[Left photo shows my sister-in-law AMY G. YOUNG with her signature enticing smile. At right photo is the loving tandem of my debonair-looking brother WILBERT and his beauteous wife, AMY  (today’s birthday GIRL – May 2, 2017) taken with the San Francisco’s GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE as backdrop.]

It was she who egged me to be a BLOGGER,

But such thought, for me was then an outright GONER1;

Was super BUSY in my job and EXTRA-CURRICULAR2,

My paperwork seems to travel ala FUNICULAR3!




But with AMY’s way of CONVINCING,

I got bewitched and thereafter was moved to WRITING;

Being a SNAKE4 person who persuades, and so ORDERLY and INTELLIGENT5

BLOGGING has now become my heart’s CONTENTMENT6!



Indeed, AMY who’s a SNAKE PERSON,

A WOOD SNAKE7 in my researching VERSION;

She has a gift for appreciating the ARTS,

She’s got REFINED TASTE; she loves Dang’s PECAN TARTS8!



Being born as a TAUREAN9 is so truly FANTASTIC;

As TAUREANS are reserved and are QUITE STRICT;

And they’re focused with finding enough and much ARGUMENT,

As they strive for perfection  aspiring as though for a MONUMENT10!



And as I now reminisce the DAYs,

When WILBERT asked for AMY’s parents’ YEAHs11;

I was the one who talked to Amy’s OLD MAN,

It was me, my brother WILBERT and our late MOM!



And the orderliness and WIT of AMY,

Has now become their offspring’s traits; each is a POPPY12;

And their daughters who’ve all become so COSMOPOLITAN13,

Their parents, AMY and BERT…have all made each a T.R.A.M.14!



And as  AMY eventually  became Daddy Max’s LIAISON,

She has sort of connected with the GUINNESS TOME15;

We’ll try to make Daddy Max HAPPY,

By marking his old age remembered in POSTERITY!



As it is your natal day BRIGHT AMY,

You’ve been the GUIDE and LIGHT of MANY;

Though you may really look a bit STRICT,

You’re just an eager tutor, the best in the CLIQUE16!  


[Wilbert and AMY are shown in this photo together with their lovely and alluring daughters: (From L-R: Gabby,  Frances and Winnie)]




[Legend: 1 – GONER is used in this BLOG to mean something that won’t last; as I really thought all along that if I get to start BLOGGING; it would just be for an ephemeral and short duration and time.
2 – I have a lot of EXTRA-CURRICULARs then such as being an informal YOGA guide and driller,  a college parents’ organization’s Year-Level representative, a speech writer for Daddy Max, a legal counsel for a war veterans’ group, a regular badminton player, a director for a couple of foundations, a corporate secretary for several companies and a retained counsel for a host of clients.
3 – FUNICULAR is used in this BLOG in a manner which sorts of PERSONIFY the “ascending” and “descending” ways the pile of paperwork on my office table go…it would seem as though a continuing and never-ending cycle of accumulation of paperwork; then finishing them off; then another series of accumulation and resolution/termination…
4 – Being born on May 2, 1965; AMY is a SNAKE person. Before involving herself in the family business, AMY was PurchasING Group Manager of PROCTER & GAMBLE (“P & G”)  INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS-SINGAPORE, her last posting until her resignation in December 2013. Prior thereto, AMY was with P & T – TAIWAN and much earlier on with P & G DISTRIBUTING-PHILIPPINES.  
5 – A quick research via GOOGLE would show that a SNAKE PERSON is so ORDERLY and INTELLIGENT.
6 – After almost TWO (2) years of being a BLOGGER; I have loved this preoccupation  and it would seem that there is always a thing, an event or an occasion to BLOG about. To date, I have written 226 BLOGS, 110 of which consist of this FUN-RHYME BLOG series.
7 – A person born in 1965 is classified as a WOOD SNAKE person who is not only ORDERLY, INTELLIGENT but is also possessed with a refined taste and a lover of the arts.
8 – AMY has been my wife’s (i.e. Dang) customary and regular buyer and procurer of the best pastry that Dang bakes, the PECAN TARTS. And Amy would usually buy it in bulk. Indeed, being a topnotch PASTRY CHEF, my wife Dang bakes the most delicious PECAN TARTS in the whole universe.  
9 – Amy’s ZODIAC sign is TAURUS, and a person born under this ZODIAC sign is referred to as TAURIAN.
10 – The term MONUMENT is used in this BLOG to denote the PINNACLE of SUCCESS.
11-  YEAHs refer to Amy’s parents’ acquiescence into giving Amy’s hand in marriage unto my brother WILBERT. When Amy’s parents sighed in unison that they will be losing a daughter; both of them with a streak of tear exuding from their eyes…I was compelled to make a quick retort…  “Though you will be gaining a SON…”. And their acquiescence quickly followed.
 12 – The slang meaning of POPPY is a girl who looks good and is so intelligent. 
13 – COSMOPOLITAN, as used in this BLOG,  means familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures, as Wilbert’s and AMY’s daughters are the so-called THIRD CULTURE KIDS, kids who have been reared and raised in a country which is not their parents’ native land particularly in TAIWAN, SINGAPORE, U.S.A.  and  CANADA.
14 – T.R.A.M. is an acronym which has that slang meaning of: “THAT REALLY AMAZES ME”.
16  – CLIQUE is used in this BLOG to mean GROUP.]



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