[President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE will be celebrating his 72nd BIRTHDAY tomorrow, March 28, 2017. As it has been publicized that it will be a quiet celebration for the President of our nation, I would just like to offer this FUN-RHYME blog as birthday gift for him – a FUN-RHYME blog that summarizes what I feel are changes that have made life more livable now in our beloved country. It indeed is a blessing to all of us Filipinos that a President has emerged in our midst — a President who has trained his sight and focus in the WAR on DRUGS at a time when it appears to be SOLVABLE still.]



Being an ARIAN1 – our Prexy is AUTHORITATIVE and DETERMINED but is also LOVING,

That’s the reason perhaps why he acquired his ROMANTIC moniker;

But as he has now become the FATHER OF THE NATION,

He’d CARE and LOVE us ALL, till the world’s CESSATION!




Oh DIGONG2, you’ve indeed sounded the GONG3,

You’ve made life livable in our nation for LONG4;

Those dimly-lit alleys and streets have now become passable5,

Those CHUNGKEES6 of yore have now become invisible!





‘Twas good that a Prexy like you has emerged,

For if not for your coming, the nation might be submerged;

To the wheeling-and-dealing of DRUG LORDS and the addicts,

Our nation will go flat in a downward helix!7





‘Tis in your unique stewardship too,

That the environment was cared for in toto8;

Now the mining companies have learned to comply,

Those rules …as GINA LOPEZ9 has herself made a FLY-BY!10





And the fish pens in the Laguna LAKE11

Has been there for long as rouge officers12 seem to be in the TAKE;

The dismantling has benefitted the lowly FISHERS13,

The end has dawned upon the big-time FIXERS!





The genuine desire of DIGONG for the PEACE PROCESS,

Can be seen from the way, he extended his hand with EASE;

He has done away with much of the RHETORICS,

For he gave vent and focus to just the pure BASICS! 





In fact, he even released first those political prisoners —

‘Twas unprecedented –as though a misstep of GONERS;

But true sincerity indeed, begets TRUST and TRUTH…

Am sure, the PEACE PROCESS would truly be SMOOTH!





But the most starling development of ALL,

The regime of the ELITE has now reached a FALL;

For ELITISM14 has reared a much ugly head,

Every DICK and HARRY wants to be ELITE and be AHEAD!





Indeed, the flaw perhaps of the character of the FILIPINO,

Everyone wants to be part of the ELITISMO;

And the ELITE, as has been the usual trait–

Is to achieve financial superiority whatever it would take!





And those aspiring to be a STATESMAN, SO-SO,

And would want for a start, to become a POLITICO—

And as their usual dream is to be rich and be so ELITE,

Corruption would surely entice those lacking in spirit!15





With the advent of President DUTERTE’s brand of POLITICS,

It is now for the good of all — tinged with financial ethics;

Bribery is now a BANE and must all be DISDAINED,

As it would make the government coffers dreadfully DRAINED!





The emergence indeed of COMMON TAO DIGONG,

Would prove to be the model of the MASA of our NATION;

Now — they would know — if your love for your country is TRUE,

You really can rule as its leader; you’ll never be a P.R.U.E16 !








[Legend: 1 – Having been born on March 28, 1945 which is under the ARIES ZODIAC sign; he is considered an ARIAN; and those born on March 28 are considered as AUTHORITATIVE and DETERMINED, among others.
2 – DIGONG is the endearing nickname of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
3 – It is said that the sound of a GONG is HEALING and TRANSFORMATIONAL. It is in this context that the word GONG is used being an instrument that creates SOUND.  
4 – Though Pres. Duterte has just served as President for less than a year, notable changes have been observed within the metropolis and the countryside especially the peace and order situation. People has truly felt security and safety in their homes and even in the streets especially at night.
5 – In fact, I have encountered a lot of people living in the metropolis, saying that the streets and alleys adjoining their respective homes have now become passable even at night as those places have been ridden of the customary drug addicts of yore.
6 – CHUNGKEE is a Tagalog street lingo which actually is a vernacular slang for DRUG ADDICTS. 
7 – HELIX is used here to mean a downward spiral thing, that would connote a fall, a decline; a draining, of sort.
8 – IN TOTO would mean IN TOTALITY. Indeed, before the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (“DENR”) would just be content in policing ILLEGAL LOGGING, and the like. But now under the stewardship of Pres. Duterte, Secretary Gina Lopez has adopted a strict stance in regulating the mining companies doing business in our country.  
9 – GINA LOPEZ refers to DENR Secretary GINA LOPEZ whose appointment as such has been recently confirmed by the Commission on Appointments.
10 – The FLY-BY referred to is the helicopter ride taken by Sec. Gina Lopez which gave her an aerial view of the devastation wrought by the mining companies in the provinces principally in Surigao. A video of this FLY-BY trip has gone viral in the INTERNET.
11 – LAGUNA LAKE refers to the Laguna de Bay.
12 – The grape vine has been fraught with rumors of grease money exchanging hands to allow the building of fish pens within the Laguna de Bay area.
13 –     FISHERS refer to the rural fishermen doing their livelihood by fishing within the Laguna de Bay area.
14 – Elitism is the belief or attitude that individuals who form an elite—a select group of people with a certain ancestry, intrinsic quality or worth, high intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes—are those whose influence or authority is greater than that of others; whose views on a matter are to be taken more seriously or carry more weight; whose views or actions are more likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities, or wisdom render them especially fit to govern.
15 – SPIRIT  would refer to the moral fiber or ethical spirit that would be most helpful in preventing and/or discouraging a person from engaging in corrupt practices.
16 – P.R.U.E is a naughty acronym improvised in this FUN RHYME blog which means a POLITICIAN engaged in ROBBING and UNDERMINING the country’s ECONOMY.]

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