[The DOC ANDY TAN BADMINTON CUP-ASPAC (2016-2017) was a great success as it was a unique experience for BEGINNERS who sort of stumbled into a real tournament event. The skilled players had their time mentoring and strategizing on how to guide their BEGINNER-TEAM-TANDEM into snatching a score. As I was too busy coordinating the event, I was unable to snap many photos; but I am sure many of those who attended-participated  will eventually upload the photos in their respective FB accounts. The YELLOW TEAM skippered by Doc Andy Tan and Earl Elpa was declared CHAMP. First RUNNER-UP is the White Team skippered by Kattie Sy and Jose Mari Revilla. The SECOND Runner-UP slot went to the RED TEAM skippered by Christian David and Pinky Santos. Finally, the KALABASA AWARD went to the BLUE TEAM to where I belong. A BOODLE-FIGHT as shown in the right photo capped the half-day tourney. ASPAC is acronym for the ATENEO SCHOOLS PARENTS COUNCIL. See you all at the NEXT TOURNAMENT!!!!]

Nagkasubukan na ang lahat at okey ang naging BANAT,

YELLOW Team ang syang naging PAMBATO’T SIKAT1;

Aba may KNEELING SHOT2 pa si Doc ANDY,

Akala mo’y nag-GEGENUFLECT kay Mama MARY…


Sumegunda naman ang WHITE Team ni KATTIE,

Muntik pang mauwi sa KASO ang labanang HOTTIE3;

Aba’y nakia-alam na ang lahat ng mga PLAYERS,

Mabuti’t si Gen. PIANO4 umusal ng munting PRAYER…

 [At right photo is the CHAMPION TEAM, the YELLOW TEAM which is skippered by ASPAC Prexy Doc Andy Tan and Earl Elpa. At left photo is the FIRST RUNNER-UP Team, the WHITE TEAM which is skippered by ASPAC Veep Kattie Sy and Jose Marie Revilla.] 


Ang PANGATLO naman ay ang RED Team5,

Akala ko’y sila ang siyang MABIBITIN;

Dahil pana’y ang reklamo ni JULIET REMORQUE,

Shallow BENCH daw ang syang taglay nilang MARQUEE!6



[The RED TEAM which is skippered by Christian David and Daisy Gacura is shown in this photo with Daddy Max. The RED TEAM snatched the 2nd RUNNER-UP slot.] 

Pero bumanat ng husto si RAFA FRANCISCO7,

Umani ng PANALO pati tandem ko TINALO;

Ako pa naman ang bumili ng KALABASA,

Yon pala’y sa BLUE Team8 ko ang squash ay ma-IPAPASA!



[Here is a photo of the BLUE TEAM skippered by Robert Tan and Pinky Santos with Daddy Max. The BLUE TEAM bagged the KALABASA Award for coming in last.]


[The long table which became the VENUE of the BOODLE-FIGHT (and the main feature of the DOC ANDY BADMINTON CUP) is shown here being daintily prepared by ASPAC Board Member Mikee Rubina as she places the variety of foodstuffs  on top of the cooked rice and adjoining thereat.]

Yong BOODLE FIGHT ang siya nama’y naging TAMPOK,

Dinagdagan ko tuloy and TOKA kong MANOK9,

Siyempre yun ay ang maraming bawang na CHICKEN PORK ADOBO;

Ginawa ko na tuloy halos ay SAMPUNG KILO!



Mukha namang lahat ay nabusog at NASIYAHAN,

Nagpaluto na rin ako ng ISDANG


Ito na nga rin kasi ang syang BLOW-OUT KO,

Dahil panganay ko’y mag-sa-say “I DO”!



Hindi na ako pinayagang  na mag-IMBITA PA,

Bilang ulirang ITAY, ako’y TUMALIMA!

Dahil daw sa bilang ng DANCE STUDIO students NILA,

Lahat ay naimbitahan halos sila’y nangakong PUPUNTA!




Pumalo ng TRES SIYENTOS ang syang naging ENROLLMENT11,

Ganun bilang din marahil ang darating sa EVENT…

At saka nama’y nakapunta na rin talaga KAYO,

Sa ANGELFIELDS Sanctuary noong pang MARSO DIES Y’OTSO12!



At ang sarap din naman ng KAIN nyo DOON,

Pati nga yong DESSERT masarap na NILAMON;

Kaya NEXT TIME na lang sa paligsahang BADMINTON,

Dadagdagan ko ang BOODLE-FIGHT  ng HOPYA at MAMON!


[The Doc ANDY TAN BADMINTON CUP was great opportunity for BONDING too among the officers and staff of the ASPAC as depicted in this photo showing all the colors of the TOURNAMENT: YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE and RED. It was a great time for FAMILY BONDING too as Dra. Digna Gavina brought along her granddaughter, 3rd from right, making out a PRETTY-LOOK-AT ME pose.]  


[Legend: 1 – The YELLOW TEAM which was skippered by ASPAC Prexy Doc Andy Tan and  Earl Elpa won the CHAMP TROPHY and the CASH PRIZE of Php 10,000.00. The FIRTS RUNNER-UP slot was snatched by the WHITE TEAM which  team is skippered by Veep KATTIE SY and JOSE MARI REVILLA. 
2 – In one of the episodes of the hotly-contested game  between the BLUE TEAM Tandem of ROBERT TAN and PINKY SANTOS and the YELLOW TEAM Tandem of DOC ANDY TAN and EARL ELPA, Doc Andy Tan delivered a strike of the shuttlecock which successfully cascaded atop the net’s edge into the opposing court while in  a kneeling position.
3 – In another episode  of another hotly-contested game  between the WHITE TEAM Tandem of WARREN YOUNG and CINDY FRANCO and the YELLOW TEAM Tandem of RAUL PANLASIQUI and TINA ANDAYA, there arose a scoring controversy which WARREN was spiritedly defending. The problem was that everybody from both competing teams (i.e. YELLOW and WHITE Teams) was intruding into the officiating chore of the SCORER-REFEREE Fiscal Arnold Magpantay.  Intimidated perhaps by Col. Agane Adriatico of the WHITE Team and the fact that the principal sponsor of the TOURNEY, Doc Andy Tan, is from the YELLOW Team; Fiscal ARNOLD whiled away the time until the controversy got resolved to the satisfaction and acquiescence of all.
4 – Well, actually—anent the aforesaid controversy, after Gen. George Piano of the WHITE TEAM uttered a little prayer and pacified WARREN, the conflict was immediately resolved and the play quickly resumed.
5 –  The RED TEAM which was skippered by CHRISTIAN DAVID and DAISY GACURA was declared as SECOND RUNNER-UP.  
6 – The term MARQUEE is used here to mean a  SIGN.
7 – RED TEAM member RAFA FRANCISCO (15 yr. old son of Fiscal WALLY FRANCISCO of the YELLOW TEAM) is the team-tandem mate of RACHELLE TAN, ROBERT TAN’s better half (in fact they were celebrating their wedding anniversary today – May 1, 2017) and which tandem carried the RED TEAM to its SECOND RUNNER-UP position.
8 – The BLUE TEAM where I belong is skippered by ROBERT TAN and PINKY SANTOS…and the BLUE TEAM proudly received the KALABASA Award.
9 – My POT-LUCK contribution was the CHICKEN-PORK ADOBO…more of the CHICKEN actually…
10 – ISDANG PAMPISTAHAN refers to kinds of FISH which are served during TOWN FIESTAS or FEASTS like Lapu-lapu, Talakitok, etc.
11 – My eldest daughter WINSHAYNA who will be wed at the ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary, this week-end, manager and operates a HIPHOP DANCE Studio which carries a peaked enrollment during the school summer break.
12-  Through the courtesy and generosity of Doc Andy Tan, the ASPAC staff and officers held a bonding get-away to the ANGELFIELDS Nature Sanctuary on March 18, 2017 and partook of sumptuous meal thereat.]

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