[Sis LOLIT SOLIS is seen at this photo in a very jolly, casual and happy pose. I will try my very best to invite her to our PI OMICRON NATIONAL CONVENTION which is slated to be held in Legaspi, Albay on December 15-17, 2017. This idea of inviting Sis LOLIT was conveyed to me by one of our venerable PI OMICRON HOLY ANGELS UNIVERSITY CHAPTER BRODS, the eminent BROD BUTCH CAPARAS. I therefore dedicate this FUN RHYME BLOG unto BROD BUTCH CAPARAS. Though Sis LOLIT is actually making money as a TALK SHOW host, she finances the education of a lot of scholars such as those of her kith and kin and is supporting financially too her family members and many others in the movie industry especially her CO-MOVIE scribes who never made it BIG. She also finances the sustenance of a kennel of about 40 POMERANIAN dogs, one of which was a gift from me. AND SIS LOLIT IS SO VERY BUSY. Last but not the least, Sis LOLIT SOLIS is actually GODMOTHER (i.e. NINANG) to my youngest daughter MA. WINNALEE “ALEE” YOUNG.]


Mula noong aking ipagbando sa INTERNET1,

Na sorority sister natin itong si LOLIT2;

Aba’y, halos lahat ay NAGULUMIHANAN—

Ang diga ko nga ba daw ay may KATOTOHAN!




 Bakit nga ba naman ang mga BRODS at SISSES—

Para bagang sila’y na-alayan ng ROSES…

Feeling nila’y magiging TA-ARTIST3 na rin SILA,

They now ASPIRE to be rubbing elbows with LOLITA4!





Bigla rin silang nag-research at nagsipag-TANUNGAN,

Totoo ba itong ipinagbabando ni YOUNG5;

 Baka daw ang report ko ay hindi TOTOO,

Malamang sila daw ay MAKASTIGO!





Kaya naman ako ay nag-research DIN,

Dahil nga nama’y SORORITY ang syang USAPIN;

Di nga naman ako naging DELTA PI6 SISTER,

Ako po ay garantisadong PI OMICRON7 BROTHER!




Basta ang aking pong alam, na noong 19678

Ako’ y bagito sa PI OMICRON, wala pa noong 7-119;

Kaya ang drinks at cookies namin NOON,

Doon nabibili sa loob ng Ladies’ ROOM10!




At ang Ladies’ Room na aking NATURAN,

Ay yaong nasa dulo ng PAVILION ONE11—-

Naging hang-out po naman din  ITO …

Ng mga sisters natin sa DELTA PI O!




At sa aki’y pinakilala itong sis na si LOLITA,

Aba noon ay mukhang matrona na, malapad po syang TALAGA—

Mukhang mas maluwag pa rin ang kanyang DRESS…

Karaniwang DUSTER DRESS12 na hinabi ng antigong SEAMSTRESS!




Kaya aking kinompirma, sa isa ring sis na contemporary KO—

Pat Salvador13 ang ngalan ng pretty DELTA PI sister na ITO;

Mahinhin sya’t tunay na  NAPAKAGANDA—

Nagplano pa nga akong sa kanya’y DUMIGA!



Pat Salvador


Kaya sa isang UP Law Alumni HOMECOMING14,


Akin tinanong si Assistant Dean Pat DAWAY15,

Kung totoong SIS si LOLIT SOLIS ng DELTA PI!






Aba at kanyang kinompirma at PINAGTIBAY,

Si LOLIT SOLIS ay genuine sister ng DELTA PI…

Kaya’t NO MORE alinlangang si LOLIT ating CHOKARAN16,

Malamang siya’y aking imbitahan sa ating mga events at LAKARAN!



Kamakailay tinawagan nga  ako nitong BROD nating SIMPATICO,

Butch Caparas17 po ang pangalan, at sya nga po’y NALILITO;

Bakit kung totoo daw na sis itong si LOLIT,

Ay bakit daw sa ating events ay di nya NASISILIP!





Kaya ako’y napag-atasan ni Brod BUTCH,

Para daw sa kapakanan ng BROTHERHOOD…

Imbitahan ko daw po itong si LOLIT SOLIS,

Para sa NAT CON18 sa Legazpi Albay, attendance natin  lahat ay maging SULIT na SULIT!




[Legend: 1 – Actually, it was in my FACEBOOK account when I first divulged/revealed that LOLIT SOLIS is our sorority sister, being a renowned member of the DELTA PI OMICRON SORORITY.
2 – Sis LOLIT SOLIS is a celebrity; being a talk show host and talent manager of several of the country’s topnotch actors and actresses.
3 – TA-ARTIST is Filipino slang for actor or actress. It actually is a term which is ARTISTA meaning ARTIST or ACTOR/ACTRESS spelled in reverse.
4 –  LOLITA is actually Sis Lolit Solis’ first name.
5 – YOUNG is a reference to me, being my surname and is used here to achieve a rhyme.
6 – DELTA PI refers to the UP Diliman sorority which is the partner-sorority organization of our fraternity, the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY. The DELTA PI OMICRON FRATERNITY was also organized simultaneous with PI OMICRON’s date of organization but around early part of 1964.
7 – I was recruited into the PI OMICRON by a fraternity brother named ERNESTO TOLENTINO who was my classmate in San Beda High School. My final initiation rites was held at the mansion of the late Brod Pete de Jesus located along IFUGAO Street in La Vista, Quezon City,Metro-Manila.
8 – It was in February 1967 when I became a full-fledged PI OMICRON Fraternity brod.
9 – 7-11 is a reference to the convenience store which is prevakent nowadays in the metropolis and which operates on a 24 hour business.
10 – At UP Diliman then particularly at the PALMA Hall, perhaps an enterprising janitress thought up of opening her store inside a Ladies’ Room. Thus, by word of mouth, this business got so easily advertized and a lot of students would be buying softdrinks and cookies thereat.
11-  That Ladies’ Room which I am referring too is the Ladies’ Room located at the southern end of Pavilion One of the Palma Hall.
12 – A duster is a light, loose-fitting long dress. The original dusters were full-length, light-colored … In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, both men and women wore dusters to protect their clothes when riding in open motorcars on the dirt roads, thus the name DUSTER. Sis Lolit was truly very casual then as she would attend school at UP Diliman regularly wearing a DUSTER dress and an accompanying pair of ordinary slippers.
13 – Pat Salvador aka Patricia Salvador is almost my contemporary at UP Diliman but I believe I was already on my second year while it was her freshman year the. Sis Pat entered the DELTA PI OMICRON Sorority around 1968.
14 – Sis Pat Salvador is also a lawyer (a graduate of UP Law) and we usually hobnob and meet during those UP Law Alumni Homecoming affairs.
 15 – Sis PAT SALVADOR started out as a Professioral Lecturer at UP Law and eventually got promoted as Assistat Dean. Sis Pat is happily married to Quezon City RTC Judge Reynaldo Daway,also a graduate of UP Law.
16 –  CHOKARAN is a Filipino slang which means a fellow or someone who belongs to the same group. It is actually a term which spelled in reverse the word KARANCHO which literally means belonging to the same RANCH.
 17 –    I recently received a phone call from BROD BUTCH CAPARAS, one of our eminent senior brods from the PI OMICRON Chapter in Holy Angels University of Angeles City, Pampanga. Brod BUTCH was so persistent in his query: “SIS BA NATIN TALAGA SI LOLIT SOLIS BROD?”; to which query I proudly answered AFFIRMATIVELY.
18 –  I made a promise to Brod Butch Caparas and I said I will try my very best to invite Sis LOLIT SOLIS to our NATIONAL CONVENTION scheduled on December 15-17, 2017 in Legaspi, Albay. As you all know, Sis LOLIT is a busy-body and she would SURELY JESTINGLY  ask me in return: “BROD, MAYROON BANG PAGKAKA-DATUNGAN DYAN?” which would literally mean: “BROD, WILL I MAKE MONEY OUT OF THAT.” Though LOLIT is actually making money as a TALK SHOW host, she finances the education of a lot of scholars such as those of her kith and kin and is supporting financially too her family members and many others in the movie industry especially her CO-MOVIE scribes who never made it BIG. She also finances the sustenance of a kennel of about 40 POMERANIAN dogs, one of which was a gift from me.]








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