[Hannah Y. Kim recently resigned as CHIEF OF STAFF of Congressman Charlie B. Rangel who retired in January 2017 as Congressman of NEW YORK-MANHATTAN district. Hannah was formerly the communications director for retired Congressman Charlie B. Rangel and who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1971. Hannah during her co-terminous term, chaired the 10-elected-member Board of Democratic Communicators Network made up of congressional press aides in both chambers and the administration. As founder of Remember 727, Hannah spearheaded the historic passage of the Korean War Veterans Recognition Act (U.S. Public Law 111-41), which was enacted by President Barack Obama on July 27, 2009. Hannah grew up in Los Angeles, California, and envisioned herself as an ambassadress between the United States and Korea. When Hannah graduated early from high school, she thereafter attended the Seoul National University, where she eventually earned a bachelor’s in literature. Upon returning home to the United States, she obtained a master’s in legislative affairs at the George Washington University as well as graduate certificates in entrepreneurship at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and international relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Hannah remains very passionate about all things related to the Korean War, as she on her own embarked on a private enterprise to do a journey through all the nations that sent army contingents to the 1950 KOREAN War and helped South Korea to defend FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY against the communists-invaders .]


The visit of HANNAH to DADDY MAX at the UERM1,

Proved to be a breath of fresh air- – AMEN2;

It excited each and every one of us in our CLAN3,

DADDY MAX accommodated HANNAH with much ELAN4!




And we all got swept off our  FEET,

As we met an alluring lady who’s statuesque and SVELTE;

DADDY5 has been reported much BORED staying at his ROOM6,

But the BOREDOM got swept by a seemingly dainty BROOM!




Though HANNAH wore a face MASK,

Her beauty cannot be hidden as MUCH;

Her eyes are truly TANTALIZING,

She’s got the OOMPH – she too has  much ZING!




Most were against it, some were a bit HUSHED;

It truly was not an opportune MOMENT,

DADDY MAX was then already in CONFINEMENT8



It took the Prexy of the UERM9 to make a DECISION,

Though it entailed some kind of DISSENSION;

Well, it was indeed a happy ACCOMODATION,

Could have broken HANNAH’s heart, if ‘twas “NO PERMISSION”…



But as it turned out and RESULTED,


For it really is DADDY MAX’s BABY10,

All about PEFTOK11, he’ll tell the pretty LADY!




When HANNAH briefed us ‘bout the INTERVIEW,

We were all the more amazed with the scope , the PURVIEW;

She even made DADDY feel like ROYALTY,

HANNAH bowed down to DADDY as though an ORDERLY…



But HANNAH truly has excellent CREDENTIALS,

She was CHIEF OF STAFF & former recorder of ANNALS;

It was at the United States CONGRESS12,

Started out as a SECRETARY involving the PRESS!




And now with HANNAH’s COMING,

We’ve added a kin, a nice COMMINGLING;

With DADDY MAX’s American BLEND,

We’ve sort of put in a KOREAN GENE!



And so HANNAH we welcome YOU,

You’ll be an AUNT to all of my KIDDO13;

And DADDY MAX will be your beloved GRANDPA,

Hope to see you in a formal BARUCH HABA14!!!!




[Legend: 1 – UERM is acronym for the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center. It actually is a hospital with a medical school.
2 – AMEN is a word of Hebrew origins which means “SO BE IT” or “IT IS TRUE”.
3 – CLAN refers to the YOUNG CLAN; our CLAN composed of Daddy Max and his wife, myself and my family and the families of my other SEVEN (7) siblings as well as the families of the children of my siblings.
4 – ELAN mean lively ENERGY.
5 – DADDY refers to DADDY MAX.
6 –  ROOM refers to the hospital room at the UERM where Daddy Max got confined after an initial diagnosis of some strain of FLU which turned out to be a case of PNEUMONIA.
7 – When the matter of the INTERVIEW to be conducted by HANNAH Y KIM was discussed among the medical doctors of Daddy Max, his own physician was actually against it as in fact, visits to Daddy Max was limited to ONLY TWO (2) per visit and that the visits must be SHORT not to exceed 10 minutes.
8 – Daddy Max was already in confinement on April 1, 2017.
9 – It was actually the President of the UERM, Dr. Romeo Divinagracia, who gave the permission for HANNAH to proceed with the interview as the medical doctors attending to Daddy Max’s needs were not then accommodating at all due to the risks of further contamination which could prejudice Daddy Max’s recovery.
10 – DADDY MAX is much engrossed in the affairs and activities at the PEFTOK which is the association of Filipino Korean War veterans and he actually treats the PEFTOK as his own BABY, so to speak.
12 – HANNAH served initially as Press Secretary, then Director for Communications and eventually as CHIEF OF STAFF to former Congressman Charlie Rangel of the United States Congress (who was Congressman for NEW YORK-Manhattan District) until his retirement in January 2017.  
13 – KIDDO is slang term for CHILDREN.
14 – BARUCH HABA is a Hebrew practice, sort of an event of a WELCOMING party.]

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