[IDOL JOE is shown at the left photo cradling his “TOYS” (his cute and lively grandkids) which have undoubtedly brought much happiness into the Michigan Home of the CAMANOs. At right photo is the lovey-dovey tandem of Madame GLO aka GLORIA VERAYO CAMANO and my IDOL, JOSE CAMANO.] 


Salamat sa magkasuyong tambalan,

Ang IDOL kong si Joe1 at ang kanyang kamahalan;

DIREKTOR ng NURSING sa Michigan,

Si Gloria Camano2 po ang totoong SANDIGAN…



Sandigan ng maraming nais pang mabuhay,

Siyempre ASSISTED LIVING3 iyan po ay HAYAHAY;

Kaya pati ang IDOL kong si JOE CAMANO,

Hayahay na ang buhay, may laruang pang mga APO!



Thank you sa suporta sa FUNDRAISER4 ni ALEE,

Maraming tulong po… and the dancers will be in GLEE…

Sana’y ipagdasal din po nang  MARUBDOB,

Upang siguradong maiuwi nila ang GOLD5!



Bagamat di pinayagan ang aking DADDY MAX6,

Marahil ma-reschedule kapag weather ay RELAXED7

Kaya aking IDOL JOE mag-praktis ka ng mabuti…

We’ll  play some BADMINTON, ‘tis Daddy Max’s CUP OF TEA!


 [Here is another photo of IDOL JOE with a female APO (i.e. grandkid). The smile on the face of the IDOL JOE  is quite telling/revealing. I guess this APO is IDOL JOE’s favorite.]

Salamat Madame GLO; salamat IDOL JOE!!!!



[Legend: 1 – JOE is my IDOL and FRIEND, Jose “Joe” Camano. Joe was my classmate at the UP College of Law. He exhibited much pluck, audacity and temerity when he virtually engaged our Law Professor in Criminal Law, the late Prof. Bienvenido Ambion, to a debate in class. I would say that Joe got the upper hand in the verbal tussle as Prof. Ambion eventually resorted into argumentum ad hominem, when Prof. Ambion labeled Joe as a mere “upstart”.
 2 – Gloria Camano is GLORIA VERAYO CAMANO, Joe’s gracious better half.
3 – Gloria Camano is the Director of Nursing at the FOUR SEASONS NURSING CENTER located in 8365 N. Newburgh Road, Westland, Michigan 48185-1196 and which operates under the auspices of the MICHIGAN CENTER FOR ASSISTED LIVING. GLORIA indeed is SANDIGAN for most of those patients/clients at the FOUR SEASONS NURSING CENTER. SANDIGAN is a Tagalog word which roughly translated to ENGLISH, is a person unto whom others rely for HELP.
4 – FUNDRAISER – My youngest daughter Ma. Winnalee “Alee” E. Young put up a FUNDRAISER at GENEROSITY.COM in support of the quest for GOLD at the 2017 WHHI* of TWO (2) PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS which are closest to my heart, the LEGIT STATUS TEAM where Alee is a compete-team member and where my eldest daughter Shayna, is Team Manager (while the coach Vimi Rivera is my son-in-law, being Shayna’s hubby) and the ALLIANCE TEAM where my other daughter Cheska is compete-team member and Team Manager (while the coach Jayjay San Juan is Cheska’s BF).
5 – The LEGIT STATUS and the ALLIANCE Teams are both aspiring to bring home the GOLD in the 2017 WHHI which is acronym for WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION to be held on August 7-12, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona specifically at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa.
6 –  Daddy Max and I together with my stepmom Mercy, were supposed to travel to the U.S.A. to root and cheer for the TWO (2) PHILIPPINE HIPHOP TEAMS at the 2017 WHHI, and with a planned side trip to Michigan, to visit IDOL JOE.
7 – Because of the oppressive heat being experienced nowadays in Phoenix, Arizona; Daddy Max was not give the GREEN LIGHT by his doctors to travel. We will try to make good that promise to IDOL JOE when the weather has turned a bit RELAXED and not with the sweltering heat of Phoenix’s noon day sun.]

















  1. Idol, I have yet to make personal contacts to my other kins for the donations. And I hope some friends chip in too. Let me do some personal persuasions.

    BTW, assisted living here has a different meaning. This one is a low-scale senior citizens’ home no more than 5 people at a time. Glo is working in two complex with about 200 senior citizens– it is semi-hospital in nature, with dialysis center, therapy center, activity center, dietary section, admin director and nursing director about 30 nurses and 30 LPNs.

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