[ I actually called the YOGA sked last night OFF as I abruptly opted to visit Daddy Max at the UERM where he has been confined since April 1 initially due to FLU. This was after his doctor texted us all to do short visits to him as Daddy Max was getting bored and unhappy for his lengthy confinement. But Warren, my youngest brother who was at the Badminton Hall playing with his regular badminton buddies, called me up by cellphone as I was on my way to UERM. Perhaps those who appeared raring to do YOGA may have not checked their phones after I made a text blast. So, as I actually visited Daddy Max earlier in the morning; I decided to just visit him today as visiting him after 8 pm (if I still went on to do a visit after the YOGA) would disturb his circadian cycle of sleep! So, I called in at the BADMINTON Hall and yelled..LET’S  DO YOGA! Above photos  were snapped by a prospective yogi who said he’ll just watch first the session and decide next time to join or NOT. …Well, it is good too that my brother WILSON is Vice-Chairman of UERMMCI acronym  for University of the East-Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center, Inc., for which reason the excellent doctors thereat are all taking good care of Daddy Max…]


I was set to visit Daddy Max at the UERM1,

But ended up in early evening still in the company of FEMMES1a;

I actually text-blasted the word —




But as it was timely reported to me,

Some cute ladies2 were waiting for me;

So, I turned back my CAR in FULL,

And drove back to the BADMINTON HALL!



‘Tis indeed surprising why ladies—

Outnumber the boys, those BEES3;

Indeed, the FLOWERS4  in NUMBER—

Dominate the BEES, mostly in SUMMER5!



So, I got curious as I did a research…

Even among celebrities, ladies seem on PERCH6,

Though CHARLIZE THERON7 is on TOP of the LIST,

LADY GAGA seemed to be TOPs on YOGA gossips8!



YOGA is truly healthy exercise,

Starts with deep breathing, toxins get EXCISED9;


SPINES need to be bent to keep it ADJUSTED10!



For every YOGA posture POSING11,

There’s a benefit … with added HUMMING12;

And expelling the STALE AIR from the LUNGS13,

It’s as if one’s grunting like those warlike HUNS14!



I sort of reminisce the not so distant past,

When bunches of attendees take an early REPAST15;

And that the BADMINTON HALL would swell,

With almost 40 yogis…that’s well!16



As long as I can make it STILL,

I’ll conduct FREE YOGA even in a MILL17;


Even though it’s ORDEAL, am not a  MELT18!




[Legend: 1 – UERM is acronym for the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center. It actually is a hospital with a medical school.
1a-  FEMME is a French word meaning WOMAN and FEMMES means WOMEN.
2 – The CUTE ladies who were waiting for me were Mes. Grace Agane, Marilen Banaticla and Mae De Lima, who are part of the usual YOGA group which has regular sessions every Thursdays and Saturdays. Except that as this week is HOLY WEEK, the Thursday sked was cancelled and it was sked on Tuesday instead. 
3 – BEES is a poetic reference to BOYS or the GENTS.
4 –  FLOWERS is a poetic reference to GIRLS or LADIES.
5 – SUMMER in the Philippines is usually the season for outings and excursions and school vacation. Some lady attendees would have the time to attend the YOGA practice as they are not much engrossed in fetching their child or assisting their kids by teaching them their school lessons. Actually, the female attendees outnumber the males 10 to 2.
6 – ON PERCH is used to denote here as being on TOP (as the act of perching among the FOWL species is mostly done atop the tree branches); though the actual meaning is RESTING.  
7 – Among the top Hollywood celebrities who are into YOGA, Charlize Theron is NUMBER 1.
8 – LADY GAGA is however number 1 in GOSSIPS about her supposed YOGA predilection. Gossip columns are filled with stories doubting as to whether Lady Gaga is really doiung YOGA as she would be going to those YOGA studios elegantly dressed even in high-heels and would come out of the YOGA class, again elegantly dressed and in high-heels without any trace of sweat.  On the other hand, Charlize Theron comes to YOGA casually dressed with a sleeveless top,  leggings and  trainers and would leave the YOGA class attired the same and sort of sweaty a bit.
9 – The DEEP BREATHING exercise is supposed to be aimed at expelling or EXCISING the stale air or bad air from our lungs after those stale air is accumulated in the lower bottoms sacs of the lungs.
10 – There is a YOGA posture called the HALF-MOON pose wherein the bending is done as though bending the spine to the right; thence to the left; thence backward and finally forward. This is prefaced with the stretching of the spine as though elongating it from its regular length; sort of adjusting it, the SPINE.
11-  POSTURE POSING could either be done via BENDING, or CRUNCHING, or ARCHING or STRETCHING.
12 – When expelling the STALE air from one’s lungs, the exhalation is done through the MOUTH and to add some air of a relaxing juncture, the expulsion of the air through the mouth is done with a HUMMING SOUND.
13 – As we do not do deep-breathing 24 x 7, the tendency is that stale air is stored in the lungs which invariably causes some pulmonary ailments. Thus, it is best to clean the lungs via deep-breathing YOGA style.
14 – The HUNS is a warlike tribe of people originally based Central Asia. These Huns have been reported as a “savage race, which dwelt at first in the swamps, a stunted, foul and puny tribe, scarcely human and having no language save one which bore but slight resemblance to human speech.” Thus, their language seemed to be some kind of a mere GRUNT. And in YOGA, every time you expel the air, it is suggested to do is as though with a grunt.
15 – REPAST is a meal. And as YOGA being a form of exercise; it is not advised to do it with a stomach that is full; so the resort to taking an early supper before YOGA.
16 – At the height of the popularity of YOGA among my regular attendees when I started doing FREE YOGA sessions to KITH and KIN, the highest number of attendance registered 39 in all.
17 – Going through a MILL is slang for ORDEAL. Truly, YOGA, particularly BIKRAM YOGA,  if you do it by yourself alone is ORDEAL.
18 – MELT is slang term for IDIOT. So, as it is ORDEAL, I do YOGA with a group so that it would look, sound and feel a bit of FUN.]

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