lewis-edwards [My friend and most CHARITABLE MENTOR, LEWIS EDWARDS aka LEW is shown in this photo dining ALA MODE (i.e. IN STYLE) at the SOTTO MARE RESTAURANT in San Francisco, California—complete with a SOTTO MARE bib (which almost looks like an apron), some kind of a long stainless steel skewer or pincer as he delights himself with a dish called SEAFOOD CIOPPINO STEW. According to LEW, the SEAFOOD CIOPPINO STEW was great and it tasted truly good. LEW just donated a HEFTY SUM for my daughters’ quest to WIN THE GOLD at this year’s WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL CONTEST in Phoenix, Arizona on August 7-12, 2017…MUCHAS GRACIAS SENYOR LEW!]




I first met him when I was Legal Officer at ALLIED1,

He struck me then as a classic BALLAD2;

His story was somewhat ROMANTIC…

A bit DRAMATIC, also FUNNY but verily FANTASTIC!



He was a US Army PARAMEDIC3,

And his stint involved shuttling from SAIGON to SUBIC4;

As he got wind of the luscious FRUITS of our ISLAND,

He eventually felt it was BUSINESS, well OFFHAND!




And the trading of FRUITS became LUCRATIVE,

His BUYERS in Japan felt the MANGOES as SEDUCTIVE5;

Thus, it was a signal to raise the PRICE,

Well, the Japanese shoppers never got SURPRISED!5a



But eventually and most important of all,

I became involved in his CHARITABLE call;

He organized a FOUNDATION6 for the underprivileged,

It was a fulfilling engagement, as I have always alleged…




He has a strong taint of charity in his BREED;

Fully inclined to take care of those who are MARGINALIZED,

He is wont to help even as though in DISGUISE7!



On time, he was touched by the plaint of a BALIKBAYAN8,

Who seem to see no hope for his FATHERLAND9;

LEW went into counseling ANASTACIO,

That’s the name of the WHINING FILIPINO!



Indeed to me, Lew has METAMORPHOSED in sum —

From a cosmopolitan & classy American;

To a down-to-earth rustic FILIPINO,

Who has loved the grime of Manila and the taste of ADOBO10!



And now I wish to THANK YOU11,

You’ve been the PATRON of my “KABABARYO”12;

For me– you are indeed more FILIPINO,

A blessing to all “kahit  na sino12”!


LEW-WITH-KIDS [Here’s LEW together with his good friend, and my friend too RAUL SERRANO— visiting a FEEDING PROGRAM in one of the schools in Payatas, Quezon City which LEW is also FINANCIALLY SUPPORTING. LEW is seen here together with his ABC Foundation’s scholars. To date, LEW through the ABC Foundation has elementary pupils as well as high school and college students as SCHOLARS.]





[Legend: 1 – ALLIED is ALLIED BANKING CORPORATION. ALLIED BANKING CORPORATION has since been merged with the PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK (“PNB”), with PNB as the surviving corporate entity.
2 – A ballad is a song that tells a story, and it can be dramatic, funny, or romantic. Lew’s story is truly a BALLAD, a mélange of a mix-match of the DRAMATIC, FUNNY and ROMANTIC episodes in LEW’s life.
3 – As a US Army PARAMEDIC, during the height of the VIETNAM War; Lew was shuttling from Saigon to Subic and/or Clark Air Base in the Philippines bringing in those who have been injured in the battle-arena of VIETNAM for intensive medical assistance here in the Philippines. It was more into Clark Air Base, but SUBIC was used instead to arrive at some FUN RHYMING.
4 – SUBIC is the naval base of the US government then, which was located in SUBIC, ZAMBALES.
5 – SEDUCTIVE is used in this FUN RHYME BLOG to mean most attractive.
5a – LEW’s itinerary as US PARAMEDIC also involved flights to Japan where the United States maintains a military base. Thus, our LUSCIOUS  fruits like MANGOES were sold to Japanese buyers and in his trips to the Philippines, either at Clark or Subic, LEW would be bringing in boxes of SCOTCH WHISKY for those Filipino drinkers, tipplers or BOOZERS!
6 –  LEW initially formed a foundation known as the CHARLES EDWARDS FOUNDATION to cater principally to physically and mentally-challenged children. Eventually, the FOUNDATION was renamed as A BETTER CHANCE FOUNDATION (“ABC Foundation”) which enlarged its focus unto the under-privileged  with emphasis in providing education through scholarship programs. Perhaps, as of this date and counting, LEW through the ABC Foundation (where I served as its Corporate Secretary and Director) has helped THOUSANDS of under-privileged FILIPINO kids to go to school, graduate and make a living through decent employment.
7 – Though it was actually a charitable venture that for a start was solitarily funded by LEW; and eventually aided by donations which were procured principally by LEW, LEW seemed to want to disguise himself as a corporate entity via a FOUNDATION with the help of his abundant circle of friends.
8 – There was a BALIKBAYAN named Anastacio who sent a  a letter to the EDITOR in a daily newspaper where Anastacio miserably and despicable lamented and even degraded the hopelessness on the part of the Philippines to change for the BETTER. LEW sort of counseled him and planted in the minds of the many readers that there is still HOPE in the PHILIPPINES. I really admire LEW for that, as LEW is so different. While a LOT of Filipinos hanker in their desire to become U.S. citizens, LEW has called PHILIPPINES as his home for the past 50 years or so. ANG GALING MO LEW!!!!
9 – FATHERLAND refers to our country, the Philippines.
11 – LEW has donated a fund to my FUNDRAISING activity in support of the TWO (2) Philippine hiphop dance teams which will compete in the 2017 WORLD HIPHOP INTERNATION CONTEST to be held on August 7-12, 2017 in Phoenix,Arizona.
12- “KA-BABARYO” is used to mean as countrymen, as BARRIO, until lately; has been considered as the smallest political unit, now replaced by the “BARANGAY”. It is similar or akin to “KABAYAN” which literally means countrymen.
12 – “KAHIT NA SINO” is a Tagalog term which means: “to all and sundry”. Thus, it would  virtually mean: EVERYBODY, and ALL without any qualification.]




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