[I have started to focus on writing FUN-RHYME BLOGS about my fraternity (i.e. the PI OMICRON) and our partner-sorority, the DELTA PI OMICRON, particularly about members thereof who have carved out a niche in their respective fields and/or professions. This is to drumbeat interest too, in connection with the coming PI OMICRON NATIONAL CONVENTION which is being spearheaded by our PI OMICRON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT, Brod Bert Somera. The NATIONAL CONVENTION is slated to be held on December 15-17, 2017 in Legazpi City in Albay. Thus, this serves as ICE-BREAKER BLOG to honor our gracious, elegant and pretty sisses of the DELTA PI OMICRON….Manay LOLIT SOLIS is our sorority sister being a member of the UP DELTA PI OMICRON SORORITY. Most of the new sisses of the DELTA PI OMICRON FRATERNITY cannot seem to accept the verity that Manay LOLIT, now so “SOSI” and RICH, and who has now turned into a marvelous star-maker is sorority sister of the DELTA PI OMICRON. Manay LOLIT started out as a movie-scribe and she would almost do arm-twisting techniques to insure her stories would see print. As a movie-scribe, Manay Lolit was once described as possessed with a pen which is mightier than the sword, in many sense. The late veteran-journalist, TEDDY BENIGNO, once said that: “…AT ANY WAY YOU LOOKED AT LOLIT, SHE LOOKED LIKE A MINI-PATTON TANK POSITIONING ITS GUN TURRET FOR A BELCH…”!  Manay LOLIT, the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY and the DELTA PI OMICRON SORORITY wish you GOOD LUCK and  MORE BOUNTIFUL BLESSINGS! “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO to my crush, bing martinez” SAYS LOLIT!]


It was my recruitment to the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY1,

Which made me an acquaintance AND friend of this PERT LADY2;

That was in 1967 in the Diliman COMMUNITY3,

This story that I’ll reveal is a bit JUICY4!



LOLIT was a bit brobdingnagian5 that TIME,

As our other sisses then were petite and just FINE;

And LOLIT dressed up then a bit low6 and LOOSE7,

You’d even think then that she’s just downed some BOOZE8!



Because of her size — the joke that just CRACKED,

Was she’ll be PI O’s front-liner9 who could give a big WHACK;

In case there’ll be a rumble versus a bellicose FRAT10

LOLIT really looked like a tomboyish BRAT!



But LOLIT was indeed caring and a loyal FRIEND,

She actually was the go-between between JAMEL11 and his GIRLFRIEND12;

If there came a spat between these 2 LOVERS,

LOLIT was helpful with the closed LOUVERS13!



Eventually LOLIT’s stint at UP got CONCLUDED14,

And into the silver screen, she saucily INTRUDED15;

Thereafter she became topnotch TALENT MANAGER,

LOLIT quickly zoomed up as though pursued by an OGRE16!



For after 27 years, I met up with LOLIT—


She was devastated … ‘twas such a  HEAVY DOWNPOUR!



As we got reconnected and got always in TOUCH,

I got her to talk with our mutual “KA-BATCH”18

That epic talk which got held in BULACAN,

Brought LOLIT back to her poise… indeed ‘twas well DONE!19



Eventually, LOLIT became my sosi 20 KUMARE,21

As she served as godmother to my daughter ALEE22;

I gifted her even with a cute POMERANIAN,23

Which  I personally brought to her FAIRVIEW TAHANAN24!



But the secrets I learned from my sosi KUMARE,

Perhaps she’ll allow me… if not I’ll say SORRY;

Her secret crush then whose baiting eyes she ADORES,

Is no other than Brod BING25, past Prexy of surgeon-DOCTORS26!



LOLIT confided to me while looking so DOUR;

“If GABBY only said …”I’m sorry”…to ME…

…we’d have continued our friendship until ETERNITY…”27


[Photo above shows Brod Bing Martinez, the secret CRUSH of Manay LOLIT, with his vaunted BAITING, nay TANTALIZING eyes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAW, manay LOLIT!] 

happy birthday to you Manay LOLIT!  


[Legend: 1 – The UP PI OMICRON Fraternity where I belong is a university fraternity which was organized in December 15, 1963. Our sorority sisters like Manay LOLIT belong to the DELTA PI OMICRON Sorority.
2 – PERT LADY would mean attractively lively and cheeky; CHEEKY means impudent or irreverent, however in an endearing or amusing fashion.
3 – The community referred to is the UP Diliman community.
4 – JUICY is used is this BLOG to mean somewhat enjoyable and interest-arousing as well as amusing.
5 – BROBDINGNAGIAN – Well, I know that Manay LOLIT is too lazy to consult a dictionary and as the word BROBDINGNAGIAN appears too classy, she will surely feel content with the word. But the word is here used to intimate the verity that Manay LOLIT was relatively huge then as compared to our petite and svelte sisses. Well, not too HUGE but a bit HUGE.
6 – LOW would mean the dresses Manay LOLIT wear then had those seemingly low neckline and her cleavage seemed to be peeking out.
7 – LOOSE means really LOOSE, as though the dresses were veritable hand-me-downs from a larger member of Manay LOLIT’s clan. That’s the reason too perhaps why the neckline appears too low.
8 – BOOZE means liquor.
9 – FRONTLINER is a term used then during our UP college days as member of the Frat who is either immense, muscular or a martial arts expert practitioner and who will occupy the frontline of a seeming phalanx in case of rumbles with other fraternities.
11 – JAMEL is Brod Jamel Lucman who was the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY’s Grand Omicron for school year 1967-1968. Grand Omicron was the appellation given to the head or the leader of our fraternity, the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
12 –  Brod Jamel’s girl friend then was Ms. Josefina Ruiz who is endearingly called JOY. I cannot distinctly remember whether or not Joy was a sis but that Joy was a friend of Manay Lolit. And as the hang-out then of the sisses of the DELTA PI OMICRON Sorority was the female comfort room located at the Pavilion 1 of the Palma Hall near the Chemistry Department, Joy would almost always be with Manay LOLIT inside the sanctuary of that female comfort room.
13 – LOUVERS refer to the window at the female comfort room at the Pavilion 1 of  the Palma Hall used by the sisses as hang-out. Most brods have girlfriends who are sisses and communication between them if those sisses are busy studying inside the CR is through notes written on slips of paper which is being passed unto them through the window of the CR from a nearby area actually the lawn along Roces Street corner Quirino Street. This note-passing eventually became most convenient when there is a lovers’ quarrel between a particular brod and a particular sis. In those days, most brods have girlfriends from the DELTA PI OMICRON sorority.
14 – I do not personally know whether Manay LOLIT graduated in UP as at the time we met, I was on my 2nd year while she was on her 4th year already. When Brod Jamel eventually went underground as he became Commander Jungle Fox of the BLACKSHIRTS, the armed group of the Mindanao Independence Movement (following the start of the Mindanao Rebellion of 1970); Manay LOLIT became scarce too and I surmised that she has already graduated from UP.
15 – Word got around that Manay LOLIT would persist in convincing the newspapers and the tabloids to use and print the stories that she would write down as movie scribe-reporter and such tactic would be aptly described as INTRUSION of some kind. Sorry Manay LOLIT…
16 – Ogre is used her in this BLOG jocularly. Ogres in myth and folk tales refer to a variety of brutish hominid monsters, uniformly large and unpleasant and typically cannibalistic or predatory towards normal human beings, infants and children. Thus, the usual reaction is to zoom away and fast when pursued by an OGRE.
17-The FILMFEST FIASCO refers to the mis-reading of the names of the wrong winners (instead of the actual winners) which happened during the 1994 Metro Manila Film Festival scandal. It was purportedly manipulated by Manay Lolit as she wanted her TALENT, GABBY CONCEPCION to be announced as winner, by hook or by crook.
18- Our “KA-BATCH” which means actually BATCHMATE during those college days was no other than former RTC Judge Felixberto T. Olalia, Jr. whIch is the full name of Brod Jun Olalia. Brod Jun was the very first brod who became part of the country’s judiciary initially as MTC Judge and eventually as an RTC Judge. It was coincidentally upon the sala of Brod Jun Olalia into which the court case filed by then Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim against Manay LOLIT, in relation to the FILMFEST FIASCO; was raffled off. It was Brod Jun who encouraged me into writing as he was himself a writer during our college days in UP. He was really actively involved too in writing then. Brod Jun taught me too the basics of good grooming and he was my helpful seatmate at our UP Law freshman classes (he would open up his book for me to glance while our Law Prof was not looking during recitations).  I set up a meeting sans the knowledge of Brod Jun which meeting was held at the resort place then of my father-in-law, Antonio S. Evangelista, in Villa Evangelista, Bulacan, Bulacan. I was swayed to this chivalrous gesture as Manay LOLIT was truly devastated then. I invited Brod Jun to come as sort of an advance birthday celebration of his inaanak, my only son, WALTER ANTHONY. I truly admire Brod Jun, as despite his affinity with Manay LOLIT; he convicted Manay LOLIT in accordance with the pertinent law. In any case, Manay LOLIT felt assuaged having met Brod Jun in such an informal and casual setting, allowing her to pour out her emotions unto a fraternity brother. 
19 – Manay LOLIT was convicted but sentenced to a not-too-harsh penalty by Brod Jun and was granted thereafter the privileges under the country’s  PROBATION Law.
20-  SOSI is a variation of the Tagalog slang word SOSYAL which is a colloquial adjective, a Filipino Language slang, describing a person who is classy, or someone who is  wealthy; and Manay Lolit has indeed become relatively CLASSY and relatively WEALTHY.
21- KUMARE is a Tagalog word which refers to a compeer of the female gender; actually the godmother of a child.
22 – ALEE is my youngest daughter whose full name is Ma. Winnalee E. Young and is currently a freshman student at the ATENEO taking up a course in Management.
23 – Pomeranian is a breed of a toy dog. When I gifted Manay LOLIT with the Pomeranian which she named PAPA, Manay LOLIT was already owner of a kennel of about 20 toy dogs then, many of which were of the Pomeranian breed.
24 – TAHANAN is actually Filipino term for HOME. Manay LOLIT actually lives at No. 16 Antler Street in North Fairview, Quezon City, Metro-Manila.
25 – Brod BING is Dr. Gabriel L. Martinez who is a surgeon with clinic at the UERM. Brod BING was the former President of the Philippine College of Surgeons.
26 – Prexy of the surgeon-doctors is the President of the Philippine College of Surgeons which Brod BING held in 2016.
27 – It was alleged and it would seem that Manay LOLIT promised to his TALENT, GABBY CONCEPCION, that she will make GABBY win the 1994 FILMFEST award for Best Actor. It was alleged too that GABBY has been dreaming and aching to snatch such an award. And Manay LOLIT being GABBY’s TALENT MANAGER, exerted her utmost best to achieve that dream which GABBY has been nurturing. When the FILMFEST SCAM was uncovered and Manay LOLIT got so devastated, Manay LOLIT got hospitalized for some time. This episode brought about a fall-out between the TALENT and the TALENT MANAGER. In one of our talks, as though reminiscing the past, Manay LOLIT confided that if only GABBY called or visited her at the hospital or sent her a GET WELL SOON card; she and GABBY could have maintained their friendship.]


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