[My dear UP Law classmate and friend, MARIO CLUTARIO, with his soul-mate, gracious wife and marital partner MARITA when they attended the recent National Convention of Prosecutors of the Philippines which was held in Subic, Zambales. HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY! BIRTHDAY BOY…MARIO CLUTARIO!]


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You are an ARIAN, my dear MARIO,

You are a WATER DRAGON, it’s TRUE…

And VLADIMIR PUTIN1, is of your same BREW!


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As a WATER DRAGON2 person,

You’re as VIGOROUS like a LION;

You’re persevering and farsighted too,

‘Twas my perception in our class at UP Law3!



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In my honest cognition, you really talked sense…

As in our Law evening classes thence,

I would attentively listen to your circumspection- –

Knowing fully well, that it’s not just mere locution!


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Indeed, every time you do a discourse,

My   ears as a cinch would listen, of course!

For you did not only sound so authoritative —

It’s as if you’re a pastor,  who’s gone contemplative!


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And as a diligent public prosecutor4,

You’ve helped me with much vim and vigor;

Accepting my plea for an early dawn meet,

Even at your house, with my client who’s unmeek5!


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I could not really forget that concession,

Almost breaking the rule in an investigation6;

But as you really value much FRIENDSHIP,

You even raised my esteem amongst my KITHSHIP7!


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And on your NATAL day, I’ll joyfully state- –

Happy BIRTHDAY!    my dear UP Law classmate;

You’ve been my secret IDOL Monsieur – – –

I’m quite amazed then, as you quaff much LIQUOR!


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By being absent at your BIRTHDAY PARTY,

BABES NAVARRO will be my able PROXY;

But as I am really busy for a FAMILY EVENT,

Hope you’ll find time to be at the PAGEANT!

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1 – Russian Federation President VLADIMIR PUTIN was born on October 7, 1952 and is therefore under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the WATER DRAGON.
2 – Water Dragon persons are known for their traits of being PERSEVERING, FARSIGHTED and VIGOROUS.
3 – Mario and I were classmates at the University of the Philippines-College of Law circa 1974-1979. I actually filed a leave of absence for a semester, and as some subjects are offered only on a yearly basis — for which reason I graduated in 1980 at the UP Law.
4 – Mario was appointed PUBLIC PROSECUTOR for the province of Rizal. There was a time when I got engaged by a client who had an earlier criminal case where a warrant of arrest was issued with no provision for bail, I asked Mario to accommodate my client’s plea to subscribe before him at his Pasig home in the wee hours of the early dawn to elude a possible arrest by the Pasig police force. This was so as the case where a warrant of arrest with no provision for bail  similarly emanated from the  Office of the City Prosecutor of Pasig City.
5 – My client then was a little bit UNMEEK as she was even boasting about the early dawn setting for her to subscribe under oath before Mar (at Mar’s very own Pasig home) in regard to the affidavits that she was to file relative to sequel criminal complaints which were filed against her. I myself was amazed by the bravado shown by my lady-client who eventually was arrested and even stayed pregnant in jail and delivered a baby while in confinement.
6 – INVESTIGATION refers to the preliminary investigation conducted by the Office of the City Prosecutor.
7 – My lady client eventually even boasted about how she earlier on, evaded arrest via the strategy of getting Mario’s accommodation to have her subscribe under oath (those affidavits) before Mario sub rosa at his residence (i.e. Mario’s Pasig Home) as early as 5:00 AM then.]

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