[RONNIE, my brother-in-law, is shown in this photo lovingly embracing his middle child, ELLA aka ROWELLA, and his future BODYGUARD as ELLA is an expert martial arts practitioner of the MUAY THAI and BOXING category. RONNIE celebrates today (May 10, 2017) his 58th BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONNIE!]



He is the hubby of my older sister WILMA1,

Am eldest in the brood of 8 brought to this world by Mommy NORMA2;

And RONNIE’s looks may have swept WILMA off her feet,

RONNIE truly looked like an actor when we first MET!




Truly, WILMA is a dyed-in-the-wool admirer of ACTORS,

‘Twas the reason she posed with JOAQUIN3, one among the best TROUPERS;

Upon a hurried look on this skilful thespian ARJO4,

ARJO’s youthful mien seems to mimic that of WILMA’s hubby and JO5!

[Shown in the photo above is JOAQUIN, at extreme left, aka ARJO ATAYDE posing with WILMA (3rd from L-R). Others in the photo are my sisters-in-law: Ralita Belisario-Young (2nd from L-R) and Amy Gillera-Young, at extreme right.] 

RONNIE hails from the south in ZAMBOANGA6, in RP which is ARCHIPELAGIC,

And ZAMBOANGUEÑOS are deemed as though a proud people, a bit ARISTOCRATIC;

But RONNIE surprised us for he’s so HUMBLE and MEEK,

He’s a worthy addition to the clan; indeed he’s quite an EPIC!




For his gallant display of DILIGENT INDUSTRIOUSNESS,

RONNIE was picked to manage a family BUSINESS;

He’s a HANDS-ON manager who works with much FLAIR,

Still he has ample time for his family to CARE!



He’s a TAUREAN being born under the sign of TAURUS —

Per his horoscope, his endurance is truly quite ENORMOUS7;

Per his sign too, he works with DILIGENCE INDEED …

He develops intellectual virtues of HUMILITY, in speech and in DEED!




As a PIG person being born in 1959,

He is a devoted partner which WILMA cannot DECLINE8;

He’s a caring but overly strict FATHER,

Am sure ROMMEL9 can vouch for this as a DANCER10!




On your natal day, my BROD-IN-LAW RONNIE —

Am sure that you will forever be truly DANDY;

As an excellent HUBBY and good FATHER,

You’ll soon have a daughter DOCTOR11 who’ll take care of you and my SISTER12!




And if in your old and failing AGE,

You’ll need a BODYGUARD as your constant PAGE;

There’s your daughter ELLA13 who’s a

martial arts FELLA,

Am sure he’ll protect you and my sister WILMA!

ronnie-family[Photo above shows the whole caboodle of the family of RONNIE and WILMA. From LEFT to RIGHT: Ronnie, Wiena, Rommel, Ella and my sister Wilma.] 





[Legend: 1 – WILMA is my sister who is the 6th in the brood of 8 children. I am the eldest while Wilma is older than our other sister Wandra.
2 – NORMA is my late mother whose maiden name is NORMA RIVERA TOBIAS.
3 – JOAQUIN is the adopted name of ARJO ATAYDE (in the PROBINSYANO telenovela of ABS-CBN) who was one of the guests in Shayna’s wedding held at the ANGELFIELDS NATURE SANCTUARY in Silang, Cavite. My sister WILMA kept egging me to ask ARJO to pose for a photo with her as WILMA is ARJO’s aka JOAQUIN’s fan.
4 – ARJO is the screen first name of JUAN CARLO ATAYDE in real life.
5 – JO means SWEETHEART. Indeed, RONNIE is WILMA’s JO!
6 – ZAMBOANGA is a region in southern Mindanao. Actually, RONNIE is a native of Canelar, a district in Zamboanga City
7 – Per his HOROSCOPE seen at GOOGLE, RONNIE has the capability to carry on much work pressure as he possesses enormous physical and mental endurance.
8 – The word DECLINE was used instead of DENY just  achieve a RHYME with the word “NINE” (9).
9 – ROMMEL is the youngest child and son of the RONNIE-WILMA couple. Though ROMMEL is a hiphop dancer PAR EXCELLENCE, ROMMEL was cordially talked into by RONNIE to cease and desist from his terpsichorean preoccupation and to focus in his studies during ROMMEL’s senior years at the ATENEO.
10- ROMMEL is an excellent and skilled DANCER of the HIPHOP genre.
11- The couple’s eldest daughter ROWIENA aka WINNA will soon become a doctor as she is now in her 3rd year in MEDICINE proper at the UERM.
12 – The term SISTER refers to WILMA.
13 – ELLA aka ROWELLA is the middle child of the RONNIE-WILMA couple. ELLA is a martial arts practitioner of the MUAY THAI and BOXING category.]

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