FUN RHYME SERIES 139 – BROD BUTCH CAPARAS…I …AM…SORRY!!! (Spoken in the doleful style of former Pres. GMA during the “Hello Garci” scandal)


 [Brod BUTCH CAPARAS is shown here opportunely sporting a T-shirt with the picture of a SOARING EAGLE emblazoned on it and with the MOUNT ARAYAT as apt backdrop. This convergence of elements in the photograph augurs well for the future of the PI OMICRON-PAMPANGA CHAPTER as it conveniently denotes in combination, the aspiration of SOARING HIGH like an EAGLE and of REACHING the top peak of the ARAYAT MOUNTAIN. PUSH ONWARD PAMPANGA BRODS AND SISSES and GOOD LUCK TO YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS!!!!] 


Hanggang gabi ako’y pabaling-baling,

Dahil sa ako nga sa kama’y pabiling-biling;


Dahil hindi ko napagbigyan ang aking KATOTO1!


Mula noong tumawag sa akin si Brod BUTCH2,

Sumasagi-sagi sa aking isip ang ating MOTTO na “PUSH”…

Talagang iba itong si Brod BUTCH…

Hindi siya tumitigil ng ka-PU-PUSH3


Yan ang tama at angkop na karakter,

Pursigido dapat  at aktibo ang CHAPTER4;

Ganyan ang tamang pananaw sa KAPATIRAN5,



Naisip ko nga pong sana’y HUMABOL,

Para mapasaya ang BRODs sa BIRTHDAY BALL7;

Pero ang gabi’y tunay na PALALIM,

Marahil senglot na ang lahat sa GIN8!


At kung ako’y darating sa PARTY,

Baka akalaing dala ko si LOLIT ng ating SORORITY…

At sa dilim ako’y isiping si LOLITA,

Naku baka mauwi po sa DISGRASYA…



Baka ako’y HAGKA-HAGKANIN10;

Maari ring ako’y pindot-pindutin11

Mas masakit kong ako’y KUKUROT-KURUTIN12


Anyway and anyhow…sa NATCON13 na po na lang,

Sure na pong darating si LOLITANG, ating MANANG14;

Doon siguradong mayroong GRAND LINGKISAN15,

Naku malamang lahat ay sobrang PAG-PAPAWISAN16!


Bago ko tapusin ang FUN RHYME BLOG na ito,


Belated greetings po kay Brod Ronnie Manuel17,

I hope that he is FINE, HAPPY and is so WELL!


At syempre po ay GREETINGS kay Sister,

At kaarawan din ni Sis LENNY18 ng PSAU19 Chapter;

Dalangin natin na ang buong Pampanga Chapter…

Ay uunlad with such an EXCELLENT CHARACTER20!!!!


[Legend: 1 – KATOTO is a Tagalog word which denotes a FRIEND.
 2 – BROD BUTCH is Brod BUTCH CAPARAS of the PI OMICRON HOLY ANGELS UNIVERSITY CHAPTER which is based in Angeles, Pampanga. Brod BUTCH has been persistently inviting me to attend the PI OMICRON-PAMPANGA CHAPTER MEETING cum BIRTHDAY PARTY which was scheduled yesterday evening in Angeles City, Pampanga.  I failed to attend and I am conveying this “I AM SORRY” Blog to Brod BUTCH CAPARAS.
3 – The motto of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY is PUSH ONWARD which connotes the idea or PERSEVERANCE and PERSISTENCE. Brod BUTCH CAPARAS is living up to the ideals of the MOTTO as Brod BUTCH has shown actual persistence in inviting me to the BIRTHDAY PARTY cum  CHAPTER MEETING of the whole Pampanga Chapter which was held last night, July 14, 2017.
4 – CHAPTER refers to the whole PAMPANGA Chapter of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
5 – KAPATIRAN is a Tagalog word which means BROTHERHOOD and is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG to refer to the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
7 – The meeting of the fraternity brothers of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY-PAMPANGA CHAPTER also served as BIRTHDAY BALL in honor of the birthday celebrants, namely: Brod Ronnie Manuel of Assumption College-Pampanga Chapter and Sis Lenny Villanueva Gamboa of the Pampanga State Agricultural University Chapter.
9 – In the Philippine setting, it has become a practice among friends including fraternity brothers to do a BEAR HUG and is roughly captured by the word LINGKISIN. Lingkisin is actually na action of an embrace or enwrapping someone with one’s arms.
10 – HAGKA-HAGKANIN is similar to the practice of doing the BESO-BESO, which is done by bringing both cheeks together among friends while doing an embrace.
11 – PINDOT-PINDUTIN is the act of the pressing one’s finger or fingers unto the arms, body or at times the face of the person who would usually be the cynosure in a gathering or a social event. This practice has become popular especially when welcoming a celebrity, as though just trying to make sure that the celebrity is REAL and is really within and among their midst. Sometimes, this act is spurred by a feeling of amazement and excitement.
13 – NATCON is the Third National Convention of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY which is slated to be held on December 15-17, 2017 in Legaspi City, Albay in the Bicol Region.
14 – MANANG is a Filipino word of esteem and respect used as title to identify an older sister.
15 – GRAND LINGKISAN would refer to the BEAR HUGS that will happen and transpire during the Third National Convention of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY and it surely will be many, as slated to attend the affair would reach 500 delegates-members.
16 – With such a great number of attendees, each delegate-member will act out and do a BEAR HUG for at least 500 times for the whole duration of the 3-day NATCON affair. And it will make all PERSPIRING a  lot, I am sure.
17 –Brod Ronnie Manuel, one of the birthday celebrants, is from the Assumption University-Pampanga Chapter.
18 – Sis Lenny is Sis Lenny Villanueva Gamboa. Sis Lenny is form the PSAU Chapter.
20 – This prayer for an EXCELLENT CHARACTER to befall and to CONTINUOUSLY rub off unto the Pampanga Chapter as APTLY typified and exemplified by Brod BUTCH CAPARAS is for an aspiration that their PERSEVERANCE and PERSISTENCE to PUSH ONWARD and attain GREATER HEIGHTS would continue unrestrained and with perpetual constancy.]



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