[Dr. ALEJANDRO TAN aka Doc Andy Tan is shown in this photo posing for a group picture during the OATH TAKING ceremony of the ASPAC officers for School Year 2016-2017 on Septemebr 17, 2016 at the LEONG Hall, ATENEO. Doc Andy Tan is sandwiched by Atty. Marylou Duka-Castillo (AT LEFT),  current member of the Board of Directors of ASPAC and Ms. Pinky Chan (AT RIGHT), a member of the ASPAC and a former member of an ASPAC standing committee.]


Noong nakaraang Domingo1, “I was so much EXCITED” —

Buong akala ko’y… “I will have much EXPECTED”;

Si Maritess Cordero2 binigyan ko ng TATLO3,

Akala ko pa nama’y tunay ko syang KATOTO4!




Kaya, en punto alas-singko y MEDYA5

Ako’y panay pa-ESKI-ESKIYERDA6,

Panay ang labas ko mula sa IRWIN7,

Baka ASPAC8 parents ay maging MATAMPUHIN!


Mabuti nga’t dumalo itong si Doc ANDY9,

Kasama pa nga nya ang anak na si ANDREI10;

Kung nagkataon at si NETTE11 lang dumating,

Naku itong si CINDY12 may malisyosang PARATING13!


Buong akala ko darating ang badminton partner ko14,

At sabi pa nga ni EMILY15, dala nya ang kanyang CHICO16;

Naku panay pa rin ang labas ko mula sa TEATRO,

Kahit na nga nag-umpisa na ang HIPHOP dancers ko…


Subalit si Doc ANDY ay napa-WOW talaga,

Sa galing ng steps ni ALEE17 pati na itong si SHAYNA18;

Nag-dancing din si VIMI19 na kanilang COACH…

Kaya tuloy si NETTE nag ala-FREDDIE ROACH20!



Subalit kong ang mga KATOTO ko sa ASPAC…

Talagang susuporta sa mga anak ko nang SWAK…

Meron pa namang DANCE CONCERT ang ALLIANCE21

Ngayong BIYERNES22 at sa susunod na DALLIANCE23!

doc-andy-rostrum[Doc Andy Tan is shown in this photo speaking from the rostrum during the same OATH TAKING ceremony at the LEONG Hall on September 17, 2016.]  






[Legend: 1 – DOMINGO is Spanish term for Sunday. Well, last Sunday (July 16, 2017), the LEGIT STATUS Dance Team held its 2nd FUNDRAISING DANCE concert at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater at the ATENEO. The first FUNDRAISING DANCE concert was held on Saturday, July 15, 2017.
 2 – Ms. Maritess Cordero is a member of the Board of Directors of the ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL more popularly known by its acronym ASPAC. I actually requested her to sell the Legit Status dance concert tickets during the July 15, 2017. And as there were THREE (3) tickets left after she rounded up the parents who attended the July 15, 2017 ASPAC meeting, I entrusted the 3 tickets to Ms. Maritess for her and for her kids. But Ms. Maritess got entangled with a more important engagement last Sunday evening (i.e. July 26, 2017), for which reason Ms. Maritess was unable to attend  the 2nd FUNDRAISING DANCE concert at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater at the ATENEO.
3 – TATLO refers to the THREE (3) remaining tickets for the 2nd FUNDRAISING DANCE concert at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater at the ATENEO, which I entrusted to Ms. Maritess, after Ms. Maritess diligently went into the motion of selling the tickets before the start of the ASPAC Board meeting on July 15, 2017.
4 – KATOTO is a Tagalog word which means FRIEND.
5 – 5:30 PM was supposedly the appointed time on July 16, 2017 when the ASPAC parents, per Doc Andy Tan’s request, would converge in front of the Henry Lee Irwin Theater to facilitate their convenient entrance into the theater hall.
6 –  ISKIYERDA is a Filipino slang which means to leave a particular place or get out of a venue.
7 – IRWIN is the Henry Lee Irwin Theater of the ATENEO.
8 – ASPAC is the ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL more popularly known by its acronym ASPAC.
9 – Doc ANDY is Dr. ALEJANDRO TAN, the incumbent President of the ASPAC.
10 – ANDREI is ANDREI TAN, the only child of Dr. Andy Tan who recently graduated from a course in BS Computer Science at the ATENEO, cum laude.
11 – NETTE is Ms. Joan Nette Laurente , who is the current Secretary of the ASPAC.
12 – CINDY is Ms. Cindy Franco who is a member of the Board of Directors of the ASPAC and is Atty. Raul Panlasiqui’s (current Interim Past President of ASPAC) favorite senior citizen who has been diligently performing her tasks as such BOARD member as though a young, sprightly, vibrant, bubbly and bouncy lady of just 59 years old, and not as yet a SENIOR citizen.
13 – PARATING is some kind of Filipino slang which denotes some kind of RUMOR or TALK or TITTLE-TATTLE.
14 –   My badminton partner during the DOC ANDY TAN BADMINTON CUP held on May 1, 2017 is no other than Ms. Emily Sim dela Cruz, who is also a member of the Board of Directors of ASPAC.
15 – EMILY is Ms. Emily Sim dela Cruz.
16 –  CHICO is Spanish term for CHILD.
17 –  ALEE is my youngest daughter, Ma. Winnalee E. Young, who is a member of the compete team of the LEGIT STATUS’ Megacrew Division dancers.
18 –  SHAYNA is my eldest daughter, Winshayna Young-Rivera, who is Team Manager of the LEGIT STATUS.
19 – VIMI is Vicente Miguel Rivera, my son-in-law and husband of Shayna and who is the Team Coach of the LEGIT STATUS.
20 – FREDDIE ROACH is Pacman’s (i.e. Manny Pacquiao) Head Coach who during Pacman’s fights would holler out instructions from the corner. NETTE on the other hand, was hollering out cheers unto my daughters ALEE and SHAYNA from the audience front row during the dance concert.
21 – ALLIANCE is the other hiphop team which qualified as official Philippine entry to the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST (“WHHI”) where my other daughter Cheska aka MA. WINCHESKA E. YOUNG is the Team Manager while her BF, Jayjay San Juan, is the Team Coach.
22 –  ALLIANCE will hold its FUNDRAISING DANCE CONCERTS on July 21, 2107 (i.e. Friday)  and July 28, 2017 (i.e. Friday).
23 –  Today, July 21, 2017 (Friday) will be the FIRST of a series of FUNDRAISING DANCE CONCERTS to be held by the ALLIANCE DANCE TEAM. But as I have an URGENT PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENT tonight, July 21, 2017; I will cordially invite my ASPAC colleagues to the SECOND FUNDRAISING DANCE CONCERT scheduled on July 28, 2017 also at 6:00 PM at the HENRY LEE IRWIN THEATER at the ATENEO.
24 – DALLIANCE is a term which connotes brief or casual involvement with something. Perhaps, my ASPAC colleagues could share their BRIEF INVOLVEMENT with my daughters’ cause and their quest to BRING HOME THE GOLD by attending and giving moral support to the ALLIANCE Hiphop Team next Friday, July 28, 2017. Tickets for the DANCE CONCERT will be ON ME…your  presence and attendance is that AND is all that is required/REQUESTED po…MARAMING SALAMAT PO! ]





















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