[Manolo aka MANOLO NAVASCA, a GENUINE ILOCANO of a FILIPINO, who now resides in San Diego, California was our friendly and funny tour guide when he toured us around (i.e. me and Daddy MAX) in August 2015 in TIJUANA, MEXICO. Manolo donated US $ 100 to the FUNDRAISING DRIVE for my daughters’ participation in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST to be held on August 7-13, 2017 in Phoenix,Arizona. I would not be surprised (as Manolo is fun of pulling up surprises), if Manolo would put in another US $ 900.00 to make his DONATION a PURE GRAND! THANK YOU AGAIN MANOLO!]


He’s actually a classmate of my brother WINSTON1,

But MANOLO2 is so sociable and so FRIENDLY-PRONE;

Though at FIRST BLUSH you’d suspect him as an ISIS-TERRORIST,

But when you’ve had a talk with him, he’s so FUNNY and a true PACIFIST!



When I and Daddy Max trekked to the U.S. in 20153,

Part of our itinerary was a MUST to see him;

And thereafter MANOLO brought us to TIJUANA4,

He introduced us to a lot of DAMAS5 and a belle named Georgina6!



And in TIJUANA, MEXICO; Manolo acted like a POLITICO—

He even called by his first name the parking attendant at the CENTRO7;

Those MEJICANOS treated him as though he’s their TOP HONCHO and BOSS,

Even the Manager at the RESTO, which dining hall was POSH!



Anent the DAMAS—Manolo said they were celebrating their BIRTHDAY MOMENTS8,

‘Twas the reason perhaps they were sporting their BIRTHDAY RAIMENTS;

Daddy Max was amazed and was sort of DISGRACED,

And we dashed out of the parlor, as though in a RACE!



And Manolo gifted me and Daddy Max with PERFUME,

And it’s his brand w/c according to him is truly a LURE;

Per Manolo’s recital the cologne could entice a pretty BELLE,

And I’ve emptied the BOTTLE, still—  NO BELLE but just an empty SHELL!



And MANOLO who has since RETIRED,

Would dine with friends and sip coffee, a brand which is most ADMIRED;

Indeed, he loves the STARBUCKS coffee brand,

He’ll be donating to my CAUSE a sure dollar GRAND9!



But as he has not as yet received his PENSION,

He has partially donated some sort of a PORTION;

And has vowed to put up the rest of his DONATION,

When we’re in TIJUANA after cranking out a quick REUNION10!






[Legend: 1 – Winston is my 3rd brother who is currently the Vice-President for Finance and Administration at the UNAHCO which is acronym for UNIVET NUTRITION and ANIMAL HEALTHCARE COMPANY, the topnotch Filipino company in the animal healthcare industry.

2 – MANOLO is Manolo Navasca, who was Winston’s classmate at the Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo High School (“CGEAHS”) in Quezon City, Metro-Manila.

3 – In August 2015, I and Daddy Max trekked to the U.S. principally to cheer and root for my daughters who entered the 2015 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST as members of the LEGIT STATUS Team. The dance competition was held in San Diego, California with the FINALS at the Viejas Arena. LEGIT STATUS land 4th Runner-Up in a field of competitors from 53 nations.

4 – Exiting from San Diego, the first town of Mexico is TIJUANA. Thus, upon the invitation of Manolo, I and Daddy Max was toured by Manolo in Tijuana, Mexico.

5 – DAMAS is Spanish for DAMES or LADIES.

6 –  I forgot the name of the Mexican lady which sort of acted as  the top star at the parlor; but just as to achieve some rhyme, the name GEORGINA is here  used to rhyme with TIJUANA.

7 – CENTRO would mean the center in that district in Tijuana, Mexico where Manolo brought us and toured us around.

8 – At a parlor, actually, a day club; Manolo brought us in and all the ladies inside where donned in their birthday suits.

9 – Actually, Manolo has donated via WESTERN UNION transmittal, US $ 100.00 already. But as I know that Manolo is full of surprises, I would not be astonished if Manolo would put in another US $ 900.00 to make his donation a PURE GRAND via the GENEROSITY.COM FNDRAISER so that if Manolo’s Mexican amigos and amigas would see his name as DONOR; they (those Mejicanos y Mejicanas) would surely put in  a peso or two to the FUNDRAISER PAGE.

10 – Well, if Senyor Manolo would challenge me to go back to that Tijuana day club in Mexico, as a precondition for the US Dollar GRAND, I will be pleased to have that QUICK REUNION in Tijuana, Mexico.]







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