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 [This year marks the 50th year of my membership with our venerable fraternity, the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY, which was founded by equally venerable personalities in December 15, 1963. I became a member of the PI OMICRON Fraternity in the last week of February 1967, after I passed the final initiation rites held within the commodious lawn of the late Brod Pete de los Santos’ mansion along Ifugao Street in La Vista, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. As my contribution to the preparations being made under the able, competent and amiable stewardship of Brod Bert Somera, who is the incumbent President of the PI OMICRON INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, for the NATIONAL CONVENTION to be held in Legazpi City, Albay on December 15, 2017; I will start a series of PI OMICRON FUN RHYME BLOGS to memorialize the sterling contributions made by those eminent and distinguished brods which brought about wholesome changes to the fraternity and to those who eventually turned and became civil servants in government, unto our country. I will start with the brods who were my contemporaries in UP Diliman.]



In compliance with a brod’s INTIMATION1,

As it indeed has some valid MOTIVATION2;

I have now opted to start writing BLOGS,

To honor my illustrious and noted BRODS!




It’s  been 50 years now since THEN,

When I joined PI OMICRON3, one second SEM4;

‘Twas my classmate in San Beda HIGH5,

Ernest Tolentino6, who was lanky and a bit SHY!




The first BROD who made unto me a nice IMPRESSION,

Was this refined and tasteful PERSON;

His first name is FELIXBERTO7 with a JUNIOR,

He’s quite handsome, with quite sexy POSTERIOR8!




Jun’s9 posterior appeared then as firm and ROUND,

‘Twas perhaps the reason why a former UP Prexy’s child10 — just FOUND;

Her heart got entwined unto Jun’s WEB,

Ensnared for a while therein, sans any BLEB11





Jun was Grand Omicron12 of the PI O13,

During those years the FRAT had a BREAKTHROUGH;

It was the times of the racy HIPPIE14 CULTURE, 

PI O staged HAIR15 and it was a BLOCKBUSTER!




For whatever mishaps that may have HAPPENED,

The showing of HAIR in UP was a big EVENT;

PI O became a byword  for spectacular theater-SHOWING,

Our fraternity raised its grade and it soon went SWELLING16!




I served as CHRONICLER17 during Jun’s TENURE,

Learned lots, as Jun was well-organized- with a deft work CULTURE;

Jun  was stickler for precise record- KEEPING,

‘Twas he who swayed me to be adept into WRITING18





But what got deeply marked into my CONSCIOUSNESS,

Is the actuation that Jun showed in the BUSHES19;

We got into a rumble with the BETA SIGMANS,

In our “invasion”, a wrong encounter ensued as we ADVANCED,

Jun with Brod Oca20 in his embrace– got BLUDGEONED!




Up to now, I still admire that show of LEADERSHIP,

Jun showed that he’s not just for fair-weather FRIEDNSHIP;

For the battering he received to cover Brod Oca, that NOON…

Was an act of OBLATION21 to which UP is KNOWN!


jun-olalia-group[This is a CIRCA ’68 photo (courtesy of Brod Nori Palarca) showing our venerable fraternity brother, Retired RTC Judge Felixberto T. Olalia, Jr. aka Brod Jun, on top at the last row. Others in photo are as follows: SEATED (L-R) Jimmy Cua, Oca Badillo, Gerry Santos, Dante Ferrer, Ed Jayme, & Wally Young. SECOND ROW (L-R) Bobby Brillantes, Ray Salazar, Don Battad, Popoy Valencia, Ces Angeles, Nap de Guzman & Pete de los Santos. STANDING (L-R) Nonie Alvarez, Dodet Ubungen, Boy Mayor, Pete Sawal, Freddie Tunac & Nori Palarca.]


CHEERS and GOD BLESS unto you Brod Jun and your family!!!!



[Legend: 1 – It was Brod Rene Alhambra of the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY (UP Baguio Chapter) who intimated to me to write FUN RHYME blogs about our illustrious and noted brods who made a mark in their chosen fields. Brod Rene is the incumbent Executive Judge of the Regional Trial Court (“RTC”) judges in the City of Manila. The first name that was on his list coincidentally, is our brod, my UP Law classmate, Kumpadre and friend, Retired RTC Judge Felixberto T. (“Jun”) Olalia, Jr. Brod Jun served with excellence and much dedication first as MTC judge then as RTC judge both in the City of Manila. Brod Jun was PI O’s Grand Omicron in 1968-1969 and I server then as his CHRONICLER OMICRON. Brod Jun eventually became my classmata at UP Law. He is also the godfather of my only son, Walter Anthony Evangelista Young.
2 – When I came up with the idea of writing BLOGS, my original intention really was to write about FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP and FUN. Also earlier, I committed to Brod Bert Somera, the incumbent President of the PI OMICRON INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION that I will write BLOGS about our fraternity. I think that this would be a fulfillment of that commitment considering all the more that the PI OMICRON Fraternity will be holding its national convention in Legazpi City, Albay on December 15, 2017.
3 – PI OMICRON is the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY to which I belong and become a member in February 1967 and now, as an alumnus-member thereof.
4 – I became a member of the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY in the last week of February of 1967 and that was within the second semester of the school year 1966-1967.
5 – I graduated from San Beda High School in Mendiola, Manila in 1965. Thereafter, I matriculated in UP initially for a Civil Engineering course in June 1965.
6 – ERNESTO TOLENTINO was my San Beda High School classmate. He earlier got recruited to the PI OMICRON FRATERNITY and thereafter, Ernie recruited me to join the PI OMICRON. After that, I thereafter learned that Ernie and his family relocated to the U.S.A.
7 – FELIXBERTO TOLENTINO OLALIA, Jr. is the full name of Brod Jun Olalia. Brod Jun was the very first brod who became part of the country’s judiciary initially as MTC Judge and eventually as an RTC Judge.
8 – Brod Jun sports a round and firm-looking buttocks and most ladies then during our time, as far as I remember, find such a kind of male buttocks as sexy. Well, according to GOOGLE, females find males with nice posterior as suitable love partner.
9 – Jun is the nickname of Brod Felixberto T. Olalia, Jr.
10 – Jun secretly was into a relationship with the beautiful and gracious daughter of a former President of UP. Based on my talks with Jun during those days, he was into some kind of a platonic love affair with this dainty dame.
11 – Based too from the talks I had with Brod Jun, he dealt and took much care in adoring and showing much infatuation and love unto this fair lady and he took care of her in a manner that the apple of Jun’s eye never would have suffered even a mere blister on her fair skin. Eventually, Jun never married this dame but ended up marrying a fairer, more gracious and more beautiful lady, my Kumadreng Tita.
12 –  Grand Omicron was the appellation given to the head or the leader of our fraternity, the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
13 – PI O is the abbreviated reference to our fraternity, the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY.
14 – The HIPPIE culture, refers to that youth movement that started in the United States and the United Kingdom during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world. The word hippie came from hipster and was initially used to describe beatniks who had moved into New York City’s Greenwich Village and San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. The term hippie was first popularized in San Francisco by Herb Caen, who was a journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle. The origins of the terms hip and hep are uncertain, although by the 1940s both had become part of African American jive slang and meant “sophisticated; currently fashionable; fully up-to-date”. Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic music, embraced the sexual revolution, and used drugs such as marijuana, LSD, etc.
15 – HAIR is an American Tribal Love-Rock Musical which was staged by the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY in the late 60s. It is actually a product of the hippie counterculture and sexual revolution of the late 1960s. Several of its songs became anthems of the anti-Vietnam War peace movement. The musical’s profanity, its depiction of the use of illegal drugs, its treatment of sexuality, its irreverence for the American flag, and its nude scene caused much  controversy. Hair tells the story of the “tribe”, a group of politically active, long-haired hippies of the “Age of Aquarius” living a bohemian life in New York City and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War. The Philippine version however though still was Anti-Vietnam War was a similarly an anti-establishment play which virtually railed against the Marcos regime then.
16 –  After that spectacular sponsorhip and production by the UP PI OMICRON Fraternity of the “rock musical play” then,  recruitment and membership in the UP PI OMICRON Fraternity almost tripled.
17-The CHRONICLER post in the UP PI OMICRON FRATERNITY is actually the position of SECRETARY in an organization.
18- It was Brod Jun who encouraged me into writing as he was himself a writer. He was actively involved too then in writing. Brod Jun taught me too the basics of good grooming and he was my helpful seatmate at our UP freshman classes (he would open up his book for me to glance while our Law Prof was not looking during recitations).  Also I learned the basics of ACTIVE NATIONALISM from Brod Jun, as he is part in the advocacy of his father’s championing nationalism as well as in Jun’s  involvement with various nationalist movements within the university. Brod Jun’s  father, the Late Felixberto Olalia, Sr., was the well-respected labor leader of the famous KMU, which is the acronym for Kilusang Mayo Uno.
19 – At noontime on July 21, 1969, a Monday; we the members of the UP PI OMICRON Fraternity armed with lead pipes “invaded” the hang-out of the UP Beta Sigmans located at the eastern end of the Palma Hall. We were divided into SEVEN (7) groups of about SEVEN (7) members in each group. At that time, the UP Beta Sigmans were known to be expert karatekas and we then believed that if we engage them in hand-to-hand combat, we will get annihilated by their “could-be fatal” karate blows. I was with Brod Jun and Brod Oscar “Oca” Badillo and as we passed the Alpha Phi Omega hang-out (known as the GREEN HOUSE, actually a cafeteria covered with green-colored wire-mesh all around it), Brod Oca mistook an APO for a Beta Sigman. Brod Oca whacked the APO member and Oca was thereafter ganged up and mauled by the whole gang of APO members then at their hang-out. But Brod Oca was almost unscathed as Brod Jun embraced him and Brod Jun received instead all the blows and the kicks as they rolled around near the bushes adjacent to the grass-covered lawn at the vicinity of Pavilion 1 of the PALMA Hall.
20-Brod Oca is no other than Brod Oscar Repuyan Badillo.
21- OBLATION signifies a SACRIFICE, actually a PEACE-OFFERING. With this act of Brod Jun Olalia, receiving the blows and kicks meant for Brod Oca Badillo, Brod Jun virtually sacrificed himself and tried to assuage the anger of the APO members by virtually serving himself as some kind of a peace-sacrifice. And the symbolic imagery of such OBLATION has actually been memorialized as UP’s mark, in the OBLATION Statue fronting the Admin Hall in UP Diliman.]

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