[I am reprinting the FUN RHYME BLOG which I wrote for my NIECE HANNAH when she celebrated her BIRTHDAY, with some addition. I wish to thank HANNAH for introducing me to the WEBSITE-GENEROSITY.COM which served as a convenient FUNDRAISER for the aspiration of my HIPHOP dancing kids (together with their team mates, 89 Filipino kids in all) to adequately finance their trip to the 2017 WHHI. With this support, I hope it would fully actuate the Philippine HIPHOP teams to bag and bring home the GOLD. Thank you HANNAH for your donation.]


It was as though a breath of fresh air ARRIVED,

As Daddy Max recounted the persistent plea for an INTERVIEW… LIVE;

‘Twas apt and timely, as Daddy Max was then feeling WEARIED1,

The plea for INTERVIEW cause Daddy’s doctors to be WORRIED2!




And the appointed time for the TALK CAME,

HANNAH Y. KIM went to see Daddy Max, she was GAME3;

Despite the requirement to wear a FACE MASK4,

HANNAH pushed her luck and took the risk to TASK!



HANNAH was indeed a pretty LADY,

She was statuesque and truly DANDY;

She could even pass for a Hollywood STAR,

She felt so INVINCIBLE as though shielded with KEVLAR5!



And that interview animated our DADDY,

As though DADDY MAX popped an energy pill…so FUNNY;

Daddy Max’s answered in STENTORIAN MANNERS,

As though he’s not sick in  his tired TUBERS6!




But what really amazed us is HANNAH’s  PRONE POSE,

She lied flat on the ground almost touching her NOSE;

Thereafter she knelt and bowed down to DADDY,

Showing much respect to a GRANDPA7…DADDY felt so HAPPY!



Found out thereafter that HANNAH was past PEACE CORPS,

She was Congressman Rangel’s8 Chief COMMUNICATOR;

Graduated HIGH SCHOOL at Seoul’s National University,

Pursued thence a course in LITERATURE— she’s quite LITERARY!



She’s got a MASTERAL at George Washington U,

It’s a topnotch school available only to a FEW;

A certificate in ENTREPRENEURSHIP at UCLA,

At JOHN HOPKINS,  scored a course on foreign relations’ CONSORTIA!




But HANNAH’s quest has now become HISTORIC,

She has retraced  and reminisced a WAR EPIC;

Visiting and giving warm greetings to KOREAN WAR VETS,

It’s a PASSION, as she’s keen too on lifetime learning and FITNESS!



And as a “NIECE” now via her adoption of DADDY MAX,

She truly proved to be HELPFUL in my TASK;

She introduced to me into the website of  GENEROSITY.COM,

And now the FUNDRAISER has reached a SUM!



I hope that when we meet in LA,

Will have the time to dine and PARLEY;

Perhaps my KIDS could dance a number,

To thank her so… for this website WONDER!




[Legend: 1 – Daddy Max was hospitalized at the UERM Medical Center for over two (2) weeks due to a bout with PNEUMONIA and he was getting bored and wearied by that unwanted episode of inactivity and dormancy.
2 – Daddy Max’s doctors got so very worried as the strict directive was to limit visitors to Daddy Max’s room. But as the President of the UERM knew fully well the passionate feeling of Daddy Max about the KOREAN WAR, UERM’s Prexy, Dr. Romeo A. Divinagracia,  yielded and acquiesced to the requested LIVE interview. Actually, the doctors who were medically attending to Daddy Max’s needs were somewhat adverse to allowing the LIVE interview.
3 – HANNAH was truly GAME as she actually risked her health in going into a LIVE interview with a hospital patient who just had a recent bout with such a deadly illness, PNEUMONIA.
4 – Most people would certainly think twice in cases where a visit to a hospital patient would be required to go through the sanitary practice of wearing a FACE MASK.
5 – Kevlar is a well-known component of personal armor such as combat helmets, ballistic face masks, and ballistic vests.
6 –  TUBERS  is a term used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG to mean the LUNGS.
7 – HANNAH announced during the LIVE interview and  after lying prostrate on the ground and bowing thereafter unto Daddy Max that she has adopted Daddy Max as her GRANDPA.
8 – Congressman Rangel is former U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel of New York.]




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