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[This is the SECOND of the FUN RHYME BLOGs which I have written to honor PI OMICRON brods who have made a wholesome change in the FRATERNITY during their tenure and stewardship as one of the FRATERNITY’s leaders. This BLOG is to honor, but still with a FUN-RHYME twang, Brod JAMEL LUCMAN who was Grand Omicron of the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY in SCHOOL YEAR 1967-1968.   I am actually focusing ONLY with respect to brods who have been my contemporaries during my stint at U.P. Arts and Sciences (earlier referred to the as University College) as well as in U.P. Manila and finally, at the UP College of Law. It was Brod Jamel who weaned us out from the former label of the FRATERNITY as being too cautious and unadventurous into waging frat wars. We were a small group then of a fraternity and young too having been organized only in 1963; and, we were then much intimidated by the vaunted large number of members of those other university fraternities. But, when we were honed and trained by Brod Jamel Lucman to defend us from the usual bullying tactics of the “giant” frats then, it was quite a relief and a relish, as we were never again bullied.]




The long name in this BLOG’s TITLE1,

‘Twas my nemesis –especially with the PADDLE2;

As for every letter contained  in IT,

Brod Jimmy 3 Lucman gave me a HURTING HIT!




Though at first I really hated him as MASTER4,


I was proud and really admired JAMEL,

He’s a MARANAO5 warrior  — of the highest LEVEL!




JAMEL’s stint in U.P. was short and QUICK,

As he eventually gave in to his MARANAO CLIQUE;

Harshly oppressed by the rouge MILITARY,

The MINDANAO rebellion6 sparked in NINETEEN SEVENTY!





The MARANAO rebels which attacked as though in SPURTS8;

It really was BASIC guerilla WARFARE,

The military was finding it hard to uncover their LAIR!





But as it was PEACE that he CHOSE,

And MARCOS extended his hand for a TRUCE;

Jamel voluntarily conceded and gave IN,

MARCOS welcomed Jamel into Malacañang’s INNER INN!




Looking back at Jamel’s contribution to PI O,

He made as proud and even LOCO9;

For he gave us courage as he showed his BRAVERY,

Our first FRAT WAR10 ended in a moral VICTORY!




And what has truly awed and amazed ME,


He’s as LOYAL as the supreme KING’s EUNUCHS,

To keep the HAREM unspoiled and free from CROOKS!




But now as a mellowed and aging WARRIOR,

I accord much respect to JAMEL with added FERVOR;

Even if, ‘twas he who beat me black & blue during our FINAL RITES,

I’ll still doff my HAT to JAMEL and to all his WIVES11.



[This CIRCA 2004 photo (also courtesy of Brod Nori Palarca) shows Brod Jamel P. Lucman  at extreme LEFT, taken during the 41st Founding Anniversary of the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY. Others in this photo are (to Brod Jamel’s LEFT) – Brod Pons Soriano (one of the 3 FOUNDERS of the PI O), Brod Bing Martinez (Past Prexy of the PI O INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI ASSO.), Brod Mon Mabilangan and Brod Sergs Peren (seated at extreme RIGHT).]   





[Legend: 1 – FATHATHON JAMELATHON PANGADAPUN LUCMAN is the full name that Brod Jamel Lucman would want to be addressed during our then initiation rites in the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
2 – The PADDLE is the usual instrument used in fraternity initiation rites and neophytes then are usually asked to assume a suggested position of almost squatting while cupping up both hands unto that place in the lower torso fronting the genitalia. The neophyte is usually whacked at his posterior part; hitting the upper part of the lower limbs just below the buttocks.
3 – JIMMY was the name endearingly used then to refer to Brod Jamel Lucman.
4 – During my FINAL INITIATION rites held at the La Vista home of the Late Brod Pete delos Santos in the last week of February 1967, into the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY; Brod Jamel Lucman was designated as the INITIATION RITES’ Master.  
5 – Brod Jamel Lucman is a member of the MARANAO or MARANAW tribe of Lanao del Sur. The Maranao people also spelled as Maranaw  is actually the term used by the Philippine government to refer to the southern tribe who are the “people of the lake” (Lake Lanao, earlier referred to as Ranao Lake in the Iranaon language), which is a predominantly-Muslim region of the Philippine island of Mindanao.
6 – The MINDANAO Rebellion of 1970 was proximately caused by the Jabidah Massacre when Muslim warriors (secretly being trained in Corregidor) who got recruited to eventually invade Sabah mutinied and by reason of this, they were massacred. The late Congressman Raschid Lucman of Lanao del Sur, who is  Jamel’s uncle delivered  a privilege speech in the halls of Congress charging former Pres. Marcos as having ordered the massacre. Eventually, the MINDANAO INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT (“MIM”) gained support and thus, the rebellion broke out.
7 – Eventually, Brod Jamel Lucman became the top commander of the BLACKSHIRTS which is the armed guerilla group of the MIM. Brod Jamel Lucman then sported the nom de guerre  – JUNGLE FOX.
8 – In a guerilla-type of warfare, the guerilla unit will customarily do the offensive attacks in SPURTS by capitalizing on the SUDDENNESS of the attack.
9 – LOCO is used here to mean exceedingly enthusiastic.
10 – When the PI OMICRON Fraternity got engaged in its first fraternity war, it actually started out as a POW-WOW meet at the ascending walk leading to the VINZONs hall, actually the MID-NOON hang-out of the Beta Sigmans. Brod Jamel Lucman with a couple of brods (actually 3 other brods) wanted to talk with the BETA SIGMANS, as a brod was earlier mauled by the BETA SIGMANS. Though the POW-WOW talk started out as peaceful, a Beta Sigma member who just arrived (unknowing about the peaceful initiative to settle the fray) hit Brod Jamel Lucman with a flying kick from behind. As the brods were outnumbered –almost 10 to 1, Brod Jamel Lucman was forced to draw out his 357 revolver and hit 3 Beta Sigmans with just one gun-shot. All the BETA Sigmans scampered thereafter. This FRAT WAR compelled then UP President Carlos P. Romulo to mediate and in a meeting attended by the officers of both fraternities with then Cong. Raschid Lucman in attendance too {as Cong. Raschid Lucman required all able-bodied Muslims from the Quiapo Muslim center (most of whom were PI O members) to attend the meeting (about 5 bus loads of Muslims came)} and after the meeting; in a customary handshaking-gesture –the Beta Sigmans were outnumbered 5 to 1.    
11 – Being a Muslim, Brod Jamel Lucman is entitled to have FOUR (4) wives.]

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