dickson-hermoso-marawi-peace [Though Brod DICKSON aka ASEC DICKSON P. HERMOSO has been appointed as Assistant Secretary for the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER FOR THE PEACE PROCESS following his retirement from the military (and therefore technically, a full-fledged CIVILIAN); his skills in keeping the peace through fierce battles and solemn negotiations have been used to the hilt by the present leadership. His being a cousin of the President DU30 has given him the edge of conveying to the leadership notable strides in the peace-keeping ventures and crusade particularly in regard to the raging Marawi rebellion. While strategizing how to end the bloody battle; Brod Dickson has affably involved the Muslim IMAMS, ULAMA and USTADZ to come up with a home-grown formula to end the blood-bath. It is hoped that the peace initiatives would bring a peaceful denouement to this raging war. Let’s all pray for Brod Dickson, for Marawi, for our President DU30 and for our native land, the Philippines.]  



It would appear that Brod DICKSON is UNIQUE,

Though he has retired from the MILITARY CLIQUE—

He continues to be arrayed at the BATTLE FRONT,

Keeping a tally of the BODY COUNT…





Indeed, he has swayed the MILF’s help,

That’s in MARAWI to retrieve those whose life is BEREFT;

It’s a push for the Bangsamoro Basic Law,

Now we know, MILF’s  yearn for PEACE is not just for SHOW!





As Brod DICKSON narrated and TOLD,

Bullets are indeed raining in MARAWI and BOLD;

They’re not just shrapnels and small ROUNDS,

They’re from high-powered arms falling in TONS!






But for love of COUNTRY and our POSTERITY,

Brod DICKSON has commingled once more with the MILITARY;

Though he is in fact a CIVILIAN NOW,

For lasting PEACE and ORDER, he hasn’t taken a BOW!





With the IMAM and the ULAMA,

Brod DICKSON virtually choreographed a seeming DRAMA;

Pleading for PEACE and swaying their INVOLVEMENT,

These ISLAMIC leaders/scholars persuasively used their RAIMENT!





And indeed the USTADZ and the ISLAMIC MONUMENT,

Have sought the MAUTE Group’s virtual DENOUEMENT;

Though not as yet successful and FRUITFUL,

Hope that these ventures would eventually PROVE PEACEFUL!





And with Brod DICKSON’s involvement in this CRUSADE,

Let’s pray and hope that this process would NOT FADE;

But pray all the more for Brod DICKSON,

He deserves all the lauds and the blessings of a supreme PARSON!



[During one of Brod Dickson’s trips to EUROPE to attend the peace negotiations with the REDS, Brod Dickson was able to ditch a side-trip to ROME to receive the blessings from His HOLINESS, POPE FRANCIS.] 




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