knowledge and skills to fast-track this route towards a much-awaited CANCER cure.
7 – ERNIE is a member of the team at IGNYTA, INC. and ERNIE is much focused on a continuing research and laboratory work to finally produce a CANCER cure.
8 – In the event this CANCER cure becomes commercially available, I am sure by then almost all cancer patients will be sent home/brought home happily and will be medicated and treated simply via home care.
9 – FUNDRAISER – My youngest daughter Ma. Winnalee “Alee” E. Young put up a FUNDRAISER at GENEROSITY.COM in support of the quest for GOLD at the 2017 WHHI* of TWO (2) PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS which are closest to my heart, the LEGIT STATUS TEAM where Alee is a compete-team member and where my eldest daughter Shayna, is Team Manager (while the coach Vimi Rivera is my son-in-law, being Shayna’s hubby) and the ALLIANCE TEAM where my other daughter Cheska is compete-team member and Team Manager (while the coach Jayjay San Juan is Cheska’s BF).
10 – The LEGIT STATUS and the ALLIANCE Teams are both aspiring to bring home the GOLD in the 2017 WHHI which is acronym for WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION to be held on August 7-12, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona specifically at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa.]
























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