[Shown above is a collage of delightful photos depicting Cousin Marian with her suave and gentlemanly hubby, STEVE MCDONALD — from their wedding (at bottom right corner); another photo of yesteryears, showing the cutie couple at the top right portion of this collage and two (2) more recent photos of the lovey-dovey tandem. Once again, thank you Cuz Marian and Steve!]




I first learned about her when I waged a root-tracing VENTURE1,

‘Twas the quest to visit my paternal Grandpa’s SEPULCHER2;

We traveled up to Santa Clara3, from a Los Angeles HOME4,

Finally, we were able to even take photos of the TOMB5



She is my cousin MARIAN, a true-blue AQUARIAN—

Who on the basis of her horoscope ZODIAC SIGN,

Is considered as very AMIABLE and KIND…

AQUARIANS are touted too as EAGER and  with a BROAD MIND!




And as a HORSE person per the Chinese ZODIAC,

You really could achieve much LUCK…

Your LUCKY numbers are 2, 3, and SEVEN…

You could perhaps buy a quick LOTTO ticket at 7-11!




Though we have not actually MET,

Perhaps, it is some kind of typical KISMET6;

As after communicating with her, thru FB—

I learned more about our ANCESTRY7!



I wish to thank her for the DONATION,

As my daughters are preparing for a COMPETITION;


That would showcase the world’s dancers at their BEST!



And as a resident of REDWOOD9,

My hunch persists that there’s still that LIKELIHOOD;

That you could win the JACKPOT in LOTTO,

Well, I’ll not ask for a BIG (perhaps just a little) “BALATO10”!





Thank you again my charming COUSIN,

I hope someday we’ll have our elbows RUBBING;

I hope to meet you in the FLESH,

And your hubby STEVE11 too, I’m so much  IMPRESSED!







[Another photo of the cutie couple (i.e. Marian and Steve) with their lovey-dovey smiles, which photo was snapped recently while they were on a holiday trip.]



[Legend: 1 – In August 2015, I and my Daddy Max, went to the U.S.A. principally to meet up with his (i.e. my Daddy Max’s) half-sister, Auntie Aida, and to visit the tomb of Grandpa William Young. Daddy Max only saw his father, Grandpa William, alive ONCE and this episode in August 2015 was the very first time for Daddy Max to visit the grave of his father, Grandpa William.
2 – SEPULCHER is another term for a GRAVE or a TOMB.
3 – Santa Clara is the town in California where Auntie Aida lives and at the Santa Clara Catholic Cemetery where Grandpa William’s remains were buried in January 1971.
4 – The LOS ANGELES Home referred to is the home of my maternal cousin, Bishop Raul C. Tobias, who lives at 14373 Shady Hollow Lane, Chino Hills, California 91709.
5 – The TOMB of Grandpa William was a typical grave which showed Grandpa William’s name on the epitaph as SGT. WILLIAM B. YOUNG. I guess the “SGT.” which is abbreviation for Sergeant, was Grandpa William’s rank in the US Army when he fought as part of the contingent of forces brought by Admiral George Dewey at the Battle of Manila Bay against the Spanish “conquistadores” in May 1898.
6 –  KISMET is a Turkish term which means FATE. It could be pure FATE and DESTINY for me to have the opportunity to connect more with my kin on the paternal side, as I continuously embark on my quest to retrace my paternal roots.
7 – Though I have had acquired snippets of information about Grandpa William, I was able to sort of confirm it from Cousin Marian (through our FB communications) and from Auntie Aida when I met Auntie Aida in August 2015 at her Santa Clara, California home.
8 – It’s the WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST to be held at the ARIZONA GRAND RESORT & SPA located in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. from August 7-13, 2017.
9 – My cousin Marian Breslin McDonald is a resident of Redwood City, California, U.S.A. Marian works at the Scott Nissenbaum Chiropractic Clinic. She studied and pursued a course in Nutritional Science at the San Jose State University in California, U.S.A.
10 – BALATO is a Filipino word which means a GIFT consisting of money given away as a manifestation of gratitude to friends and kin by a WINNER at the casino or in a numbers game or a cockfight and/or other games of chance.
11 – STEVE is STEVE MCDONALD, the handsome and debonair-looking husband of my cousin Marian.]


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