[Here is my son TONTON walking the ramp (acting out as though a topnotch ramp MODEL) during the 2016 CHRISTMAS party at the REED ELSEVIER company (a British-Australian multinational firm) where TONTON is currently employed. Well, the photo seems too apt to show in light of my prognostication in this FUN-RHYME BLOG that TONTON will in the future become a GREAT and AFFLUENT person. Take note of the NUMBER 8 ( a very lucky number indeed, in Chinese belief).HAPPY BIRTHDAY TON!!!!] 



You’re a child born in the year of the DRAGON,

And eventually you’ve been nicknamed as TONTON;

Your nickname evokes such massiveness & weight,

Not just one TON but twice the freight1!




 Thus, I truly feel you’ll soon be great,

For those DRAGON born would gladly state:

“Our luck and fortune are bright in gaze,

They come in great number even through a haze…”2




When you were an infant in your nonage,

Your Mom and I hired a female page3;

She was a nursemaid with Visayan accent,

Taking  care of you like crazy sans any dent4!




That nursemaid even prohibited us;

Your Mom, myself; she would even cuss;

As though she’s your mom, and us just like none,

No chance to be near you, when twilight has come!



 On hindsight now, I feel and think—

That nursemaid might have thought & cringed;

That she was nursing5 some kind of royalty,

Perhaps not yet; sort of  some  destiny!




And now on your way to full adulthood,

You’ll soon perhaps attain affluent livelihood;

Could it be some fortune in the MEGALOTTO,

I’ll cross my fingers; I still don’t know…




But with your diligence, industry and ken…

I’ll hope and pray just like any fatherly kin;

That you’ll be great and even massive…

Oh not your weight— I am thinking of wealth!



And if you’ll truly win the MEGALOTTO,

Be truly generous and don’t be LOCO6;

Though wealth is good, it sparks some kind of ROCOCO7

Just stay as SIMPLE, WISE and GOD-FEARING; it’s truly a great MOTTO!


[Here’s a wacky photo of TONTON with his GF, Aly Duyan.] 





[Legend: 1 – FREIGHT is used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG to mean VALUE and/or VOLUME.
2 – Those born in the YEAR of the DRAGON are customarily regarded as very LUCKY and BLESSED persons.
 3 – PAGE is used in this FUN-RHYME BLOG to mean an attendant; actually a nursemaid in fact.
4 – That nursemaid whom we hired (who was then about 40 years old) was so caring and so very strict that she would not want Tonton to be touched or caressed while Tonton, during his infancy, was sleeping or past asleep.
5 – NURSING is used here to mean taking care of an infant.
6 – LOCO is used here to mean FOOLISH.
7 – ROCOCO is used here to mean as a sign of LAVISHNESS.]

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