[Here is a group photo taken at BALAI TAAL in Tagaytay City before the wedding held at the ANGELFIELDS NATURE SANCTUARY in SILANG, CAVITE on May 6, 2017 of the birthday celebrant, SHAYNA, in the middle attired in her white wedding gown. From L-R: Tonton aka Walter Anthony, Cheska aka Maria Wincheska, myself, SHAYNA, my wife Dang aka Criselda and Alee aka Ma. Winnalee.]

You have indeed become an EXEMPLAR DAUGHTER,

You’ve also emerged as a PARAGON SISTER;

Your wedding at SILANG has set a model for the CLAN,

Ideal BRIDAL age indeed, is best at AGE THIRTY ONE….


As the eldest daughter, you’ve shown INDUSTRIOUSNESS—

You have swayed your sisters and brother to help in the BUSINESS1;

‘Tis indeed a worthy venture helping teens to get ENRAPTURED,

In a culture of DANCE, a craze2 that got teens seemingly CAPTURED…


You started out as a GYMNAST3; that I thought would   not LAST,

But the shift to HIPHOP has proven to be an impressive   BOMBAST;

You’ve been the IDOL of your sisters: CHESKA and ALEE…

Your future kid would SURELY be a hip-hop WANNABEE…


And as you’ve now relocated to BALI OASIS4,

Won’t be able to do our birthday eve GIMMICK5,

We’ll just perhaps send you redolent FLOWERS –

To wake you up in the morn, before going to the SHOWERS!


At U.P. Diliman you’ve honed your HIP-HOP dance SKILLS,

Pursuing a course in MASSCOM, a profession that’s filled with THRILLS;

Hoping that someday you’ll be a CONSUL,

Or perhaps as AMBASSADOR for PEACE  and  DANCE in SOKOR’S SEOUL!


As an expert make-up ARTIST6,

You have shared your virtuosity with EASE;


A trait that could see your lot in an ANNAL!


And your wondrous wedding with VIMI RIVERA,

Looked as though a fun-filled LOOLAPALOOZA;

It brought much happiness to ALL,

The rites, the food as well as the BALL!


Being a GEMINI person, you’re FRIENDLY and APPROACHABLE —

But all the more, VIMI finds you so ADORABLE;

And as a TIGER person, you’re so COMMITTED and ARTISTIC,

You’re stable too, I’ve never seen you go BALLISTIC!


On your natal day which is the THIRTY-FIRST of MAY,

You’ve been blessed with so much GRACES, as though reaping it on a HOLIDAY;

You’ve even been accorded with a VALIANT and VALOROUS VIMI…

Our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY has protected you and VIMI so TRULY!




  • 1-It’s the DANCE STUDIO business which is JOINTLY OWNED and MANAGED by the duo SHAYNA and CHESKA under the business name GROOVE CENTRAL DANCE STUDIO. ALEE is helping out  in the business as in fact ALEE is assistant coach in the BALLET class and is helping out also in the HIPHOP class for toddlers. TONTON helps in promoting the business as BUSINESS PROMOTIONS is TONTON’s forte. I and DANG provides help in various ways  and most especially by providing guidance and moral support thereto.
  • 2-HIP-HOP has indeed become a CRAZE, as teens no matter they be residing in the enclaves at Forbes Park or in the hovels and slums of Tondo, are all hooked into the HIPHOP dance fascination.
  • 3- SHAYNA started out as a GYMNASTICS enthusiast while in her GRADE SCHOOL and part of her HIGH SCHOOL. Eventually, she got fixated into the HIP-HOP dance craze while in COLLEGE.
  • 4- SHAYNA, effective on May 8, 2017, relocated into and has become a registered resident at the BALI OASIS Condo, where VIMI, SHAYNA’s hubby has a unit.
  • 5- It has been our practice that on the eve of the birthday of a member of our family; we all converge at the door to the celebrant’s room and would surprise him/her with a candle-lit birthday cake. Sometimes when the celebrant would be benighted until midnight, we’ll converge at the front door waiting for him/her as the clock strikes 12. As it became a regular practice, it was almost always not surprising anymore…he,he,he…
  • 6 – Shayna was the first graduate of the MAKE-UP DESIGNORY, a make-up school which started out in New York, U.S.A. and which put up a branch at the BGC a couple of years ago.

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