woody-solo-alaska[My nephew WOODY is shown here aboard a boat during their ALASKAN cruise-holiday with his wife PAM, about to take a bite of what looks like a cookie. WOODY aka WOODROW WILSON C. YOUNG is the eldest son of my brother WILSON T. YOUNG and his amiable and charming wife, LEN aka Marlyn Casquejo-Young. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOODY!!!!] 



His maternal GRANDPA is from the CASQUEJO clan of CEBU,

CASQUEJO1 as a name depicts an energetic and charismatic FAMILY CREW;

It speaks too of STRONG SELF CONFIDENCE2 that would well ENSUE,

…Innate traits for those who are lucky in NEGOCIO3!




WOODY is the first APO in his CASQUEJO NEXUS4,

Thus WOODY got the attention and all the FOCUS;

Grandpa RODY will call him “GA”,

That’s the idyllic abbreviation of PALANGGA5!





Being a CANCER person, you’re quite INTUITIVE,

That’s what it says in the HOROSCOPE.COM6 page;

You’re even described as OVER-SENTIMENTAL,

I’ll drink to that as it’s a usual trait of an ORIENTAL!




Your HOROSCOPE further describes YOU,

As ACCURATE but SHY, ‘tis such a CUE…

That you are in fact a WELL-DISCIPLINED MAN,

And CLEANLINESS is your prime COMMAND!




Based on the CHINESE ZODIAC,

you’re guided by the ROOSTER—

You hate whoever would commit a BLOOPER;

For you are an ORGANIZED PERSON,

You’re even DETAILS-ORIENTED as though delivering a SERMON!





As you were born on a MONDAY7,

It’s nice to reflect about your BIRTHDAY;

MONDAY is the day of the MOON,

A day for true potential, to make you ZOOM8!





‘Tis said that in order to prep for MONDAY’s ENERGY,

You ought to get some SYNERGY9;

A good nights’ REST is ESSENTIAL…

That’s GOOGLE’s note again, so





On your NATAL DAY my nephew WOODROW,

Wish you further SUCCESS and your career to GROW;

Your fruitful partnership with your gracious wife PAM10,

Will surely bring much DELIGHT as a best-baked HAM!

woody-pam[Woody is shown here with his gracious and pretty wife, PAM UNITE-YOUNG.] 





[Legend: 1 – A check in the INTERNET at this link:; would show that the name CASQUEJO depicts the following traits, namely: ENERGETIC, CHARISMATIC, and STRONG SELF CONFIDENCE, among others.
2 – In the same link at the INTERNET, a CASQUEJO is described as possessed with a competitive trait who usually gives everything they have in order to win. Thus, it further states that it is the strong self confidence about the CASQUEJO’s  traits that makes this possible. It further averred that such qualities help a CASQUEJO tackle all difficulties and solve problems in a leading forward thinking manner.
3 – NEGOCIO is Spanish term for BUSINESS. And my earliest exposure with the CASQUEJOs which is  the maternal roots of the family of WOODY  particularly with the late patriarch of the CASQUEJO clan, Mr. Rodolfo Casquejo (“Rody Casquejo”), was that almost all of them were involved in business, particularly the pawnshop and the jewelry businesses.
4 – NEXUS means linkage or relationship.
5 – PALANGGA is a Cebuano term which means BELOVED or LOVED ONE. Truly indeed, WOODY was the late Rody Casquejo’s fave and pet and BELOVED.
6 –  The HOROSCOPE.COM link is at (/)Zodiac Signs(/zodiac-signs-php) Astro(/astrology.php) Daily Horoscope (/daily-horoscope.php). It describes a CANCER person too with the following traits, such as: ENERGETIC, TAKES INITIATIVE VERY OFTEN and PREFERS ACTION RATHER PLANNING.
7 – July 13, 1981 was a MONDAY.
8 – ZOOM would refer to the ideal career growth on Woody’s part which on the basis of his disciplined upbringing would make it really happen.
9 – SYNERGY is used in the FUN RHYME BLOG to mean
the interaction or cooperation of two or more traits of my nephew WOODY (i.e. ENERGETIC, TAKES INITIATIVE VERY OFTEN and PREFERS ACTION RATHER PLANNING) to produce such a desirable effect of a ZOOM in his career path.
10 – PAM is PAM UNITE, the gracious wife of my nephew WOODROW.]





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