[My UP Law classmate and friend ARIEL F. ABONAL (former CHIEF LEGAL COUNSEL of CHEVRON PHILIPPINES) is shown in the LEFT PHOTO doing a THUMBS-UP sign as though virtually intimating that he has truly been financially-rewarded by his past-and-last employer CHEVRON-PHILIPPINES as he NOW just whiles away the time playing GOLF weekly without fail. This seems to be the indication as the RACONTEUR in ARIEL entertained us all with exciting stories and tales (i.e. myself, JOE CAMANO, PAUL LENTEJAS and MARYJO, JOE’s niece) at the BARRIO FIESTA last night for an evening cum dinner to remember, courtesy of JOE CAMANO who is returning to MICHIGAN, USA today. Top-right photo was snapped by a waiter and the blonde-haired ARIEL (second from right)  is seen in an all smile pose, a picture of contentment and sheer affluence. Bottom-right photo is a GOLF score-sheet showing ARIEL leading the pack of players at the SOUTHWOODS GOLF COURSE. I was actually of the initial impression that as he was mostly into CORPORATE LAW practice, he was sort of not much honed in LITIGATION. But, I got so amazed after ARIEL talked about his wide LITIGATION experience with RELISH and GUSTO. ARRIBA ARIEL!!!!]



‘Twas good that JOE CAMANO1 CALLED,

For if not, I would have not been TOLD;

That a lawyer-friend and a gushing CLASSMATE,

Who for a time was once my helpful SEATMATE —

Is an all-around lawyer with classy TASTE!





And his ELECTION3 has appeared in an ANNAL4;

I was amazed that he’s swell at LITIGATION,

I thought all along that he’s just best in SHEER LOCUTION—

As what he narrated last night was REVELATION…




He has slammed a Board Member in NAGA CITY5,

Who thought all along his term is in PERPETUITY;

And the COMELEC EN BANC sustained ARIEL’s CAUSE,

Thus ARIEL served with HONOR sans any RECOURSE6

He has served as EXEMPLAR without any RUCKUS7!





And his tastes are varied and DIVERSE,

For as CHEVRON’s 8 Chief Law Counsel he’s not PERVERSE;

He has served the company9 with HONOR —

And advanced CHEVRON’s cause with VALOR…

A case of DUE PROCESS which magistrates did not FAVOR 10!





As the case at first seemed to have been ASSURED;

Though some kind of manipulation and PRESSURE…

Turned the tide against his client for SURE!

The author of the SCAM eventually got FISSURED11



‘Twas a night filled with FOOD & NARRATION,

ARIEL caused us to laugh with SATISFACTION;


Our TABLE of FRIENDS surely never got FAMISHED…

The TABLE remained filled with food that was “UNRAVISHED”12!




And his rambling account of his POLL CAMPAIGN,

Where he got benighted in the boondocks near the PLAINS;

Got left behind by those younger campaigners…so FUNNY,

Was compelled to ride a PONY…so BONY—

Thus he opted to walk along the road…so STONY!




Indeed ARIEL’s stint at CHEVRON was truly REWARDING,

He now plays GOLF every week without MISSING;

And his auburn sun-tanned skin still mesmerizes the DAMES…

His blonde hair makes him look as though one of the DANES13

A closer view makes him look as though Asturian from SPAIN14!




The quick meet among friends was organized by JOE 15,

And ARIEL was JOE’s town mate16 and closest AMIGO;

PAUL LENTEJAS17 was there too, coaching us not to be LOCO17a

He said he has helped a lot of mates from UP Law…

One even got rescued from dire CONTEMPT…it’s TRUE18 !




And JOE will fly back again to his SECOND HOME,

That’s in MICHIGAN the site of Mount ARVON19;

His gracious wife is a TOPNOTCH and EXCELLENT NURSE20,

That’s why perhaps JOE CAMANO has a FAT BURSE21

And he’s a proud baby-sitter22; the best in the UNIVERSE!!!!




[Legend: 1 – JOE CAMANO aka JOSE CAMANO is my good friend and classmate in the UP College of Law way back in the 70s. He started out as an evening student and thereafter, perhaps raring to become a lawyer so quick, he transferred to the morning section.
2 – ARIEL ABONAL is a very amiable classmate at the UP Law who started out at the UP Law in 1973 and for a time was my classmate (and for once my seat mate) in some of our UP Law evening classes. Both JOE and ARIEL hail from Naga City, the seat of the widely venerated OUR LADY OF PEÑAFRANCIA.
3 – ARIEL for a time threw his hat in the political arena and untimately was elected as BOARD MEMBER of the Province of Camarines Sur after a grueling election suit which saw the disqualification of the initial WINNER by reason of having ran for more than 3 terms in violation of the 3-term limit enshrined in the law and Constitution.
4 – The hotly-contested legal BATTLE was actually journalized and is contained in the SCRA except that ARIEL failed to give me the citation.
5 – NAGA CITY is the premiere city in Camarines Sur; though the post which was contested is the PROVINCIAL post of BOARD MEMBER. The rival of ARIEL was espousing the view that after a “gerrymandering” was had which entailed the splitting of the Congressional district in TWO (2) a fresh term could be had despite the fact that this rival has already served 3 terms.
6 –  ARIEL ran for election without much FUNDING from the acknowledged POLITICAL WAR LORDS of Camarines Sur. Indeed, ARIEL bank-rolled his campaign mostly through his own financial resource; a rare breed of politicians INDEED.
7 – ARIEL served as BOARD MEMBER without any scandal or tinge of corruption during his term.
8 – CHEVRON-PHILIPPINES is one of the largest investors in the country, with more than $2 billion in capital investments. It markets Caltex® fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products. Its network of service stations, terminals and sales offices forms the backbone of its presence in the Philippines.
10 – As the case involves BIG names, just ask ARIEL about the FACTS of the CASE (in case you’d bump into him) and he surely would narrate about the SNAFU with gusto.
11-  Indeed, the SCAM’s author got “disjointed” from his venerable post.
12 – UNRAVISHED is used in this BLOG to mean “UNCONSUMED” due to sheer number of the FOOD ordered. 
13 – A quick and hurried look at ARIEL would make one feel that he is CAUCASIAN with auburn-tanned skin. The CAUCASIAN look is somewhat akin to a Dane friend of mine who sported a BLONDE HAIR and BLONDE moustache too…he,he,he…
14 – A further look unto ARIEL’s mien reminds me of an Asturian whom I met when I went to the Northern part of Spain in 1999 …it is the same BLONDE HAIR and BLONDE MOUSTACHE which seems to me as to be truly Castilian, nay Asturian, in character. The BLONDE MOUSTACHE seems to look as showered by sea-salt aerosols from the nearby Cantabrian Sea which adjoins and sort of washes the ASTURIAS province in northern coastal Spain.
16  – ARIEL and JOE as earlier said, are both from Naga City.
17 – PAUL LENTEJAS is another classmate at the UP Law whose LAW PRACTICE is truly FANTASTIC. He is a regular habitué at the halls of the SANDIGANBAYAN where he has acquitted a host of satisfied and grateful clients. PAUL is actually Batch 78 of UP Law (the same batch with ARIEL and JOE). I was originally supposed to be Batch 79 and JOE was my original batch mate except that he transferred on the following year into the morning-professional section (non-working students). But, I took a leave for a year and landed thereafter as Batch 1980.
17a – PAUL excellently advised us that in case we are engaged by fellow-lawyers to be a counsel in a disbarment case…”NEVER EVER BILL THE CLIENT’, he said.  And that has been his guiding rule ever since, as PAUL said that if eventually you got into “hot waters’ too; you can quickly expect a counsel pro bono who will earnestly defend you.
18 – PAUL talked about a classmate who engaged his services in a disbarment case. But as PAUL is a true-blue gentleman, PAUL never revealed the name of his client despite the persistent prodding made by ARIEL.
19 –  Mount ARVON is the highest natural point in Michigan, USA.
20 – JOE CAMANO’s wife, the GRAND and GRACIOUS GLORIA,  is a topnotch NURSE in Michigan.
22 – JOE has proudly confessed that he is the BABY-SITTER of his APOS (i.e. grandchildren) and it seems, JOE is really raring and willing to SPOIL and PAMPER them all…He,he,he…HAPPY BABY-SITTING JOE!]




  1. Mabuhay ang ating wonderful and accomplished classmates Ariel Abonal and Joe Camano. Ariel visited us here in California. Joe, I believe, will also visit us.

  2. Classmate salamat sa libreng blog mo sa akin. Pinag puyatan mo na naman kagabi ang blog mo sa akin. Pero ka hanga hanga ang blog mo at buti lang pawang katotohanan lang kwinento ko kagabi. Kita ulit sa lalong madaling panahon.

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    1. Thank you Carol…I will take your proposal under advisement…but I really am doing this for FUN…perhaps in the future as I do it also in my spare time after my lawyering job…THANK YOU!

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